Friday, March 4, 2016

Jack Spanks

I seldom share a real spanking. I now shy away from sharing as I feel like it is so personal. Certainly real spankings happen here, but I like just hinting or implying what goes on here. At the beginning of our ttwd, I seemed to be spanked a lot. Now almost three years in, discipline spankings do not occur often. When they do occur, I really want privacy. Jack thinks otherwise. He says my readers need to hear all of it: the good girl spanking, the RA spanking and the discipline spanking. So here we go. 

The dreary, rainy, dank and dark weather was a centerpiece to our day. No golf in all that rain, so Jack was right here with me. Jack took me up on my offer to fix lunch. I prepared delicious grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread along with homemade tomato bisque soup.  We enjoyed our lunch catching up on some favorite shows as we settled in.

Things have a way of festering in all that outside gloom. Jack told me several times that I was being a smarty pants. He went on to say that if things did not turn around, I would end up with no pants over his knee.

 Then the afternoon just ran away from me. Jack walked into the kitchen and gawked at the mess I had made. I told him I would get right to cleaning it in just a little while. There was more talk back and forth and I walked upstairs to our room. Jack followed and had me over the bed, bared and squirming in no time. He told me he did not like the mess, the causal way I left everything and the way I was taking my time cleaning it up. I had no time to give my point of view as he began spanking with his hand and I just settled in and knew it would be over shortly. Then he told me to stay put and went to the drawer holding the implements.The leather paddle was in  his hands and on my bottom for what he now calls a combo spanking. Some spanks were hard, boy howdy and some were soft, only to be followed by more hard spanks. I was teary-eyed and breathless when he brought me up to his arms. Things were to be done in a timely manner. Did I understand? Good grief, I thought. Yes, I said as I began rubbing my stinging bottom. Get that kitchen cleaned up he said as he put the paddle away. He then reminded me that it is all about the little things and the little things can end on my end!

It seems to me that in this phase of our marriage, we have reversed roles. He tidies up keeping everything in ship shape order. I now tend to let things slide. I have all day to get to things. He is usually golfing and I get to everything before he returns home. When he is home, he wants things done right now. We have reversed roles! My bottom seems to pay for that reversal.

This happened this morning. I was in bed after some sweet loving. I was enjoying my second cup of coffee. He stood over by the dresser. On top of the dresser was folded laundry, my laundry! We are still at odds about the laundry. He motioned to the neatly stacked clothes and I glanced up and then continued to drink my coffee. He walked into the bathroom, picked up the hairbrush and pulled me right out of bed. I say quickly because he had not even given me a chance to put things away. Over the bed I went and I felt the hairbrush resting on my bare bottom. The laundry would be put away in a timely manner. Combo spanks, soft and hard until Jack had the message spanked home.

So there you have it. I am spanked. The laundry is put away and the kitchen is sparkling. I cannot wait for golf weather. 

Thanks, L.


  1. Oh goodness Meredith. I am feeling for you right now. What seemed to be a perfectly innocent situation sure turned around mighty quick from Jack's view point. I tend to let things slide more than I should and do things on my own time schedule. Now with us spending 24/7 it is more noticeable to hubby when things have not been taken care of. I will say this.. at least Jack is letting you know of his expectations so you can be sure to do as he prefers whether you agree or not. Spring is in the air you know, and golfing weather right around the corner so hang on... just don't forget the message that Jack has delivered!!!!

  2. oh dear...I feel like I should go put away my own dishes on your behalf. :-) Hugs

  3. Spring is in the air and some people's thoughts turn to golf...and others turn to.....I sympathize, I like to do things on my schedule...not always a good idea...
    hugs abby

  4. I have a 24 hour limit on getting my laundry put away - after Nick does it. I often see to miss this deadline, and often I get spanked for it, but rarely more than a few swats.

  5. Poor Mere,,hope he is out playing golf soon for your sake.


  6. It sounds like you're going to have to be on top of things around the house at least until golfing starts. I hope all is peaceful now, thanks for sharing Meredith.

  7. I would constantly be in trouble in your house. I am a 'and then' gal and everything takes a while.

  8. There is part of me that wishes for a husband who cares about tidiness and clears up behind him, and then .....!

  9. With yesterday's laundry dumped in the spare room out of sight, my sympathy is all with you Meredith.
    I'm sure there is peace in Jack's valley now but I hope the weather improves soon.

  10. Sounds like you had an irritable man on your hands. Perhaps getting a laundry service, or eating out would be preferable. There's a wonderful chapter in the book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, about Grandma and her cooking. It is very amusing as someone insists the kitchen is tidied up, and then the quality of the cooking goes down. LOL!


  11. Have never been spanked for being sloppy. But sometimes I get spanked for being too neat.

    I think Jack is just working on his swing. You wouldn't want his game to suffer just because of poor weather, would you?

    Ella Smiling

  12. LOL Mere...good thing Jack is nowhere near my house...I am allergic to housework...can find lots of stuff to do other than cleaning and laundry. ;) Sorry you got the spankings...sending lots of positive energy that the weather clears soon and Jack can be back on the golf course. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  13. Sorry about your spankings, Meredith! Sheesh! Get that man out on the golf course!!! Or maybe gently assign him an errand or 20 to do! Sounds like Jack is getting antsy and with that, an itchy palm. LOL!

    I think that you have him trained to expect everything so tidy, that now anything out of its place is not peaceful in your "rancher's" valley! That tells me to NEVER get Rob used to a very orderly environment. HA! Seriously, I give you credit for being so. I am not messy, but I am not so organized all the time any more...

    Wishing you golfing weather every day! :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  14. Oh dear, I hope good golf weather comes soon! If I was spanked for not putting my clothes away or not cleaning up fast enough...I would never be able to sit!! TBG does not spank for that and I pray he never realizes he can!!