Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Have You Tried This Kind Of Poem?


There are only a few days left to share this kind of poem with you! It is my all time favorite kind of poem in which run-on sentences are actually required. I keep a poem like this one in my journal about my real life. I cannot share that one, but I decided to make one for Meredith. This poem is a way of catching the moments in your life in free verse form. 

Have you ever tried to write a "Where I'm From" poem? It is so easy to do. No rhyming, just word pictures about who you are. It is so fun and there are no rules. Your poem needs to be laced with lots of proper nouns, places and people. This poem can be ongoing and never ending. 

Meredith's Where I'm From Poem

I'm from a sun break that changed my life and my marriage
I'm from  treasure trove of blogs written by women just like me
From Stormy to Katie to across the pond with Ami and Jan
From new blogger Rosie and sweet Cat and Ella
I'm from books written by PK, Sunny, and Ami 
I'm from my iPad packed with their ttwd stories

I'm from long separations and deployments when I became very independent and had trouble giving up that independence
I'm from Jack's peace and my better place
I'm from listening more and following
I'm from stumbling and feeling Jack's help at reconnection, safe and secure that all will be well

I'm from a faithful reader who sends photos my way

My name became Meredith and my husband's Jack

I'm from spankings that sting and the ones that make me giggle for more
I'm from a loving sweet husband who rescued me from the wolf at the door

I'm from a blog which soon turns three and a wonderful group of friends

I'm from meeting bloggers and readers on both coasts...... real people, real sweet

I'm from big airplane trips and short road trips with Jack by my side

To far away places and just a short ferry ride away, ttwd changed us and made us better

I'm from the vineyard road in wine country where Jack always stops, not for wine mind you, but a great good girl! 

I'm from being a 3GA by bedtime, as Jack always says
I'm from a loving home where roles have been redefined  and practiced
I'm from a husband who is generous, kind and strong

I'm from doing way more laughing and way more rubbing of my sore bottom
I'm from the best of good girl spankings

I'm from giving up control and leaning into my husband making my marriage a loving haven
I'm from a place that wants no part of the two condo side-by-side model marriage
I'm from a marriage renewed in the recapturing of those very early years
I'm from a home of love and respect and  great fun

Now, your turn! Write a free form verse about you....... laced with all the proper nouns, places and events in  your life............. Keep the poem so you can add to it as your life moves on. I do and when I read all I have written, I smile and am grateful for all I have.



  1. Mere,,you are a good writer,,never stop. I don't have a poem, but what I have are photos and that I freely give.


  2. Wow Mere! I love your poem...no poem from me...really don't have time right now and am sure not a talented write like the rest of you. Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Mere helped me write this,,I don't know anything about how to write a poem.

    I'm from the state known as America's crossroads
    I'm from summer,and all the lovely heat
    I'm from my twin brother and 2 sisters
    I'm from lots of photos sent to Mere and loving every bit of it.
    I'm from my true love and never had the opportunity to marry him
    But I'm also from a thankful heart for knowing my love.

  4. Wow, Meredith! I have been reading but I have not commented in a long long time. This post compelled me to say "well done".

  5. Your poem is fantastic! It's got me thinking...I need to have a poem about all those little important things that mean so much and that make me grateful everyday. What a wonderful idea, thanks Meredith!

  6. Wow Meredith, what a wonderful idea and awesome poem. You are such a wonderful writer :)


  7. Just recently you wrote a post about the little things. Now you have put many of those little things into a huge Life Poem. It is lovely, Mere.

    Promise to try this soon. I am especially interested in the idea of continually adding to it.


  8. Meredith, this is a fascinating exercise in exploring what makes us who we are. I've no time to myself at present, so will store up the idea for another time. Great post.

  9. Beautiful poem. I think that someday, I would like to try this. For now, I will just think about the different places I am from

  10. This is a very interesting post you have here Meredith. I have never heard about this and really enjoyed reading your poem. I, too,would have to give this some thought before I started something like this. I would think after 40 + years I would have quite the story to tell.