Friday, October 21, 2016

Sharing A Reader's Insight

For more than a month, a reader of my blog has been writing me. We have exchanged emails now many times. She and her husband are beginning a ttwd relationship and it is in its beginning stages as they try to figure out how ttwd works best for them. She asks many questions. Many questions I have already answered in the posts I have written. So I asked her to read the blog from its beginning to see how Jack and I have changed, how we have become more self-assured about following ttwd and how indeed ttwd has changed our marriage. I gulped when I made that request knowing that to start at the beginning of the 300+ posts would take a real time commitment. She told me that she would do just that. Some time past and then she wrote me back. She thanked me for answering many of her questions through the posts written. She had read them all!

She has not secured a pen name allowing her to comment on my posts, but says she is close to doing just that. In the meantime, she continues to write to me. I wish I could say that I have convinced her to become a blogger. We need new bloggers as so many have left blog land. We are on a wait and see plan hoping she will say yes to joining us. 

So upon putting up my last post about my Amazon order episode, she wrote to me this amazing analysis. I was blown away by her insight. Here is what she said. 

Thank you for sharing your Amazon story. I really get it that it is hard for you to share those kinds of spankings. It is odd, but I find comfort that you have not reached perfection in this lifestyle. I like knowing that it is okay that even those that have it together most of the time, still mess up. It makes this type of life obtainable instead of some lofty dream that we will never reach. Yes, things are relatively smooth and peaceful for you and Jack, but I like resting in the knowledge that I do not have to ever think this story ends in a wife so obedient she loses her identity, her personality, herself, but rather that she just continues to grow more peaceful and loving. That in a few years, spankings decline and the sweet ones reign most of the time, but that it's okay to mess up. That he still has you.   Perfection is not the goal, but harmony and peace are. We can strive  for that in our marriage.............................

Well written and with great insight, this person wrote what she felt in her heart as she works on the initial ttwd period of her marriage as she and her husband chart their way. See what I mean about her being an articulate writer. Thank you for allowing me to share a portion of your email to me. I think my readers will appreciate hearing this comment. Thank you!

When we began ttwd, I was having a hard time with depression and felt literally rescued by Jack saying yes to trying ttwd. The journey was not without its bumps. Now things are so much smoother. The bumps are few and far between now. So very happy and in love with my Jack after all these years............. We love our roles and try our hardest to lean into them each day.



  1. a lovely expression of her thoughts...I wish her well on her journey...and am glad yours has been such a blessing, bumps and all. Hugs

  2. I love what your friend has written. It is so true that there is comfort knowing that we are all human and things happen, good, bad, or otherwise no matter how long we've been at ttwd. It is life, and perfection doesn't exist in any lifestyle, things happen, but the wonderful part as she says is the peace, harmony, and I would add, a level of deep respect for one another that rises to the top and makes me ever so grateful for all of it. Good for your friend and her husband to take on ttwd, it is definitely worth working for.
    Meredith this is a lovely piece, hopefully your friend decides to take on the blogger challenge and put words to post, she would be awesome!

  3. I so agree with your reader, Mere...none of us are perfect. Doesn't matter how long we have practiced ttwd, tempers are gonna get lost, mistakes are gonna be made, steps are gonna be taken backwards...we are human! Go figure. ;) BTW...your reader is right about you...thank you for sharing your life...warts and all. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. What a wonderful comment and insight Meredith, I wish her and her husband the best with their ttwd journey.


  5. Wise mentors and eager students. I do know someone quite well that read every post of yours, Meredith, before she timidly sent a First Hello.

    Nice way to introduce us to a new personality. Sounds like she will find her way.


  6. What an eloquently put comment. I wish her and her husband well as they embark on their ttwd journey!

  7. Thanks for sharing some new insights. I, too, hope this individual starts her own blog as it appears she has good insight and judgement, something we all can share and learn from one another. Having you help to guide her along the way will help her in these early days. It is great to have a good mentor that you can trust in this new lifestyle. As always Meredith, thank you for all you do for all of us and helping new folks find their way on their new path.

  8. Hi Meredith, :) What an insightful and well thought out response, your reader wrote you. Thank you for sharing it with us all. I agree- she writes so well. I hope that we see her around here, when she is ready. :)

    You know, this made me think back about four years or so, when I was a lurker. I remember landing on a woman's blog, and doing the very same thing. I read every post, every comment, every reply. Often more than one time. From there, I found some others that really spoke to me as well, and I did the same thing. Sadly, those bloggers are no longer around. Three have left, and one of them does not write much any more. What someone shares can make a huge difference to a person who is just learning about this whole thing. I SO get what this reader did, in taking you up on reading all of your posts. What I want to say is that everyone who blogs, comments, replies, shares, are perhaps helping someone behind the scenes. It can make such a difference to share.

    Meredith, I love reading here. You share your stories, your times of gg spankings, and bumps along the way. I know that you help a lot of people get started behind the scenes. That is really great stuff! Your story is a really good example of two people with a love story that spans some time, who work hard to meet each others' needs with a renewed love... and of course lots of spanky business. Thank you for sharing with all of us! Many hugs and love,

    <3 Katie

  9. It is comfort to know that we do not lose our identity in this. I think my husband is much more worried about that than I am. I love your story and have your blog from beginning to end, more than once. Thank you again.

  10. Meredith, you continue to be an inspiration to us all. I particularly identified with your reader's observations that we don't have to lose our identity, personality and self as we strive towards the goals of peace and harmony. My husband doesn't want a Stepford wife (which is just as well!) but he does appreciate the peace and harmony ttwd brings to our home.
    Thanks to you and your reader for sharing her views.
    Rosie xx

  11. Loved this post especially the one regarding this email and I feel the same it's nice to know we all have our ups and downs.

  12. Loved this post especially the one regarding this email and I feel the same it's nice to know we all have our ups and downs.