Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sweet Husband Under Foot


Truth be told, I enjoy being home alone when I can chart my day, make plans, do tasks, email, blog....... you get the idea! Today is Tuesday and across this nation, husbands are home, under foot. It is ladies day at the golf course. I do go with Jack to play golf, but we play in the evenings, twilight golf. It is now mid-day and my sweet, loving man is under foot. He has gardened, worked on the laundry (grrrr), marinated meat to grill, and in general, just been under foot. I know that must sound funny...... he is an energetic man without a lot to do.  I want my peace and serenity. What I have is a loving guy constantly interrupting me with questions, requests and of course, good loving and sweet little spanks. I so love my solitude here in the middle of the day. I love that quote somebody wrote bout husbands being underfoot all day, "Yes to breakfast and dinner, but no one said anything about lunch." 

So the snippets began this morning and have not really stopped. 

Me: Let's be a little sweeter with one another. 
Jack: I pledge to be sweeter, but you get the spanking.

After showering together:
Me: I feel refreshed now. 
Jack: A little closer and I will refresh you.

J: Meredith, if you are having trouble keeping your role, rest assured that I am not having any trouble keeping mine. 

Me: You barked at me for no reason. 
Jack: I'm sorry.
Me: (frowning)
Jack: Accept my apology or I will spank you. 
Me. (smiling)

Jack: Somebody's going to get a spanking and it's not me. 

Thanks, L


  1. Hi Meredith, oops! just one of those days I suppose
    love Jan, xx

  2. I'm so sorry, you do seem to be suffering so!

  3. Mere,,,, CUTE CUTE CUTE,, : - )and really cute


  4. Fun post Mere! For my Scotsman and I we have so many times where we are either together 24/7 or not at all.

  5. LOL Mere...Too bad you and Jack don't live close by me...I could borrow him in the middle of the day to do chores around my house that I can't handle. Maybe you could send him out to help those around your area that need a bit of help. Two birds...he's contributing and being active while you're getting some peace. ;) Have fun together!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  6. Very cute Meredith, at least some chores have been done :)


  7. This is so cute! I truly love these little glimpses you give us. Thank you.

  8. Lovely post Meredith. So hard when our hubbies are underfoot. Fun though!
    Hugs Lindy

  9. You two are just so darn cute.

  10. I do know those days - I'm in the middle of writing a scene, a thought has just popped into my head and along comes Ray to tell me some ridiculous thing he's just heard on TV, or he's in my face wanting a kiss. I love the man but really.

  11. Oh my gosh, I am so familiar with that line of conversation! That's what my weekends are like :)

  12. I loved this. I am just beginning to get a glimpse of live 24/7 with Sir. While I do love our life so much more now, I do need a certain amount of space or I can get cranky which then leads to... well you know, increased spankings. Catch 22 sometimes if you know what I mean. Still, I wouldn't change a thing. Life is way too short. Enjoy these good times.

  13. Precious post. It has taken some getting used to having the man around pretty much 24/7, but it far surpasses him being gone all the time. What is it with guys and their barking? Sometimes I honestly think the tone of voice just doesn't register.

  14. sweet. it isn't often my husband is here during a week day...but when he is it totally changes my having him around but I do understand the feeling of being underfoot. :-) Hugs

  15. Love your little exchanges, Meredith! :) They sound very familiar. LOL!

    I think that I am starting to understand what you mean about our fellas being underfoot. No protective barrier, and Rob home 24/7 as of late!

    I LOVE having Rob around, but it is nice to have a wee bit of time to oneself. One can hardly get into a bit of harmless mischief when they are off on a short errand, right? HA! Cute post. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie