Saturday, August 6, 2016

Airports Are Hoh Territory For Sure

Airports are wonderous places. People coming and going from and to all countries of the world. Some people are anticipating their journeys while others look jet lagged returning from  big adventures. There is always congestion......... even when it is in the middle of the night. Signs to read, noises to distract, and now security concerns to keep all travelers ever aware of what is going on around them. Security lines can be long, and congestion reigns. 

All I want is to be on the other side of security and headed to Starbuck's for a nice big coffee. Jack knows this about me. Once that coffee is in my hand, I am officially on my way to wherever we are going. However getting to that very point can get me into trouble. 

I have learned to lean into his directions. I do have a hard time when he tells me what to do. Does he really think I do not know how to do these things myself? I have flown across country and internationally by myself. However, when we travel together, I am to be "under his wing". That is very hard to do. 

Jack wants to hold the tickets, passports, and boarding passes. He wants me to be his wife, his travel partner, but not the one calling the shots. We have had many airport arguments. Ugh! We have had a few spankings once we are home. He is not interested that I know how to do it all by myself. He wants to be in charge, in full Hoh mode, and I am to just sweetly button it up. 

So let's hear your airport Hoh stories? How do you work that tricky area called the airport?

Thanks, L.



  1. Well, buttercup, I would say you should just buck up. hehehehe

    I'm the last one you'd want to ask. I hate flying so on those rare occasions where it's been forced upon me, I am more than happy to let someone handle everything for me.

    Btw, How's your buttercup friend?

  2. Oh, how I hate airports; they're right out of my comfort zone. I've only once had to navigate one by myself and I managed just fine but I am happier with Harry in charge. He doesn't get his hands on the documents, however; I've always taken care of the passports, boarding passes etc, and that hasn't changed. We usually end up disagreeing about something, though, and his wish holds sway.
    Rosie xx

  3. I can certainly relate to this post. I have also come to learn that it is far better to let my guy lead where ever we are, airports included. As he says ttwd doesn't change simply because the location does, it may be a little tricky to maneuver at times but it is always in place. So I have gotten used to him holding passports and boarding passes and I have learned to go with the flow....his flow!

  4. Oh my yes, we've had these discussions before. We're learning... Our first trip together, before we got married, was a big debacle and plenty of bad behavior from me. Our trips are getting better. I've started bringing a book and just mentally check out. I know he's a bit more punctual than I am and isn't going to risk missing flights. So I think he moves us through the connecting airports a bit too quickly when I DO think I had time to grab Starbucks... I'm learning and he is too. Our dynamic is a balancing act and it feels like the tightrope is a lot higher when we change locations!

  5. It is situations like this where I have a really tough time not to start in with the bossiness and being headstrong. I learned a lesson the hard way once upon a time at Heathrow.

    Sam was dallying about finding the correct baggage claim area. I was impatient and took off on my own to find the carousel where our bags would be sent and also got a baggage cart. When I returned to where he was, he was gone. I mean gone. I was lost in this huge crowd of people for almost 45 minutes. I was scared, panic stricken, and just about in tears by the time Sam had me paged.

    There were no spankings back then, but I felt duly chastised because he took my hand like I was a child the rest of the day. There would be a big spanking these days.


  6. Have not done a lot of traveling so I am happy to let my man lead...though I probably would carry the tickets/boarding pass since I can easily fit them in my purse... Hugs

  7. I was just saying that, although I am quite capable.... I love when my guy leads us in the airport. I feel stressed just getting to the other side of security. I think I follow pretty well in the airport! Now if we talk about me being a back seat driver.... That's another story!

  8. JC is the trip planner and it is done with precision. He knows I need my Starbucks and he makes sure I get one. I find comfort in his organization. I have travelled a lot on my own but I prefer handing it all to him.

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  10. I hate to travel alone Meredith. Sir always handles the details and while I don't always agree with his process or timing, I do my best to lean in so I don't get left behind!! LOL....