Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pushy Meredith And Her Manipulating The Clock

Bullseye! We are at ttwd ground zero! The last 24 hours have seen to that. I confess............ I am a manipulator of time. To my credit, I have never turned the hands of the clock to trick Jack. I have never really lied to him about time, but I have come close. So here at ground zero on the time issue, I need to explain what is going on. 

We seldom argue. We get along famously. We agree on all those issues that couples have: money, raising kids, household responsibilities, and more. We are in sync. We simply agree. However, there is one area that ruffles Jack big time.......time! This time thing is a very sensitive issue as Jack says I try to manipulate time to my advantage. I am guilty as charged here.

Throughout my whole life, I have been better than punctual. I am ALWAYS early, always! Sadly, Jack refers this to my manipulating time. We get to the airport early. We get to the ballgame early. We get to the movie very early. It is a habit that now borders on bad. In my work life, I was never, ever late. I even went one full day early to a dental appointment not realizing I was a day early by accident. I was sent home and returned the next day. I have fudged on movie start times allowing us to get to the theatre early enough to find a seat. I have told Jack that we are to be at a certain place earlier than we actually were. 

Jack says I am the queen of hurry up and wait. I counter with the fact that we have never missed a flight, a movie beginning, a reserved restaurant dinner, a dinner party and the list goes on.

So here is what happened to bring this all to a head or rather another of my body parts! I have a dear friend coming to spend the week with me. In fact she is a ttwd friend. We are so excited and have been planning this visit for quite a while. Jack and I were discussing her airport arrival time. I told him that we would leave for the airport at a certain time. Jack went nuts. No, he said. We would be leaving at the time he wanted. I started to push that time wanting an earlier departure. I used traffic as a good reason and he pointed out that my friend was arriving on Sunday. I stomped upstairs to get ready for bed and he followed. We had quite a spanking session in the closet, me dancing and turning as he spanked away holding me tight. He continued to let his opinion be known all over my bottom. Then he tucked me into bed, kissed me good night and said if we needed to talk again about my time problem, he would do his talking with his paddle. 

So there you have it. Time management is off limits for me, friends. He told me that he will be setting times from now on. Looks like this is a ground zero topic here at our house. 

How are those timely situations at your house?

Thanks, L.


  1. Hi Meredith, well now you know! I hope you have a great time with your ttwd friend,
    love Jan, xx

  2. Hi Meredith, if anything Rick is the one more worried about punctuality here. Have a wonderful time with your friend.


  3. Meredith,
    Apart from the spanking, I could have written this! I'm always early for appointments and, though I haven't been a whole day ahead myself, I did once send a boss to a meeting a day early. He was very good about it.

    I am guilty of fibbing to Harry about start times because he is the exact opposite to me; punctuality is not his strong suit. We even went in the same car to our wedding to make sure he arrived on time!

    Enjoy your time with your friend.


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  5. We are ying and yang just like you and Jack. Oh, excuse me, just like you and Jack used to be.

  6. Merdith,

    I'm exactly like you on this and hate to be late for anything. Have been known to tell a little fib about start times and have been spanked for it.

    Have a wonderful time with your friend.


    Sorry about deleted comment.

  7. Hi Meredith! :) It's great to be on time! I LOL'd about Jack saying, "Hurry up and wait"! Are you fashionably late for other people's parties? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

    I used to be just like you- with four young kids, I had to be very organized, as well as allow for all kinds of things to slow us down. I was also on time for all things work related- all of it. In more recent years, I have to say that I am the one who is often late. Not for important things like planes, etc. For those kinds of things, I like to leave before Rob thinks that we should. It's for the every day little things... I'm notorious for jumping into the shower at the last minute, before company (usually I have been cleaning, or getting ready/distracted). With his HoH powers, Rob has put his foot down, and that rarely happens any more. So, it is a complete turn around. I'm working on it! I've had a "get moving" spanking or two, or three, or four! LOL! There are times that he tells me to be ready 15 minutes earlier than need be.

    You must know this well known quote: “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable”. Our kids learned it at camp. Their mom needs to pay attention!

    Have a wonderful time with your ttwd friend! I hope that time slows down for you both, during your fun visit! I'm happy for you both! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  8. Gosh we vacillate here! I guess I manipulate and am always on time for most things. My guy cares now about being on time way more than he used too!
    Of course I am sometimes annoyingly late when I can't find something I like to wear. Usually my Scotsman HATES that!

  9. Time has never been a big thing around here. I do have two sons who are on opposite ends of the spectrum. For one, being on time is being late, and for the other, being late is being on time. I hate being the first one to arrive or to be the last one to leave. That is really the only thing I ever worry about.

  10. We do pretty well together. We both like to be about 10 minutes earlier. But I want to be at the airport earlier than he does. He usually sighs and goes with my timetable - we aren't heading to the airport too often.

  11. Time is an excellent topic, here I often find there isn't nearly enough of it. Therefore I've been known not to manage it as well as I should and like Katie my HOH has motivated me by way of a spanking or two as well. It's never for work or travel or appointments, it's usually chores, casual outings or dinner! Nonetheless in its own time things always get done or fall into place...sore bottom or not.

  12. I always prefer to arrive early. Sometimes I've been told you'll have to wait as you are way too early when visiting doctors etc. The early bird catches the worm. Much prefer to arrive early than late as that would stress me out.
    Haven't been in trouble from Bear over it though, so far.
    Have a fun time with your TTWD friend.
    Hugs Lindy

  13. I like to leave an hour early. Dragon likes to leave 30 minutes early. No fighting, no rules

  14. I don't like being late for anything...would much rather be early...doesn't always happen...but mostly I arrive at least a few minutes early if not right on time. My husband is similar in that regard. When we were first dating he timed it so he got to my house precisely on time - later he told me he would get there a few minutes early and then wait to drive up the driveway so he was not too early. :-) Hugs