Friday, September 9, 2016

Watching My Jack Take Charge

Last evening there was a sight to behold............ my Jack in full, splendid Hoh goodness!  This post centers around my failing cell phone, but it is not about the cell phone at all. Let me explain exactly what happened. 

 When cell phones first came on the market, I had one with me as I drove on the freeways. I had a way to get help if something were to happen. The cell phone was eventually replaced and then replaced again. Cell phones have improved and now many of us have smart phones. We text, photograph and even once in while actually talk to others on our phones. We use Siri to help us find locations, the Starbucks app to buy coffee and the alarm to get us up in the morning. I listen to audiobooks daily as I walk. Plus I, like you,  receive and send emails. I listen to music too. What's not to love?

My cell phone is almost two years old and I love it. I am not on it as often as a teenager, but I know that this phone can keep me safe and put me in touch with people in the event I need help. So the problem is that this phone, in all its glory, would not keep a charge. At the beginning of the day, the phone is fully charged and by early afternoon, it is on life support, nearly out of juice. I went to the Apple Store twice and they assured me that things would be better now that they had worked their magic. 

Jack came home from a round of golf and asked about how things went at the Apple appointment. I shrugged and said okay, but the phone still will not hold a charge. With that, he said that after dinner, we were going up to the Apple Store and we would be leaving with a new phone. I told him that I rather doubted that would happen. He gave me two sharp spanks and told me to get ready as we were leaving in five minutes.

On the way, Jack told me to let him do all the talking. Did I understand?...... his hand on my thigh. We walked in and met the ipad-holding Apple greeter. Jack nodded and kept on walking. When he met the second ipad-holding person, Jack said with firmness and politeness that we were here to see an Apple manager and only a manager. We waited for only a few minutes even though the store was busy.  It was as if the store folks knew my guy was not happy. What happened next was powerful, controlled and deliberate.  The store manager introduced himself. Jack explained the problem of the phone not holding its charge. There was a discussion as I remained silent and observing. Nothing less that a new phone would make this Apple customer happy. In a firm and concise voice, Jack listed the problem and his solution. I watched my husband in a whole new light. He reached over and held my hand during part of the discussion letting me know that he was handling this and I knew my role. 

In the end, we did walk out of the store with a brand new iphone. We had to "buy" the cost of a new battery on paper only and then we received the new phone. I was in awe of the whole incident. My guy took charge, his leading the discussion with temper and voice under control. I had a glimpse of the officer and gentleman he was during his military career. Impressive and calm, firm and deliberate,  we left the store with what we wanted after we compromised about the battery cost, very small in comparison to the cost of a new iphone.

I saw my Hoh in action.  I saw my man secure in who he was, his role in our marriage and the world at large. He is a giving, loving gentle man. He knows when things are fair and what to do when things are not. 

Thank you, sweet Jack. 


  1. Mere,,you have one sweet man,,you lucky woman. : - )


  2. Woohoo, GO Jack! Congratulations Mere on listening to your awesome man. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. That is just sweeeeeet! Love it. Go, Jack!!!

  4. I love that Jack took the lead on this one and had your phone replaced. Having an HOH means that he cares and protects you in many ways and this is a perfect example of one of them. Enjoy the new phone and your guy.

  5. Well done Jack. I'm happy it ended in you receiving a new phone Meredith, and you let Jack do all the talking.
    Hugs Lindy

  6. Hi Meredith, this is so awesome:) How great of Jack to take the lead and so happy for you that the desired outcome was achieved. Being an HoH does seem to give our guys more confidence in other areas of life.

    Enjoy your new phone :)


  7. I can totally picture this. How awesome and congrats on your new working phone!

  8. I loved you sharing this side of Jack. I could just invision the whole thing playing out. He is a man of his word, action and deeds. It is interesting to see how things will actually play out if we learn to stay in our roles and let our men handle the situations. You are a blessed lady Meredith!!!

  9. Harry's like that too; calm and polite but firm. We had a similar situation with Apple when the front facing camera on my iPad stopped working. I got the runaround from them, Harry got a brand new iPad. My hero!
    Rosie xx