Friday, May 13, 2016

When Things Backfire

I just wrote how smooth things are around here. Writing something like that is a sure fire way to jinx the smooth and guarantee a spanking!

The sassy remarks were piling up. I could not help it. Jack seemed to be narrowing the choices in an afternoon that should have had him on the golf course. I was getting snippy and I knew it. He did not like what was being said. I stomped off at one point and then hurried back to hear him out. That did not go over well.

Finally things came to a head. He said he was putting my sass on his score card. Your Meredith chirpped in as I walked away, "your precious score card". Readers, that just about clinches a spanking.

We each went about the things we had to do. He found me upstairs and into the bedroom we went. Bottom bared and over I went. Loud and clear, his voice was heard over my apologies. Then out came the hairbrush! Where did that come from? Note to self: do not keep that big wooden thing on the vanity! He spanked hard and long. There would be no more sass. Did I understand? I was brought up into his arms, panting and watery eyed. Not crying yet, but close! He held me with the darn brush right on my bottom. I received ten more spanks right there in his arms. Lots of loving and then he left to do other things.

Boy howdy, my bottom still hurts and it has been 24 hours since that memorable spanking. I told him I was still sore and he said that was his intention. I was not to be sassy about his score card and I was just plain not to be sassy.

So it goes................ our "peaceful valley" is not always so peaceful!



  1. Hi Meredith, That's life I suppose :(
    love Jan, xx

  2. Mere,,,your poor bottom, you just seem to not be able to keep your mouth in control, : - (


  3. Oh, that is familiar! I feel good, I'm proud of where we're at, I feel at peace. Then things get a bit off kilter and my mouth.. oh my mouth just seals my fate!

  4. Its nice to know I'm not on my own regarding this, my comiserations

  5. Ouch Meredith, your poor bottom! I'm sorry about the spanking, my mouth used to get me in trouble too. It's not always smooth is it, and we all stumble occasionally.


  6. There are times it's impossible to keep quiet and our bottoms end up paying the price. Hope the valley is smooth once again. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh yeah, my mouth ALWAYS gets me otk with the dreaded paddle! Mere, I hope it helped you to think more clearly and all is well again.

  8. Oh no just when you think everything is going well....bam you do something ending up otk. Always the way Meredith. Hope your feeling calmer now and leaning in again to Jack.
    Hugs Lindy

  9. Yikes. Hope you are having a lovely, peaceful weekend in your valley.