Saturday, April 30, 2016

In A Heartbeat

Well, folks, it does happen around here. Spankings, that is! Sometimes I have a hard time sharing when Jack spanks. Just by the photo above, you know where this post is headed. It is not very often that Jack becomes irritated with me and spanks. He is an even-keeled guy and, with almost three years practicing ttwd, things are usually smooth. Spankings are those fun gg kind a lot of the time. However, things can and do go in a serious direction every once in awhile.

We were in the middle of doing the things we needed to do. I was multi-tasking and barked twice at Jack answering his questions. I raised my voice snarling in my reply and did not think twice about how much my husband does not like that. In fact, it is something that has gotten me in trouble in the past. Raised voices always takes us right back to the times before ttwd.

I was at my desk and suddenly so was Jack. I was completely surprised and could tell Jack was very upset with me. He told me that when I speak to him like that, he knows what he needs to do. He took me by the wrist, firmly........ I remember saying that I did not want to do this; I did not want to be spanked. He had me up the stairs in no time, over the bed and bared. He spanked and I said repeatedly that I was sorry for speaking the way I did. Then he brought me up. Standing there next to the bed, I looked at Jack as I rubbed my bottom and he held the paddle. I told him that I did not want this. He said that he did. He told me that he was the decision maker  concerning spanking and with that, he put me back over the bed for more.

He held me afterward telling me that we would be doing an RA the very next day. Too much time had passed and we had slipped into not being true to our roles. So the very next day, we were in that same position again. He really spanked and he told me that his paddle really does a great job for covering a lot of surface area. I was far too busy trying to get through the RA to appreciate his love of the paddle.

As Jack often says, "You will be a 3GA before you fall sleep tonight. We will have peace."

I wanted to share these two spankings because it does happen here. I just have a hard time sharing that. I want this blog to be a place of honesty.



  1. Oh Meredith, you are so honest and it is so appreciated. I bet you have both found your peaceful spot again. Sending hugs from across the country.

  2. Mere,,I'm so sorry about what happen,,I'm sure you didn't mean to come accross like Jack thought you did,,it can happen in no time.,,poor Mere,, : - (


  3. Although not the most fun these types of spankings are very important for a real DD relationship. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You tell it like it is, Meredith, and we're all grateful for that. I hope all is smooth again now.

  5. Hi Meredith, I'm sorry this happened, it can be easy sometimes to slip back into old patterns, especially when we are busy and on a mission or stressed.


  6. Just when you think you have this ttwd thing down and get a bit smug about what a great little wife you are, those old habits float to the surface. The voice, the tone, the body language can make a practiced HOH narrow his eyes and pause. Then Bam! You stepped over the line. Sam and I are very practiced at this little scenario.

    I loved this post, Mere, and especially the title. It only takes a heartbeat to cross that line. Once the spanking is over, it only takes a heartbeat to feel back where you know you want to be. That's the Ever After part.


  7. The honesty always shines through in your posts Meredith. Thanks for sharing something that's not easy to do. I always feel good about how we practice ttwd when I read a post from you and see so many similarities. It's like support from afar for me so I very much appreciate reading about your spankings with Jack. He is firm but fair and he takes such good care of you. I am so very lucky to have the same.

  8. M, thank you so much for your honesty. And also thank you for sharing the victories. I remember how, when we started dd, you sent us a picture of a road going up and down hills, up, down, up, down, up, down, etc., and said that we shouldn't be surprised if that's the way it is. It seems like the hills are fewer and further between two years later for us as I know they are for you. Thank God for men like Jack who give us those reminders when we need them. Peace is a good thing. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. LOL Mere...Ella pretty much said what I was going to say and I couldn't have said it any better! You are honest, my friend...just a bit more private than some. Hope there is lots of peace at your home and you are 3GA! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  10. Oh well Meredith, it comes to us all at sometime. Hope you are back to your normal happy self now
    love Jan, xx

  11. Meredith hope you are back to your 3GA and don't feel that paddle too often.
    Hugs Lindy

  12. Meredith.. it is hard to share these real life moments even with us here in blog land who understand. I am going through a similar scenario right now and am waiting until I process this before sharing. Your not perfect in your actions and sometimes things just get away from us before we realize the consequences of our actions. Raising voices, having a "tone" having a smart mouth and being sassy are all sure fire ways for me to end up in trouble. Jack is patient and even keeled although our men will only deal with things so long before they move to action. Jack is dependable like that even if your not happy about his actions in that moment. He is just letting you know what you did won't be tolerated. He cares enough to be sure things get set right so you both can start again on the same page. The main thing here.. Jack loves you or he wouldn't take these steps to restore the peace.

  13. So glad none of us live in a perfect world. It would be very so boring.

  14. Thank you for sharing. It's kind of scary when a certain behavior or incident gives you flashbacks to how life was before we had this relationship. Similar experience here. But I have only received the lecture, which changed my attitude after he had to give me two lectures before I admitted and accepted full responsibility. The spankings are still to come. Even though I don't want a discipline spanking, I am fortunate enough that Ty cares enough to follow through with the punishment and not leave me hanging. I hope that your next spanking is a GG one

  15. thank-you for sharing. glad you are connected again. Hugs