Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Have You Ever ..............................

Have you ever talked before a spanking....... yes, we all do this!

Have you ever talked after a spanking......... yes, we all do this!

Have you ever talked during a spanking.......... yes, mostly just Jack as I work on trying to get through the spanking

But ..............

How about talking to get out of a spanking? Does that work for you?

Every wife knows how this goes. Jack talks before a spanking. He talks during a spanking. He talks after a spanking. However, how about talking about getting out of a spanking?

We have had that discussion a few times in the last few days. I asked Jack if he remembers a time I had talked him out of a spanking. He said no because once he has made that decision to spank, there is no turning back. I have talked fast and hard in an attempt to stop the quick walk upstairs or the way Jack can and does undress me in a lightning fast way. Sometimes we talk for awhile......... I am leaning against our bed, ready to be spanked, still talking dressed in a camisole and panties. He is sitting across from me on the leather bench, holding the leather paddle, smiling, nodding at what is coming out of my mouth. He says something about the talking now needing to stop. He has decided what to do and no more words are needed from me.

The time for talking, as in talking my way out of a spanking, would have to happen way before this point. Fully clothed, downstairs, with a glass of wine and some music playing as we discuss our day. Things move upstairs so very quickly, too quickly.

How do you turn things around when your hoh says he is spanking? What are the magic words that will ease the tension in a situation that is about to go south in a hurry? An apology is fine, but it doesn't stop the spanking. A promise to do better is welcomed, but doesn't stop the spanking. Trying to be sexy and cute doesn't work ever and doesn't stop a spanking. What do you do that will absolutely stop the spanking? Do tell.

Thanks, L.


  1. HI Meredith, no not really, As most of ours are fun events, I am usually keen as mustard!
    love Jan, xx

  2. Hi Meredith, I have tried, usually with role affirmation spankings, but I don't recall it ever working lol.


  3. Hi Meredith. Most of our spankings are for fun, just the occasional punishment. If Bear has made up his mind on a spanking there is no stopping him, no matter how much I plead or turn on the cuteness.
    Hugs Lindy

  4. Mere, since you seem to be talking serious spankings here, I can only compare it to the temperature at which water boils. If Sam hits 212 degrees F, then the spanking is going to happen. No talking will change that. If he is still around 185, then a sincere apology might still fly.

    Perhaps, what we have here are really the TTWD Laws of Physics.

    Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash,

  5. Love the sentiment in the last pic.

  6. I've only tried once to talk my way out of a spanking and that was way back in the early days. I really didn't want it! Harry listened but I still got spanked, which was the right result. These days, I sometimes make a protest but I know it won't make any difference.

    I love the wording in the last pic too, I've seen it before.


  7. If I try to get out of a spanking that generally just makes him all the more determined that I need one. Hmmph. Big meanies. All of them. ;)

  8. Well it's not for lack of trying on my part because I have on more than one occasion but as already mentioned if the decision has been made to spank then it's going to happen. At times it may be postponed because of others in the house but it's never forgotten by my guy when he means business.
    I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment and will be doing some fast talking later on trying to avoid what may be inevitable here, I will check back to see if anyone has any great ideas!
    Great post Meredith!

  9. Most all of the talking before and during the spanking is done by Ty. But like Jack, once the decision is made, there is no point in talking, And usually trying to talk myself out of a spanking turns out poorly for me. I don't think that I have ever not deserved a spanking though.