Saturday, September 24, 2016

No Flouncy, Lacy Lingerie Christening

This little slogan.......... so very true! I am a happy wife, a very happy wife indeed. I believe that you are as happy as you make up your mind to be. That said, we are experiencing a very smooth, loving time at our home. As we prepare for weekend sports and the arrival of house guests, there is lots of loving, teasing and just plain fun here. 


Sometimes though things get really messy when too much teasing and sassiness occur and such was the case at my house on the very day an important delivery was made. I thought it was perfect timing. Instead the timing was way off. 

Do you remember that when Katie was visiting, we ordered "tap pants' with lots of lace and flounce. We each choose different colors, but all of the choices had lace and flounce. Mine arrived yesterday and ever since their flouncing arrival, things have gone awry.  Here is one like I purchased. The company gift wraps them and they are so lovely to open. However they were not christened as here is why. No wearing these cute tap pants to bed for Jack to admire and take right off me. Things were a little too spanky for flounce.

Jack called from the golf course asking if I had completed a few tasks he had asked me to do. Ooops! I have completely forgotten and instead of telling him I would get right to those tasks, I started teasing. He was not amused. He came home and one thing led to another. More teasing, more sass and then some honest-to-goodness backtalk none of which would eventually save my bottom. Sometimes it is a though I do not even remember that I am a ttwd wife, slipping back into old times and old ways. This became one of those times catching me completely off guard. After a full evening of what Jack was to call "sassiness, backtalk and way too much independence, I told him I was going upstairs to read before bed. Perhaps just starting over in the morning would be best. Didn't he think so??

I was in that dang closet reaching for my brand new flouncy, lacy tap pants, and into the closet came my Jack. He walked into the closet and shut the door, pulled me close and said the sass and attitude needed to stop and stop now. His arm went around my waist and he spanked and spanked. He kept saying that he needed his little sub and she was nowhere to be found. He had decided he would find her right there in the closet. The spanking started with me laughing thinking he was giving me a sweet good girl. Things began to get serious and all laughing stopped. He kept spanking asking did I understand how annoying my teasing was and how disrespectful it was to keep it up when he had asked me stop. By then, I had stopped laughing and was listening keenly. Amazing how well ears work when you wish the spanking would please just stop already. Finally he held me and told me to get ready for bed. He would be up to tuck me in. 

After he left the closet, I eyed the flouncy, new lingerie and decided to just crawl into bed sans clothes. A spanked, red bottom might like the feel of cool bedcovers. Rubbing with one hand, I sent a text to Jack who was watching TV downstairs. He came up and laid down with me. I said something, but do not remember what. He had those covers off my bottom and started spanking all over again. He said he thinks he stops far too soon with the spankings he gives and he wanted to make sure I understood exactly what he wanted and why. Yelping again, and all, I apologized. Things quieted down. He said he would really look forward to enjoying the new flouncing things since they were dear cost wise, but so very cute. With that he kissed me goodnight. I went to sleep hoping I could find quickly my 3GA status while rubbing away a mighty sore bottom. Tomorrow would be a good day. 

The slogan still works.......... Happy Wife....... Happy Life! Jack has his peace, and I have flouncy, lacy shorties to wear tonight. We have the teasing and backtalk all gone here and it should be a great night.

Thanks, L.


  1. Mere,,I knew when I saw that,happy wife,happy life,,,it had your name on it,,,sorry about the spanking,,but you and Jack are so cute together


  2. May that flouncy, lacy lingerie see a christening yet...but a fun one of another kind. Here's to remembering we're ttwd wives because it truly does keep the peace. Thanks for sharing this one, it gave me many smiles.

  3. Good gravy, really had to push your luck didn't you. Hopefully you will get to christen that lovely lingerie tonight. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Great story here Meredith. Love those cute flouncy tap pants, but sounds like you let things get away from you while Jack was keenly watching and probably keeping score on that dang card of his right? Well sounds as though he had a message of his own that he was keen on delivering, and delivered he did. Hope all has settled down now in your neck of the woods and Jack will appreciate those cute flouncy tap pants !!

  5. Hi Meredith, oh dear, it can be easy to trip over that thin line. The tap pants are gorgeous. Glad peace has been restored and hope you get to christen them tonight :)


  6. Those tap pants are gorgeous! Since peace has been established..... Loving is the next step!

  7. Man, do I understand! I am naturally sassy, and so good at it. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the good natured teasing stops and annoyance or disrespect behind, do me at least. Yet, my husband doesn't want me to be a meek little mouse who doesn'tspeak unless spoken to, and that's just not me. I'm a playful person, so it's important to me to be able to strike that balance. Usually, he is right there with a look or signal to help me recognize when I stray, but I'm not always perceptive. Good luck keeping things peaceful and sweet :)

  8. I wondered what tap pants are, now I know they are like French knickers. There is a fine line between teasing and disrespect and it can be hard to judge where that line is. Sorry you missed it on this occasion but hope you had a lovely time the next night, wearing the new lingerie.
    Rosie xx

  9. You pushed your luck. Hope you used your lovely new lingerie.


  10. Sassy comes far too easily for me too, Meredith. I can get on a roll! Hasn't happened in quite a while, but I relate. Tonight I face the challenge of getting ready for a trip... husband and I have *completely different ways of preparing for travel and I tend to get...testy. Hopefully not this time. Jennifer

  11. Sassy, now there's something I can relate to, as can I relate to stepping over that line of playfulness vs disrespect. Actually, Nash says that I don't just step over that line sometimes, but rather, I pole vault over it. Um. Ooops. I actually do that much less often than I used to, but it does still happen sometimes. Old habits and patterns of behavior can be way too easy to fall back into I'm afraid. Sounds like Jack took care of that problem though. I hope you've gotten to christen those lovely new tap pants by now! :)