Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Couple of Buttercups

Yes, those are buttercups and they play an important part in this post. 

When Jack and I began ttwd, there were times when I panicked before a spanking. I am never afraid of him, ever. He loves me for sure. He always told me that he would never, ever hurt me. However, he would gladly sting my bottom bright and red to get his message across. I remember writing to sweet Cat. We all love her blog and her great sense of humor. Jack sends her jokes whenever he can. and if you ever read her back story on her blog, you know that she does indeed know how to take a big spanking. I wrote to her asking about submitting to a big spanking. She advised that Jack and I talk as communicating will ease a situation when the Hoh is spanking and the submissive wife is worried big time. She ended that email with some straight forward advice.

Cat reminded me that I had asked for ttwd. I had asked Jack to lead and he very quickly said yes.  She also reminded me that when he decided to spanked, I promised to submit as part of our agreement about consent. I had given my consent. Cat went on to say this: You signed up for this. He is leading and you promised to follow. He has decided to spank. Buck up, Buttercup.

I read her email a couple of times and thought about how well ttwd worked even when we were in a rough patch. Maybe it worked best when we were in a rough patch. I had promised to submit and I had given consent. Jack did spank and I was grateful to Cat for her sound advice. Just call me Buttercup.

A faithful reader emailed me about wanting to back out of ttwd relationship she and her husband were just beginning. Her husband was ready to spank and she wanted out of the whole thing. She was actually nervous. What should she do? I wrote her exactly what Cat had written me. I ended the email with "Buck up, Buttercup."

Today she emailed again. Recently she and her husband were away and one thing led to another as so easily happens. He told her he would spank, and once in their hotel room that is exactly what he did. Then came the fireworks of a hairbrush spanking correcting  attitude. The magic unfolds right before your eyes. Great loving occurs; he has his peace and attitude is gone! He walks taller and you notice how sexy this all is. She fell asleep, red bottom and all, thinking she liked that nickname........... Buttercup! 

Okay, readers! This Buttercup is tentatively thinking about beginning a blog. Maybe I am just putting words in her mouth. I have told her that she is needed here in blog land. I have told her that she needs to make some notes so she is ready to begin a blog. Then I thought of all of you. Let's encourage her to come forward to tell her story. She says her husband is a natural at ttwd. I told her, "welcome to our world." 



  1. Loved this!!! It really made me smile this afternoon as I ponder the same issue. It is a great saying to keep in mind to help one's self remember why we are doing this thing we do. I would love to hear from this prospective new blogger and provide support from our neck of the woods. Do encourage her and let us know if she decides to move ahead with blogging.

  2. I agree, more Buttercups are needed here in blog land. Though I don't blog myself, I sure do appreciate those that do. There are so many amazing and interesting writers here already but there is always room for more. Hopefully with your help Meredith this Buttercup will find her way.

  3. Hi Meredith, you tell your friend to get on with this blogging lark. It changed my life and it can hers too! Just saying...
    love Jan, xx

  4. Meredith, tell your friend Buttercup we are all waiting to meet her and become her friend. We all were anxious to start blogging but once start you can't put a stop us.
    Hugs Lindy

  5. Mere, please tell this sweet Buttercup that Ella says she couldn't have picked a better mentor. I know you will hold her virtual hand through this undertaking. And then this little buttercup will truly blossom and we will all welcome her with open arms.


  6. I have tried in the past to jump into this wonderful world of bloggers but never stuck around long enough to rediscover my niche. This time I have promised myself to stick around. By having a blog, that's how I find all you wonderful ladies out here. If you didn't have blogs and didn't leave comments I would be oblivious to the existence of others. I need to read of others stories and insights. Having a blog is the best! Tell your buttercup to buck up and get going. Hey, that should be what she calls her blog... "Buck Up Buttercup" Or maybe "Bucking Up" or "Buttercupping" or "Bucking Buttercup" ... the possibilities are endless!!!


  7. Meredith,
    If anyone can persuade Buttercup to start blogging you can, I have first hand experience of that! Tell her a warm welcome awaits her here in Blogland, we'd love to hear her story and make another friend.

  8. I hope Buttercup gains the confidence to write her own blog - it is a wonderful experience to be a part of this community of support. :-) Let us know if she does so I can welcome her :-) hugs

  9. Mere,,buttercups are so pretty


  10. I agree we need more of us out here. So many different voices all wanting closeness with their partners. I hope you can help her come out and blog!
    Cat has a way with words! We all love her even when she says it straight!

  11. LOL Mere...We all have to suck it up and be Buttercups sometimes, don't we. Ask Minelle how many times I've told her she needs a barn burner from her Scotsman. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat