Sunday, December 11, 2016

Algebra and TTWD

I admit it. I love math. I have a book of algebra problems that I take in my carry-on to do on airplanes that same way people bring their crossword puzzle books. I find it so darn fair....... algebra! Working the problems makes so much sense. I had an excellent algebra teacher in high school. He taught the Socratic method. When a student did not understand, that student was to raise her hand and ask questions. There were four girls in the class and I know we were the only ones raising our hands. My wonderful teacher told me after class one day that the boys did not know the answers either, but were too macho to raise their hands requesting more math explanation. 

The first rules of algebra are so easy and fair to apply. Isolate the unknown and what you do to one side of the equal, you must do to the other side of the equal. Yes, things do get much more complicated as skills are learned, but those self-teaching books are wonderful. They do just that, they teach the lesson. 

The idea here is the visual photograph. There it is, math and ttwd right there together.

So my two ideas here must be brought together for this post. One idea is if there is math in everything we do and if algebra is an important life skill, how do I entwine these two ideas with ttwd? I haven't a clue. I just like the photo and the math which the photo so well captures.  

The math so well displayed on that bed is more trigonometry. That's the math that follows algebra. I loved that math as well. 

Some might say that algebra and spankings both hurt like the dickens. 

Some might say that algebra and spankings solve life problems. 

Some might say that algebra and spanking both drive people nuts. 

The truth here is that I do not care if you do not like algebra, but don't you love that photograph with the math included? What's a girl to do? I love the photo and I love algebra. Long ago, when blogging was new, Cat told me to always remember that this blog belonged to one person.............. me, the person who likes algebra and who lives with a spanky man. So now you know. 

L. did not help with this one!! She wanted no part of this algebra.


  1. Hi Meredith, what a bonkers post! lol But yes it is a nice picture....
    love Jan, xx

  2. Hi Meredith, what a brilliant photo. It totally captures the spirit of 2 of my most favorite things...bottoms (and TTWD) and maths. You do algebra, I do matrix mathematics

  3. LOL Mere...different strokes for different folks. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Hi Meredith, love the pic but I'm afraid maths and I...not a happening thing lol. I never really came to grips with maths.


  5. Cat was right - this is your place and yours alone! I like math too. I taught it for 25 years and like you I sometime used to do problems just for the fun of it. Not so much lately.

  6. Ok. And so let's just say I hate algebra! That is the only Subject I failed ever in school, not once, not twice but three times!! Enter husband. Yes, that's where we met, and I finally passed that darn class by one problem on the final exam. Anyway.. I, too, simply love the picture. The whole topic here just brings back fond wonderful memories of our early dating years which ironically included spanking!!

  7. M,
    Math and Baker are only on gentle speaking terms in the kitchen when I use measurement for baking and algebra would not be included in that mix. My hubby, he loves calculus, trig, all that stuff. Glad to know there are others of like mind that enjoy that stuff, I just thought it was a fluke on his part! LOL!

  8. I love the picture but not so much the algebra. I do love that you carry a math book when you travel but give me a magazine, a novel, or a juicy ttwd story anytime.
    This is truly your blog and I love all of your posts, even those including algebra!

  9. Nice pictures and post Meredith. I loved maths also.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  10. Mere,,,,, heh heh,,,nice photo


  11. LOL Meredith! :) I love your post! I can see why you like the pic- perhaps your Jack knows your love for all things algebra, and does his own version of claculating the angles, and such, in his head, as he goes to spank your bottom! :)

    I enjoyed algebra as well! I did not enjoy geometry, however! I think that it is fun that you travel with algebra for fun. I'm with the others- I tend to read a magazine, or perhaps a manual of some gadget or another. Our differences are what makes us all interesting! As such, so our our blogs- different, and... us!

    BTW I haven't solved an algebraic equation in a long time. I did the first one there, and got it just right, after all these years! FUN! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  12. TTWD + Algebra = Happy Meredith.
    Algebra was my favourite maths subject, not so keen on trig. I must get one of those books and brush up my skill.
    Rosie xx

  13. Geometry was/is my math. Only ever cared about math as it was useful to me....thus I can measure carpet, corners, drapes, and counters with precision! šŸ‘ŒPair that with TTWD? Perfect symmetry, his hand and well you know the rest!

  14. My daughter likes algebra, I'm more of a statisician. Colourful pie charts and graphs. TTWD is rather like maths, different things for different people.

  15. Good god, Mere! Math and ttwd? At first I thought that Jack needs to get that woman to some sunshine before she just goes off the edge.

    But the photo is beautiful. Then I thought, "Of course!" It was Da Vinci that came up with the Golden Ratio! It was the Divine Proportion that explored mathematical and artistic proportion.

    So you are wiser than you know, Lady. Brilliant, in fact. :)


  16. we all have things we are passionate about. :-) Hugs