Monday, April 25, 2016

Ella's Magic Pill

Ella has asked a most interesting question. Really........ if you could change who you are, a spanko at heart, would you change that about yourself by the taking of a pill?

I have been a quiet spanko all my life. I have done the very same things Ella has written about. I poured over books, magazines and newspapers searching any and all mention of spanking. I remember the events of my growing up, when neighborhood kids told tales of being spanked. That did not happen at my house and I was happy about that. One childhood spanking was enough for me, earned, received and not pleasant, I was only spanked once around the age of seven.

Jack and I met in high school and I loved the way he was so much bigger than me. He was gentle and kind always and that has not changed. In our courtship, we did talk about spanking and he did give me a swat now and again. The wooden spoon in his back pocket incident really happened. I wrote about that very early in my blogging. 

When we were both in big careers, we shared leading. This was fine until it wasn't. Usually things would just hum right along, but when there were bumps and clashes, no one led and no one followed. Stalemates were stagnant times and feelings were hurt. 

When we entered our ttwd time, I was rescued from a depression that would have soon required medication. I was searching for something more and had no idea what it would be. Then I found ttwd. A closet spanko, I wanted more than the spanks in lovemaking or the spanks of just fooling around. I wanted someone leading and I wanted to be off the ledge of falling into a depression. 

I really did not know that husbands could and would spank....... in love to help a wife in many ways. It really never occurred to me. Spanking could be fantasized about, but actually done to change things, I wasn't so sure. 

When we began ttwd, we did a lot of talking. Jack said he was willing, more than willing to spank me. However, he would never ever hurt me. Sting my bottom, oh, yes, but never, ever hurt me. So we began. A fantasy was going to come true: my big loving husband would help me through the hormonal, sassy and disrespectful times and I would count on a stinging bottom. He said yes.

My submission and Jack's leading pulled us from the mundane and ordinary. Ttwd caused a mini revolution in our good marriage exploding it into a love truly on fire.

Would I take the pill presented by Ella's question and change any of it? No, never. Along with the spanking, comes fireworks of intimacy, a closeness and renewal of love, a doing away of the infamous side-by-side condo model that sweet Katie writes about. Spanking banished all of that side by side condo living. We are not brother and sister, but a loving, long time married couple enjoying the fun and results of spanking. 

My spanko life had been kept under wraps for a long time. I scoured books and wanted more. Along came the internet and here we are. I have made wonderful friends who will be a part of my life forever more. I feel so satisfied in what Jack and I have made in our ttwd world and I love the fun, fireworks and magic in our ttwd world. 

Would I take that pill that would then deny all the fun, all the intimacy? Married a long time, we were searching for something more and didn't even know what we were looking for. Finding ttwd is like finding gold. I will never give it back........ the gold is mine!

Thanks, L.


  1. Mere,,this is excellent,,it seems like your posting gets better and better. Thank you for letting me keep on sending photos,,I really enjoy doing it. : - )


  2. "....a mini revolution in our good marriage"... I have learned that introducing this concept to an otherwise "good marriage" is the key. That made me sad for myself, but that is what I found to be true. Continued blessings to a lovely lady and couple.

  3. Reading Ella's post was like hearing an echo from my past, much of it was so similar to my own experience. Ttwd has enriched so many of our lives, I can't imagine any of us wanting to take one of those pills.

  4. What a wonderful and sweet post Meredith, and I agree, it's not just the spankings themselves, but the other benefits ttwd brings, such as greater intimacy and connection. As I commented on Ella's post, although we haven't been active in ttwd for some time now, many of those benefits have remained.


  5. Same here, Meredith. Would never go back. You and I are different in that I never had any interest in spanking at all...but still, we ended up in this place and don't look back. The passion and chemistry, trust and vulnerability that comes in this lifestyle is amazing. Great post - as always!! ~Jennifer

  6. My goodness, Meredith! You have taken this question to the next level. I love this post. You have looked back at your whole life and put it into the perspective of being a spank-loving woman. How beautiful.

    We have many life experiences in common, Mere, but each journey is unique. My favorite words in this post are, "...our good marriage exploding it into a love truly on fire." Perfect description, and we are so lucky.

    Ella Just Grinning Like Hell

  7. Love this post, Mere...smiled through every word! So very happy for you and Jack!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  8. I thought i was a freak growing up. Took me 20 years of marriage to even mention this lifestyle to my husband. We aren't in a ttwd yet, but slowly getting there.
    Thank you for this post.

  9. I love your answer to Ella's question Meredith, 'no' could not be said in a more clear or better way. I'm thrilled to have found my own little ttwd gold mine and treasure it daily.

  10. No pill for me either. Great post, M. As always!!

  11. I yam who I yam, whether in a DD relationship or not. No pill for me.

    I love myself.