Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Answering Your Questions

When I began blogging, the month of March had already passed. So when my first Q and A month rolled around again, I was already an "experienced" blogger. There were lots of questions. Now blog readership is way down or people are just tired of Jack and Meredith. Who knows? That is my question!

Jack and I have traveled Europe on its wonderful, efficient train system. We have stood on that very place and kissed, but since we do not travel with our photographer, there is no photo to prove it. I thought I would use this photo that L. sent right here. 

Your questions and my answers:

Annabelle asked how do you respond when Jack feels the need to spank and you really do not want to go there.

Annabelle, like many ttwd wives, I gave Jack my consent for Jack to spank when he thought it necessary. With that in mind, I submit even when I do not think it is necessary. Most spankings are RA or GG. Discipline spankings are infrequent because we have been on our journey for almost three years and I have learned to lean into what Jack wants. There have been a few times when Jack has spanked and I was unhappy about it. However, guess what? The spanking put everything to rights and Jack had his highly valued peace. Good question! 

SS B asked how many spanks Jack gave me to celebrate Leap Year Day.

SS B, Jack is always looking for good or funny reasons to spank. I have no idea how that played out, but it always ends in his arms. 

Ronnie asked if there was anything that scares me about ttwd. Plus she wanted to know if I would do plastic surgery.

Ronnie, oh, my! I think what really scares me is not doing ttwd. Our marriage is so intimate and joyful, that really it would scare me to death if we stopped. 

I have had no plastic surgery. If money grew on trees, I might be tempted. 

Jan, our English Rose, asked where Jack and my favorite places are.

There are many places we adore. Home is always welcoming. Jack loves golf and has played on many courses around the world. I love Europe very much.

Maggie asked what is the most satisfying part about blogging.

I remember how nervous I was pushing the big orange publish button. I had wonderful help, but that blogger has left blog land and it still stings. I think the best part is meeting and keeping many friends. We now talk on the phone, send one another gifts, friend one another on Facebook (carefully), and we are visiting one another. How much fun is that! I think it is important to have friends who are also participating in ttwd. It took a while, but these women are very important to me. 

Then there is L. She stepped forward early on emailing me. She offered to find photos and I said yes. She is a faithful friend and I value what she finds and sends to me. She is very important to me.

I love to write and several people have told me that I write well. That is nice to hear and so I continue. Although I do get nervous. I seldom do the memes that others do as the answers give way too much away. 

Most satisfying are the readers who took a chance and wrote to me and now we are friends. How sweet is that!

Bloggers write about a personal subject so being careful is essential. 

Maggie, that was a great question. Thank you! 

Lindy asked what is my favorite implement and position. 

I remember the first time I found a ttwd blog and read the word "implement".  My eyes popped out. Lindy, my favorite implement is always and forever more Jack's hand and my favorite position is over his knee. Sigh! 

Great questions and thank you for asking. 

Thanks, L 



  1. Mere,,thank you for your loving comment about me,looking up photos for you is a delight,thanks for letting me.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions we are all dying to know the answers to. You and Jack are essential to the ongoing success and support needed to us here in blogland. I don't think any of us will ever get tired hearing about your relationship during the good times as well as the challanging times. Keep on sharing as long as it feels right to you.

  3. Hi Meredith, nice to find out a bit more about everyone in March!
    love Jan,xx

  4. Love reading your blog. Please don't feel people are tired of you and Jack. Many are like me only respond when they have something to say or add. and sometimes life gets in the way so you can't post. You have made many friends enjoy them.

  5. Thanks Meredith for all your answers. I always love popping in to read your posts and love getting to know more about you and Jack. You sounds like wonderful people.
    Hugs Lindy

  6. Lovely to find a bit more about you. Enjoyed reading your answers Meredith. Thanks.


  7. Blogland without Meredith and Jack? Nooooo!

  8. Thank you for answering our questions, Mere! I know that I, too, love those few people I email with separate from the blog. They mean so much to me as they are either the reason I am here or one of the reasons I stay, knowing there are others who feel the same. xoxo

  9. Thanks for sharing your answers, Mere. No, I do not believe anyone is tired of the Jack and Meredith story. There is just an ebb and flow in blogland. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  10. Great answers to great questions Meredith, thanks for sharing.
    I share the same fear regarding ttwd, I can't imagine it ever stopping.
    Here's to a long ttwd life!

  11. Thank-you for sharing. It is nice to learn more about you. Hugs