Monday, August 15, 2016

Not Heeding Jack's Warnings

How could an evening go so wrong when we had had a really good day? Why did I not think about Jack's warnings, his repeated warnings? Not paying attention; not following my hoh; not turning things around, not keeping my role.......... in other words, a big giant mess that led to a huge spanking. If you read this blog, you know how uncomfortable this is for me.......... sharing my spanking tale with all of you! 

We were in the kitchen making dinner. We were getting a little vocal in how we were expressing ourselves. I was paying no attention to so many things. My voice, my tone, my facial expressions, my eyes as they rolled in their sockets, and the big no-no, the shrug of my shoulders. 

His warnings were clear: stop arguing, stop rolling my eyes, stop shrugging my shoulders, return to my submissive role......... good grief....... I know all of those things are spank worthy. I ignored it all, and kept going. Talking over him, not paying him any attention at all as he tells me his point of view about what we were discussing. What ttwd wife does that? I really do much better at leaning in, but not that day! 

Ugh! I do not like writing about what happened. He again asked me to turn my attitude around and to do it now. I didn't. 

He lowered his voice as I raised mine. He watched my body language and eventually he said, " When you forget your role, I need to act on mine".  He told me to go upstairs and my head literally snapped up. What???  "Let's go," he said. In our bedroom, I am doing a very fast dance combo of apologizing, and smiling and then I just get quiet. He bares me and I know now I am in real trouble. He gets the leather paddle out of his drawer and takes a seat on the leather bench across from our bed. He pulls me to his lap and he talks in a low voice. At what point, was I going to hear my own disrespect? Had I heard his warnings? Did I hear the way I spoke to him? Are rolling eyes and shrugging shoulders acceptable or spankable? Did I know that I talked right over what he was saying? Did I stop and think about what I was doing? 

He put me over the bed and gave me a warm-up that was nothing short of memorable. He put his hand on the small of my back to keep me right there as he spanked. It hurt, of course, but I was okay. Then he brought me up into his arms and took my hand. We were going to the guest room. Boy howdy! I was over his knee and that leather paddle made me bright red. The spanking was fierce and I was having a hard time, but his leg over mine made things awful. Finally it was over. Up into his arms and we talked. He again talked in a low voice, holding the paddle. I was teary. He asked if I knew my role as he definitely knew his. He sent me to the shower even though we had been fixing dinner when all this started. 

Later that night, I apologized for my behavior and made a promise to heed his warnings. It has been awhile since this kind of spanking has happened. 

Heeding the warnings are essential or your bottom pays dearly. Take it from me who did a little bit of forgetting and paid the price of not heeding my Hoh's warning. When I forget my role, he is sure to remember his.

Thanks, L.



  1. I love that last line, in ttwd never were truer words spoken. That is why it works so well, when we slip up our HOH is there to pick us up and put us back on track. I'm sorry it was such a tough one, sometimes it's those ones that bring us back to where we need to be. I would bet there is peace in the valley at your house right now! Thanks for sharing a tough one Meredith.

  2. Aww Meredith, I'm sorry this happened, we all have our moments of 'forgetfulness'. That's the beauty of ttwd though isn't it? It puts us back on track and reconnects us. Love the last line too.


  3. Aww sorry Meredith. Jack made his point and bet you are now leaning in again.
    Hugs Lindy

  4. What you have shared with us here, Meredith, is honest and true. The "Listen to My Point of View" approach is something that is many times valued and sought after in situations outside in the big world. But the reason ttwd works so well is that we check that part of us at the door. We find our more submissive and gentle selves, and it brings us great happiness.

    Do you know that whenever you describe such a spanking at your house, you almost always use the exclamation, "Boy, howdy!" I have begun to think of them as your Boy Howdy Spankings. Luckily, your Jack knows when one is needed.


  5. Not fun at all, sometimes necessary, but not fun. But you are so lucky to have that as a safety net. I think the net is the one thing I'm lacking.

  6. Mere,,, I'm so sorry you had to go through this,,I'm glad you have someone who loves you dearly that will put things right.


  7. Meredith,
    I know you don't like sharing the times you slip but it shows how hard it can be to lean in sometimes. You are a strong woman, as many of us are, and we can't always remember we're no longer in charge, sometimes our 'old' selves break through.
    Hard as it was for you, you know Jack will always bring you back to where you want to be.
    Rosie xx

  8. Gosh Meredith... I am shaking my head in complete understanding. Part of me wanted to giggle, and part of me had a few tears as I understood the vulnerability of your post. I don't think you could have explained the scenario that played out in your home any better. I am willing to bet most of us have been in shoes at one time or another.
    While this may have been difficult, things were made right once again and that is what is truly important here.

  9. Had to just add this in.. I decided to show Sir and his comment was Did they get back to dinner? I started laughing so hard. Really? I said is that all you can say? His response? What else is there to discuss here? Her hubby took care of the issue, time to move along. Funny isn't it, how men process information differently. Actually he laughed when he saw the yellow sign indicating the need to turn around. His perception? That apparently is the sign for turn around I am heading for your bottom!!! Really? Anyway, he thought this post was good and I could learn a thing or two... Really? You think?

  10. I am sorry this happened. I love the picture of the holding hands at the end because it shows the love and constant support and care throughout it all. Hugs