Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My King and His Queen

This is my 300th post! Hard for me to believe such a milestone post! I really never thought I would be blogging this long! 

Jack's queen was in deep trouble the other day. I do not like to write about my stumbling. That is for sure. However, this ttwd blog is based on honesty. This honesty might help you in your own ttwd relationship. 

We were getting ready to go out for dinner. I was getting ready and called down to Jack to hurry and get ready. Then I made a remark, and I honestly do not know what I even said. Jack came right on into the closet closing the  door as the windows were all open. We were in the close quarters of an insulated closet. He pulled me close and had no problem baring me. I was getting dressed. The spanking began. He was very upset saying that the only reason we were not going into the bedroom and me over the bed was because it was our anniversary. That special day saved my bottom from the hairbrush on the vanity, but did not save my bottom from a hard hand spanking right then and there. He told me he did not like the way I spoke to me and at that point, I could not remember just what I had said to set him off except for the fact, I knew I was wrong and my bottom was mighty red and sore.

After my bottom was a brilliant shade of red, we dressed and I watched my Jack. He was a puffy Hoh-y version of himself, confident and sure of his role and very sure of mine. Once the discipline is completed, he is loving and moving forward. Where am I? Oh, my, I was so clingy and so wanting to talk about what had happened. Not Jack! On the second try at getting a post-spanking conversation going about what had just happened, he turned to me and said that if I wanted to continue to talk about it, we would start over the bed with that hairbrush. He had expressed the way he felt and he had moved on. It was a discipline spanking and according to him, it was now over. I know what had made him upset. He had dealt with it and it was over. 

I still watched him as he drove us to meet with friends. He was so assured and handsome. He was gentle in his talk and touch as we made our way. All was forgiven and he had made his point on my bottom and he had moved on. I thought about how fortunate I am as his wife to be led by a wonderful man and as his wife, he expects me to follow in my role.

Readers, this so does work and it works well. The disrespect is stopped; the argument dissolves; once home, the loving after a wonderful night out happens. Stumbling is part of what happens, but Jack is right there to get us back on track. Usually spankings are reminders or sweet gg. Even once in while, the tough ones happen. He catches me and we move on.

Magical indeed! 

He is my king and I am his queen. 

Thanks, L.



  1. Congratulations on your 300th post, Meredith! :) I love what you write about the king and queen. Well, ok, maybe this spanking was not the awesome part when it happened, but you are so right about the magical effects these have. They do restore harmony and clean the air, … not to mention the awesome good girl-spankings. :)



  2. Mere,,congrats on your 300th,,boy that is just great, I bet it's hard to write about the spankings,,don't know if I could do that,,but you do it so well. Yours is still the best blog going.


  3. Meredith,
    We all stumble far more than we want to, but the beauty of having a King in the house is that he sets the Queen right every time.
    Always remember that we are so fortunate and we reap the benefits daily. Thank you for 300 posts and I hope you have 300 more right up your sleeve! XO

  4. Congratulations on your 300th post, Mere and happy anniversary to you and Jack! Sorry you earned a discipline spanking but happy it was not the blasted hairbrush! Hope you don't end up traveling on a sore tush! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Three hundred is a great accomplishment! Finding a way to bring you even closer and make your marriage continue to work wonderfully many years later is fantastic. This lifestyle would not work for everyone but for those of us who crave it, it's wonderful!

  6. So love hearing how this is a benefit to marriage. Gives me hope and increased understanding. Congrats on post 300! That's a ton of writing!

  7. Oh, Mere, I loved this post so much, I just read it again. What a wise and beautiful way to explain what really happens when this kind of spanking befalls a ttwd wife.

    And I truly laughed at the "puffy HOH-y version of himself." You certainly are in a different place than you were 300 posts ago. You are an enlightened and happy woman. Thanks for the honesty and the clarity you share every time you write.


  8. Congratulations on your 300 posts! Yay!
    I'm happy you guys managed to settle things so quickly! All is good in the Kingdom! :)

  9. What a lovely post and beautiful reflection on your marriage Meredith. Congratulations on 300 posts, that's a wonderful milestone. I'm so glad you are here and always enjoy visiting.

    Happy belated Anniversary to you both also :)


  10. Congratulations on your 300th post Meredith and happy anniversary. Love your reference to your King and his Queen. Jack takes good care of his Queen and keeps peace in his kingdom.
    Hugs Lindy

  11. Meredith,
    Many thanks for the 300 posts and congratulations on your anniversary. Jack well knows how to ensure peace in his kingdom; so glad the hairbrush stayed on the vanity this time.

  12. Congratulations on your 300th post. Hope you had a lovley anniversary Meredith and Jack
    love Jan,( still sailing the seven seas!lol)xx

  13. Gratz on your 300th post! I love the way TTWD works, while we don't do punishments, BIKSS is also quick to swat my behind if it means getting me in the right frame of mind again. Often tho, a look is enough cos the feeling of disappointing him or not being my best for him is enough to make me feel sick to my core.

  14. Congrats on post 300! So glad you've kept up blogging, I really enjoy your posts. And EEEEEK on that hairbrush. It is wretched.

  15. No condos for the King and Queen, Meredith- only beautiful and loving peace in your valley! "This just works and it works well!" Does it ever!

    It is so interesting how all different kinds of spankings bring connection of just the right kind, at the right times. Sorry about this one on your anniversary, but so neat how Jack attended to the issue at hand, and closed the discussion. You went on to enjoy the special occasion. Great stuff!

    You both have worked hard to be in the place that you are in! Thank you for sharing that with all of us, in 300 posts so far! :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie