Monday, July 11, 2016

If The Truth Be Told

Isn't this an interesting drawing? I really like it.

I shy away from all the memes because I think too much is given away that might reveal who I am in real life.

I am still basking in the glow of my time with fellow bloggers in Florida. Those women know the real me for sure. Rather, they know and accept who I really am because ttwd is a part of who I am.

How many of your friends know the real you? Do you share that you read ttwd blogs?

I borrowed this precise drawing from PK. Thanks!



  1. It's so true. My handful of people is reasonable large because of my beach sisters as well as other bloggers I've met, but it's still just a handful.

  2. I'm happy to know the real you. :-)

  3. Not one of my friends truly knows the "full me" which is sad. I always feel like I am hiding something which doesn't seem fair or right. I appreciate the opportunity to share with fellow bloggers my thoughts and gather insight and support when I can. I sppreciate behind the scene email and phone call opportunities to further build on relationships found here.

  4. perhaps ONE friend. but i don't think she truly "understands" or gets why i do what i do, but she accepts it. others get to see bits and pieces of my kinky side, even those who can accept the D/s dynamic raise an eyebrow at dd/lg so i curate the information that they receive.

  5. Hi Meredith, great pic. No one outside of blogland. That is why I treasure the friendships made here so much.


  6. So Meredith 5 other bloggers know the real you. Yet you hide from the rest of us. My mind wonders who you are.....are you royalty, a film star. You must be someone very famous to want to kept your identity a secret. LOL!

    No none of friends know the true me, only my blog friends on here. Wish I did have a few friends to chat to occasionally, might help with some problems.
    Hugs Lindy

  7. Mere, I think that is where the magic came from. To be completely myself was like breathing the air at the top of a mountain.

    Think I would add one little black dot in the center of the red circle. That would be my Sam. :)

    Ella Being Real

  8. The only person who knows the whole 'me' is Harry.

  9. I share that I read blogs - I don't even share the name of my blog except the author one. Even then, most people don't ask.

  10. Hi Meredith, :) I like this graphic as well! Thank you, and PK too for putting this out there.

    No, I would not tell anyone aside from those in the land, that Rob and I practice ttwd. It would not turn out well!

    I think that what Ella and Rosie have to say above, adjusts this graphic so that it is just right! Our spouses/partners know us best of all! From there, next would be our wonderful spanky friends, who allow us to be ourselves, and it is truly special! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. The answer would be no one except for the guy I can be everything with and I thank God for him every single day.
    There is also one special blogland friend that is part of my tiny 'know me' circle and she knows who she is! For her I am also truly grateful.

  12. I'm with Laurel on this in her first paragraph. My sister is the only person who knows that we have a TTWD marriage, and it must be kept that way, bc all others in our lives are very uptight and closed minded sadly and would immediately judge us and judge us negatively. But we are ok with that, as my hoh is a highly private person and his orders are to keep our dynamic personal and private between us, and not only must I follow his lead, but I also choose to.

  13. There is only one person and that's my P.


  14. There are so many facets to each and every one of us that I imagine that meme could be true for just about anyone, ttwd involved or not. Nash is the one who knows me the best by far, sometimes better than I know myself I think. ;)

  15. Absolutely nobody. It's still pretty new for us so we are especially careful but we also giggle about it together. On the one hand I like having a secret between us. On the other hand, it can be difficult.

  16. Mere,,if anyone knew what kinds of photos I send you,,, like spanking,,,they would not be happy with me. I could send a lot worse, but your blog isn't like that, which is why yours is the best.,,but my friends and family know that what I do or like is none of their business,,so I don't tell and nobody questions me.