Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Need Your Help ~~~~ There Is A Reward

Before the Internet, I devoured magazines........ interior design magazines! I spent a great deal of time with scissors and a glue stick, mounting photos onto tagboard. I used these photos to design the interior of our home. So funny, now I can use Pinterest to do what I did long ago with scissors and glue stick! 

Many years ago, I found these photos of angels. I want to own one of these angels or both of them. I think they are museum reproductions. I have sent photos of these angels to major museums, but not all museums. A dear friend blogger made the suggestion to ask all of you for help. Maybe you recognize these reproductions. Maybe you have seen the real thing in a museum.Any and all information would be appreciated for sure.

I am asking your help.  Have you ever seen either of my angels? Be a real 3GA and let me know. I am offering a reward to anyone who puts me in touch with the museum or individual who owns one of these beauties. Museums make reproductions of their famous statues and I am hoping one of you know where I may find her.

Can you help me?



  1. Meredith.. I am afraid I can not offer any help here with finding these beauties. I absolutely love angels and have acquired quite a collection over the years. These are truly beautiful. I hope you are able to find these treasures.

  2. Hi Meredith,

    The fact that the angel is standing on a ball makes me think that it's the Goddess Nike. Does she have a wreath in her hand? A lot of times, Nike has the wreath of victory in her hand.

    Artist is perhaps Pierre Biard?

    Good luck finding her artist!


  3. Sorry Meredith, no idea
    love Jan, xx

  4. Hey Mere...I agree with Cygnet...the statues are similar to some of Pierre Biard's work but also similar to a few of Auguste Moreau's pieces. I would suggest you take the photos to the closest art museum and/or if you have an art school close by and speak to them in person. Museums get so many requests by snail and e-mail that they probably haven't even opened your inquiry yet. You can also go online to some of the museums and search their bronze sections. Here are a few links for Biard's work and one for Moreau's. Hope this helps.

    Pierre Biard
    Auguste Moreau

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Sorry Meredith, no idea. Like Cat's suggestions.


  6. Hi Meredith, sorry, I can't be any help. They are beauties.


  7. Hi Meredith, Good luck with you search, they're both beautiful. Hope Cat's links help you find them.

    Hugs Lindy

  8. They are beautiful, Mere. Wherever did you first see one? I will give the search some thought.

    Perhaps there is another way to hunt for one. If you have a classy antique shop nearby, you might ask if they have a "finding" service.

    I'll be looking,

  9. They don't look exactly the same, but maybe it still helps. Try (better than from my quick search) and type in bronze statue nike or bronze skulptur nike or sth. like that

  10. I have no idea and I haven't read any of the commments, but if you know they are in a museum, why not contact them

  11. Mere,,I have no idea,but I'm sure one of the ladies can.


  12. I sure wish I could be you have been for me.

  13. I unfortunately am not familiar though I hope someone else can be of help to you. They are beautiful :-) Hugs

  14. Perhaps French Sculptor Louis Ernest Barrias??? There are similarities
    to some of his pieces. They are lovely. Good Luck on this.