Friday, July 15, 2016


France was America's first friend as we battled the English in colonial times.  Our oldest friend is suffering again. I do love France, its beauty, its croissants and its people. I have walked the beaches in Normandy where our troops landed and many died. We are two nations that support one another.

I pray this all stops. We are becoming numb and disheartened.



  1. I, too, love France. Harry and I cross the Channel half a dozen times a year on day trips or short breaks. We were shocked by the carnage unfolding on our TV screen. Our hearts go out to her people.

  2. It is indeed heartbreaking! And, unfortunately, it is bound to happen again, and again, and again. Because Europe in now battling a different kind of war. It is no longer the war of different regions, trying to break free from a certain king, nor is it a war in which the same different regions unite on grounds of common language, and common culture. Europe is an old continent, but the present day countries, their borders, their national feelings – all these are quite new, several centuries old. Historically speaking, this is new. And trying to skip steps, trying to unite states in a larger supranational structure earlier than its historical time, is going to make room for social and cultural malfunctions. France, like the UK, like Belgium, is a country which is trying to make up for its past history of colonisation. Sometimes, it turns out ok. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

    Trying to apply the same principle of equality and cultural diversity to every non-European person setting foot on the continent, without having them acknowledge and respect the laws of the country they settle in, in the name of a misunderstood idea of multiculturalism, is naturally going to give birth to conflicts. Old inhabitants will get to the conclusion that immigrants are bad and not needed; immigrants, on the other hand, may they be the first generation immigrants, or offspring of former immigrants, will still feel like second class people. When scorned on, one is bound to do whatever it takes to feel important, even if it a twisted, deadly way.

    Thus being said, as a European, although not French, I thank you for your kind words. If only kindness at heart would be the solution...

  3. Meredith, I love that you use your blog for many things including voicing concern, showing sympathy, expressing sadness, and discussing ttwd. It's always done in a positive way with a great deal of compassion and today is no different. Thank you for putting France in the forefront, we all need to think about this.

  4. My heart is with the people of France and those everywhere that experience violence in the basest form.

  5. All of the violence is overwhelming. I pray that it ends soon.

  6. My heart aches for all mankind but especially those who lost their lives
    And their families. Such a senseless act of violence that is becoming the "norm" rather than the exception. It does feel overwhelming and as though things are continuing to spiral out of control. I don't have the answers but will continue to pray for peace in our world.

  7. Hi Meredith, it is overwhelming and heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers go out to France and all those impacted by the recent violence.


  8. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of France. The world is becoming a very scary place to live these days with so much violence. Wishing for world peace.
    Hugs Lindy

  9. Hi Meredith, it is so sad to see what is happening to the world, the poor people of France are especially suffering so much
    love Jan, xx

  10. I don't have words - just so sad.

  11. All the senseless deaths, people being murdered, around the world ... and for what? Pure evil. It makes my heart hurt.

  12. I found Alina's comment on misguided "multiculturalism" profound. Too often important decisions are made with only the heart. They need to be made with the head as well.

    It all makes me feel very small.

  13. It was very interesting to read Alina's point of view, as a European, as to why she feels that there is such discontent, enough to make people do evil things, and hurt others. Thank you for sharing that with all of us. Something to think about.

    My heart aches for everyone involved, and for everyone around the world, who has witnessed yet another senseless act of violence. Wouldn't it be great if we could all just be kind to one another?
    Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  14. Kindness is live and let live, right? Problems arise when people begin to let live the others according to their own set of values. Let live the white ones. Let live the blond, blue-eyed, ones with pure blood. Let live the true believers in the deciding party’s faith. The rest? They are just lesser people, who cares about them?

    I am not representative for the European point of view regarding the latest violent events. Truth be said, most people I know support the idea of diversity, of respecting everyone’s way of life, of trying not to upset the new-comers. I believe that everyone who wants to live in my home should respect my laws. Europe is my home. Our guests should live by our laws, they should be the ones adapting, not us. After all, they do claim that they run away from their countries because they can no longer live by the laws at home. Then why bring your laws to our home?!

    I am from Romania, a country which has given Western Europe about 4 million immigrants. We’ve sent some mighty fine people, well read, well bred, speaking several foreign languages; we also sent some not so fine people, who constantly bring shame to us and scare the residents in the cities where they chose to go. I do understand immigration, the need and the desire for a better life. One of harmony, and civility.

    It is utterly sad that dreams of a better life end up in terror! Sad for the ones whose lives are marred by terror, and sad for those spreading it.