Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Evolution of Our Marriage

This post was to be about flipping out which is another unacceptable and spankable behavior at our home. Now other things have come to mind. As is going on and on instead of letting things go! 

So much has changed. We rekindled the magic and thrill in our marriage. We are indeed having fun and enjoying the spice, spanks and love. We have learned of another couple's pending divorce. When many of our friends want to know why we are so much in love, they want to know the secret and they look so unhappy.

I have written about this before. The harmony we feel as I gave up control and followed my husband's leadership is amazing. 

The love we felt on our wedding day is right here, right now because of the "magic" of ttwd.,,,, the same butterflies and starry looks even after all these years. 

There is nothing like a GG spanking right before bed. Jack always says "You will be 3GA before you sleep. That I know for sure". Spanked and tucked into bed! Life is good! 

Jack has perfected the steel trap mind. He never forgets the good or the sassy. Ever! 

When we were at a party recently, someone heard Jack saying to me that he wants peace in his valley. I was to listen up. Later a newly met person asked Jack where his ranch is located. I had to excuse myself from the conversation because I was laughing so hard. That peace metaphor! 

So are there any metaphors that are used in your ttwd relationship?

Ours is said openly in public and does get the attention of people listening. We smile and move on. 

Thanks, L.


  1. Mere,,such a sweet posting,,you guys are delightful,


  2. You are wonderful role models. We are moving along but it's slow going. Mine does not have that "steel trap" - and it's probably on purpose. Lol! Not sure he's totally comfortable with all this yet. But we are taking your advice and our communication is so much better. Love reading your snippets of life. So helpful.

  3. Meredith, it truly is a sweet secret isn't it? I loved everything you said here and got a big laugh out of the fellow asking about your ranch! Off hand I can't think of any metaphors although I'm sure they exist, they must be so common place that I don't realize it. Thanks for the great read! xo

  4. Lovely post, Mere. Didn't really have any metaphors. If I was doing/saying something Matthew wasn't thrilled with, he would ask me if I thought that was in my best interest. ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Lovely post Meredith. Love the magic also that TTWD brings. We don't have any metaphors here as mainly spanked for fun.
    Hugs Lindy

  6. Harry says "You'll be sleeping well tonight." Not in public though, don't want to explain that!

  7. Enjoyed your post very much, Meredith! :) After years and years of being together, it is pretty amazing how ttwd just brings that spark right on back. I LOVE it!

    Jack's saying and someone asking him if he was a rancher cracked me up! Good thing that you didn't have a drink in your hand, taking a sip- that would have been a disaster of biblical proportions! LOL! I would have lost it from laughing so hard!

    Do we have metaphors? Probably. But all I can think of is "Young Lady"! Rob is in such habit of saying that... hmmm... must be the mischief in me... that he says it home and away at times. What must people think? LOL! No one has said anything as of yet. Thankfully!

    Great post and I am very glad that you and Jack are so happy these days! Sounds like you have a very consistent fella there, that won't let you down. That is a pretty cool thing! Enjoy! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  8. Great post, Mere! I laughed with you about the ranch. Too funny!!