Saturday, July 23, 2016

How Do You Catch A Wave Upon The Sand?

I am a Sound of Music fan. I know all the words to all the songs and in a pinch, I can sing right through the whole lot of them one right after the other. These songs have helped me with late night driving and keeping a little one quiet in my baby days. 

How do you catch a wave upon the sand? When I began blogging, I wondered long and hard about the idea of actually being friends with the real wives who blogged and the readers who emailed me. How do I actually "catch" them and make them "stay"? How do I become friends with these women who are close in age, who practice ttwd like we do and who are really interested in meeting me? How do you catch a wave upon the sand? 

I know how to catch that wave! It begins very, very slowly. One email at a time, lots of listening and lots of sharing! Slowly and carefully, sure-footed and generously! You must be sure of yourself and the person you are getting to know. Ever so slowly, you begin to dream of meeting this person who is like a sister to you only much better than a sister because you share an amazing secret. You begin to plan and dream.  Finally, the invitation is offered to come for a visit. Acceptance is immediate. My ttwd  friend is coming to spend the week with us. So excited!

Last summer was golden. A very special spanky sister came for a long visit and we had such a grand time. I kept that week quiet. That spanky sister is a treasure to be sure. Now it was going to happen again with another spanky sister. Wow! 

The week I spent in Florida was beyond description because six women came together as instant ttwd friends. Laughing and talking the whole week, we yearned for more. I shared with the Florida six that I had invited a blog reader to spend a week with me in July. It felt great to say it and even more fun to plan and make it happen. 

Laurel has been a faithful reader for quite awhile. She took seriously my offer to email one another and an online friendship was born. We emailed daily......... sometimes short emails, sometimes long, detailed ones. We noted and celebrated one another's birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. We sent each other small, endearing gifts. We continued emailing getting to know one another well. Finally, I invited her to come for a week's visit and she said yes. 

Tomorrow she is leaving returning home to her husband with stories to share. We shopped, dined and enjoyed day trips to my favorite places. The backdrop changed, but the talking did not stop. We talked continually about our husbands, our ttwd lives, clothes, makeup, books and the list goes on. 

We found how very much we are alike. We believe ourselves to be fortunate and are grateful to our two husbands who told us each to have a great time together. 

Like that wave upon the sand, it is hard to capture the essence of what has happened here. I had the pleasure of meeting five bloggers in Florida. I had the pleasure of spending time with Katie twice, once at my house and once at hers. Now I have spent the week with a reader friend who took the chance to write to the email address on my blog. We are now the best of friends united by ttwd. 

It is hard to describe ............. I had definite goals when I began blogging. Yes, Jack and I had our own ttwd goals, but I had other goals as well for the bigger blog world. I wanted contact with other ttwd wives who were like me: loved and spanked by a sweet husband, empty nester, changed life, and in my age group! I am here to say that I have achieved all those goals and I am so very pleased about it. Just thought I would give a progress report. I am a very happy wife and friend. 

Thank you for a magical week, Laurel. 

Thanks, L.



  1. Oh Meredith, what a lovely post! I too loved the Sound of Music. My all time favourite. Last night I made arrangements to meet up with Rosie, I am so excited to be meeting her, she lives near our son so only a few hours away. It would be lovely if we were all a bit nearer, there are lots of bloggers I would love to meet.
    love Jan, xx

  2. Hi Meredith, what a lovely post :) So glad you and Laurel had such a wonderful time together. The connections made here are so special, I would dearly love to meet some blog friends in person.


  3. How do you catch a cloud and pin it down... la, la, la. My grandmother saw that film more than twenty times.

    When I first started lurking in Blogland I was so pleased to find other "mature" women being spanked by their husbands. I never imagined communicating with them though and, as for meeting any of them, well, there was as much chance of that as flying to the moon! And now I'm meeting Jan! In a few weeks' time we shall be meeting some other bloggers for lunch. Amazing!

    So happy for you that you have been able to meet several of your Blogland friends, people that you don't have to hide a big part of who you are from.

    Rosie xx

  4. I remember the very first time I met a spanko blog friend in person. Adam and I were one a cross country trip and included her town on the agenda. We stayed in a hotel near by. She and her family came to take me and Adam to supper. I almost slammed the door shut. It was the first time I think either of us had heard of anyone out here actually meeting in person. We were excited as heck and had a GREAT visit. It's just so amazing to meet others from out here. It's such a natural bond!!


  5. Meredith,
    You have described this particular kind of friendship very well. It is special, and I am so happy that your time with Laurel was everything you both wanted it to be. She sounds like a lovely lady.

    Beyond the common perspective that one shares with a friend like Laurel, I think it gives you back just a little of those magic BFF feelings that make us feel young again. Maybe that is part of why these friendships seem so unique.

    Ella Just Smiling

  6. A lovely post about a wonderful week with and about friends, in and out of blogland.

  7. I'm glad this visit was as much fun as your other encounters have been. What's the constant in this scenario? You! Maybe it's you that makes all the visits wonderful!

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  9. Sounds like you and Laurel had a wonderful week. Loved your post. I'm hoping to be able to meet some friends soon. Keeping fingers crossed I do.


  10. So happy for you both. Every time I've met a ttwd wife in person, I agree that it is really special. Thank you for sharing. M, I look forward to the day that you and I can meet up again. Thank you for doing your part to bring the ttwd world together.

  11. Meredith,
    What can I say that you haven't already. This week has been life changing for me in a way I never thought possible. To share the way we have shared is far deeper than I had ever experienced, to be me in my entirety, secrets and all, is a gift I never expected to have. This precious friendship that you offered very early on, so genuine and real is one I will be forever grateful for. All I can say is that I must have done 'something good' because you are truly one of 'my favourite things'!
    I love you dearly, thank you. XO

  12. What a wonderful post, about a very special friend, and your great time together, Meredith! :) I am so happy for you and Laurel!

    You are right- it is the most special thing to realize that there is something else, beyond the initial purpose of starting to blog or lurk... something so special that sometimes it blows your mind! That is the fact that with blogging, common interests (spanky and not), and time spent interacting/getting to know others, comes friendships that can't be beat! It is a fabulous and unexpected blessing to be sure! How lucky we all are! How wonderful for you and Laurel! :)

    Thank you for sharing your special week with all of us! The Sound of Music is a fav of mine too! I love how you used it in your writing here. Many hugs and love,

    <3 Katie

  13. Beautifully written -- as always. :) -G

  14. Meredith.. a bit late reading but found this post to be beautiful. It is amazing to me to ready about how friendships developed here in blogland actually do move forward and become reality as some of you actually have the ability to meet in person and take your relationships to the next level. It does take someone special to make another feel comfortable enough to open up and share not only the regular things in life, but those things that are intimate and downright personal. Those that have been able to meet and spend time with you personally have received a very special gift of friendship. I know I have simply enjoyed our behind the scenes email and recent phone call. I can only hope in the time ahead when life permits to be able to experience one of these wonderful moments.

  15. Just came home from vacation and am catching up on blogs slowly (lots of laundry and bills to pay). I find it awkward to share - even small things - so this very big thing is especially hard. But I feel lonely and sometimes lost since we are still figuring it out and my love is def not a "natural" HOH. Though he is sure catching on. So grateful to all of you who are much more forthcoming than I manage to be.

  16. I must have missed this post some how. What a wonderful time you seem to have catching up with blog sisters. Nice to have things in common to chat about.
    Hugs Lindy