Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kicking Up My Heels!

My sweet friend Katie says her Rob uses that phrase all the time.............. kicking up her heels! I think he uses it in both a positive and negative way. Feisty wives are kicking up their heels and wives who face the big world ready to take on the challenge kick up their heels. This post is about the former, not the latter.

So earlier in the day, First Ella wrote a post. Then just a few hours later, Katie followed with a post of her own. These posts center on trust and love, giving up control in a respectful way. It is how ttwd is suppose to work. Both posts are powerful and showcase the stumbling of wives who ideally want to give up control, but have a hard time doing so in real life. I read the posts intently and Jack, looking over my shoulder, asked about the content of each post. I loosely filled him in, and made my comments. 

We were up early as we had an appointment with our financial planner. I showered and fixed us some breakfast. Then Jack showered and we were both getting dressed before eating our meal. I was downstairs setting the table and then went upstairs. He had made the bed, but one of the decorative pillows was set in the middle of the bed. Jack walked from bathroom and met me at the side of the bed. As I was asking why the pillows were arranged in this odd way, he took off my robe and had me over his knee in a hot minute. Hand spanked, I was told to remember who the hoh was in our family. He wanted no interrupting and I was to lean into what he said at the meeting, not the other way around. He stopped spanking and reached behind him and took out the wooden hairbrush from under the pillows. The spanking that followed was fast and furious. I buried my head in the duvet and prayed he would stop. When he did, he brought me up to his knee and kissed me. I was very teary eyed. Was I clear about what he wanted? Yes, I said. Then he said I was now his 3GA. 

So in my Q/A post, I had just written that things were mostly smooth here. Not so this morning! Jack wanted me fully aware of what he wanted from me and the best way to get his message across was over his knee. Boy howdy~

We have saved our money from very early in our marriage and this financial planner has invested our money well. I think she sensed the change in us today as Jack did most of the talking and I supported him each time he made a point..... all the while sitting on a sore bottom which had received a mighty big RA just a little while before the meeting. 

Jack said there would not be any kicking of my heels. He wanted a supportive, submissive wife and he had made sure that was his wife understood. Sometimes this ttwd is not so easy, but things do have a way of working out. I so want to be the one leaning in. I do want Jack to lead and be in charge. Things do get mixed up sometimes, but my spanky man knows how to set them back on track. His last words to me as we were about to walk into our financial planner's office: no kicking up your heels and remember your bottom! 

Thanks, L.


  1. Goodness.. Jack is quite the planner isn't he? He didn't want to leave anything to chance and so set things in motion to be sure that you knew just exactly what was expected and therefore in actuality kept peace in the home instead of holding a very different kind of conversation much later if you had not leaned in to what you knew he expected. You both set a very good example of how TTWD is suppose to work. You may have a sore bottom, but thing went well and now you can just enjoy looking ahead into your future with sound financial advice.

  2. Mere what can I say,, WOW,, Jack doesn't leave anything to chance,,, your poor bottom.


  3. You two seem to know each other so well. I bet you have the same expectations for the financial planner.... But Jack wanted one United message. I think when it appears there is conflict in a couple the message can become muddied!
    Glad you two were United... Even if your bum was sore!

  4. It's always good and works best if you're both on the same page especially regarding financial issues. Obviously Jack felt the need to ensure that was the case today. Trusting that he will take care of you both is a good thing, just lean in and let it happen.

  5. I disagree with you, Mere...this morning was smooth...Jack was simply ensuring it stayed that way. Basically nipping any problems in the bud. ;) You two are doing great!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  6. Hi Meredith, I am not sure how I feel about this. I think this trust would have been a two way thing over here. He would have trusted me to know when to follow his lead. I definitely wouldn't have been spanked as a pre-emptive measure! Mind you we would have chatted about our aims already, and I would have never gone against him with another person anyway. Oh well whatever works I suppose
    love Jan,xx

  7. Meredith, I guess Jack made his point of leaning into him. When I first saw your heading about kicking up your heals, it so reminded me of Katie. Funny you made a reference to Sam saying that about her.
    Glad you learnt you lesson and leaning into Jack at the meeting. No you can relax with your finances.
    Hugs Lindy

  8. Meredith,
    Jack is the wise one on this. Others may question the preemptive spanking here, but I do not.
    In this post you can easily compare the spanking to sound financial planning. If you know what you want and need for the future, take the steps to assure that it happens.
    Jack was simply planning for a sound ttwd outlook for the future. As I said in my post, it is so much better if the thinking comes before you stumble, and not after.


  9. Goodness, Mere! That is really powerful. I'm with Katie. I can tell myself I'm being submissive and trusting...but AM I??? Oh, to be more like Meredith!! :)
    Love you,

  10. Yet another good post on trust! There must have been something in the blogland air this week regarding trust. Thank you, Mere, for telling us your story. I love that Jack had a preemptive spank because he knew what he wanted to insure ahead of time.