Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Amazon Order and The Paddle

Like many of you, we use Amazon and Amazon Prime to buy things we need for our home. Amazon is just too handy not to use and, of course, I buy books for my Kindle App on my iPad.  Amazon Prime means things may be purchased and a shipping cost is assessed just once a year. New toaster, new coffee frother, new garden hose, drugstore items and the list goes on, we do use Amazon.

When we returned from visiting Rob and Katie, we had quite a long list of things we needed and little time to scurry around to multiple stores to get them. Enter sweet Amazon. So once the unpacking was completed, I went about ordering the things we needed. As I am doing this ordering, Jack is telling me what he needs and I am ordering away. He did mention the quantity of the items he wanted and I thought I had it all straight and had taken care of everything. 

Last evening, the big box arrived. Jack opened the box and then things got eerily quiet. He came to me and not happily. Why had I not ordered what he had wanted? He had specifically asked for more than one of some of the things in the box. I immediately said that it was an easy-to-fix problem and went to my laptop to order more of what he wanted. I did so laughing and poked fun at him and easily-fixed mistake. He was not happy with me. I had not listened to him and now I was being disrespectful about what he had said. Things did quiet down, but I wasn't too sure if I was in trouble. I asked him if he were happy with me since I had reordered his items. He said an infamous line at our house, "I will be before your day ends." That got me laughing again, only my sweet husband was not laughing.

I went to the ktichen and he followed me. With his arms on either side of me as I backed into the kitchen counter, I thought he was coming in for some sweet kisses. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear that he was taking me upstairs. He would address my sass and disrespect. I started to get upset, but he gave me no time to do so. Upstairs we went and once bared, over the bed I went. He spanked with his hand and said it had been a long time since we have had a spanking like the one he was about to give. He went to the drawer and got the leather paddle. He spanked me hard and long with me having a really hard time holding still. He held me at the small of my back and the spanking continued. He brought me up into his arms telling me I have a habit of not listening or paying attention when he is speaking to me. I stood rubbing my fiery bottom nodding my head fiercely. Thinking he was finished, I started to step away, and he said that we were not finished. Back over I went and the paddle continued to do its damage. Finally it was over and he told me to get ready for bed. It was one of those times I really wasn't tired, but wisely decided that if Jack said it was bedtime, it was bedtime indeed. I quickly got ready rubbing my bright red bottom and climbed into bed as Jack came to hold me and talk.

In his arms, I cried and said I was sorry. He was right. I had not really listened and then was so sassy and rude. I quieted and listened to Jack. He said it had been a long time since he had spanked me that hard and with the paddle. He felt I needed it. He loves the results when I am in my role as his wife. We face the world as a equal team, but inside our marriage, we each have roles that serve us well. It is important to us in every way. I lean into his wishes and he takes care of me in ways that are gentle and sweet. He loves me freshly spanked and this ttwd works so well in every way for us. Peace reigned in our home. 

Yes, it has been a long time since I have received a paddling like that. I slept so well........ and we woke to each other's loving although his hand still went right to my bottom as we talked. He says it is his hand's natural resting place. 

Because things here are usually so smooth ....... because the big discipline spankings do not happen often here........... because I have difficulty writing about the big spankings that invite all of you into our bedroom........ it is nonetheless difficult to write about the big ones for me. 

Next time I order from Amazon, I will do so carefully, double-checking with Jack .............. after some careful listening.

Thanks, L.


  1. Oh goodness Meredith. After my day today I had to chuckle over this even though you now have a sore bottom thanks to Jack. This sounds like a situation that could easily happen here in our home. It's not that what you did was intentional, you just hurried and forgot what was important to Jack. Your response only added fuel to the fire. Anyway..I am sure Jack has made his point and you will be sure to double check your order next time around. Hoping things settle down in your neck of the woods.

  2. Oh ouch Meredith! I'm sorry this happened but love how it ended :) I'm sure you will be double checking orders in further :)


  3. We sure don't want this every day, but it both the pain and the comfort are things we do need at times.

  4. It is funny how what you think is teasing crosses some mysterious line in your husband's head and becomes something else entirely.

    Pre-ttwd, I think those are the times where there wasn't necessarily words between you but more of an irritation on slow simmer.

    At least once the paddle is done with its work, you are walking hand in hand once again. I know you have a hard time sharing spankings like these, Mere, but we learn from each other. Maybe I will be a better listener today just because of reading this post first thing this morning.

    Totally loved the line about Jack's hand natural resting place. That is one to remember, my friend.


  5. The title said it all. I have had my share of problems with Amazon but lucky for me it never resulted in the paddle. What does bring the paddle out almost every time is being disrespectful, we are pretty clear on that one. Thanks for sharing this Meredith, I know that was a tough one. The good thing is that although it was hard, it worked that ttwd magic that we've come to rely on so beautifully and now you're both enjoying that easy smoothness that only comes after an HOH steps up.
    Enjoy each other!

  6. Oh how I'd love to say that I've never been spanked failing to listen to Nash or for my attitude ... but that would be so far from the truth. I can't say that Amazon has ever been center stage, but I can see how that could easily happen. Glad all is well now and hope that paddle stays in it's hiding place and away from your bottom for awhile. (((hugs)))

  7. That should have been "never been spanked *for* failing..."

  8. Awww Mere...sorry you got such a paddling but very happy the air has been cleared. Wishing you nothing but GG in the future.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. PS...next time you place an order, read back quantity and size for each item before pressing the place order button! :)

      Hugs and blessings...Cat

  9. Mere,,,,, oh my listen more carefully to Jack,,,your still doing better than I would have,,Love ya


  10. Oh, Meredith, double trouble! Maybe it wasn't too bright to make light of the botched order but, sometimes, it's hard to know when the line between teasing and disrespect has been crossed - after all, we're not the ones who draw it.
    Sorry your bottom paid such a hard price but glad ttwd worked its magic and all is smooth again.
    Rosie xx

  11. Oh Meredith, sorry you received such a hard spanking. We will all learn from what you write, even if you don't like sharing.
    Hopefully you are not on the receiving end of that paddle too often and receive GG instead.
    Hugs Lindy

  12. Hi Meredith!

    First of all, I’m sorry that I haven’t commented here more often! I have recently realized that it may be difficult for you bloggers to bare your souls and then not get any response from most of your readers! I think we readers tend to think we aren’t important, but perhaps you could use an encouraging word now and then!

    Thank you for sharing your story, and especially your valuable insights. Very thought provoking! My husband and are were talking about your post the other morning. Men are so disrespected and ridiculed by the culture at large these days…one TV commercial after another with men shown as fools who have to be supervised by much smarter and wiser women! Yikes! My husband thinks that is why men are provoked by what seems like harmless joking to us women!

    I find that getting spanked changes my attitude, my emotions, and also my mental state! I suddenly see things differently after a spanking…and I realize I was wrong! That is disconcerting to an independent-minded woman, but I also recognize it as a blessing! I prayed for years about our 38-year marriage, “God, help me get it right!” And then one day He pointed out how I had not done a very good job at respecting my husband through all these years! Respect, the one most important thing of all to men!! And that was the Big Realization that our dynamic is founded on. That was almost two years ago, and it has been quite a ride since then!

    So again, Meredith, thank you for sharing your journey with us! It helps us, and I know it isn’t easy to reveal these most personal events! And that makes your gift to us even more valuable!


    Ava Penniman

  13. Spanking because you made an honest mistake? And even when you corrected your mistake and tried to make light and humor? Whatever happened to forgiveness in a situation when something was not perfect and it was not done intentional? I saw no disrespect on your part. My husband and I make fun of each other when we screw up but its never taken as disrespectful nor is it hurtful, its called admitting that we all make mistakes. And you call it love? I call it bullying and sick. Did you spank or paddle your kids when they made mistakes?

  14. Aww Mere,
    I hate when things go awry. Especially when you are trying so very hard to stay on track. Us strong women have a tendency to busy ourselves at times and accidentally over look the details. Thank goodness for the reminders to keep is on track!!
    Thanks for sharing.