Sunday, January 10, 2016

I Am Not A Wifey

I am not a wifey. I have opinions and speak my mind. The trick is to speak with great respect.  I am always working on that as you all know. We are equals and yet, Jack does have the final say. I am proud to say that I am his starter wife, the one and only wife, the first wife! However, I am not a wifey.

We all enjoyed Rosie's post about how she and her husband make their way in ttwd. I think we bloggers learn from one another. I took something that Rosie said to heart. I am giving it a try. If I am home when Jack comes home, I am now greeting him at the garage door, lipsticked, hair fixed and a smile on my face. He loves it. Now I have done this before, but just not consistently.

This afternoon we had one of those golden spring-like afternoons. Jack played golf and when he had finished his round, he text me this....... " I am headed home to you, the hot tub and cocktails in that order". So I quickly got myself ready and met him as the car entered the garage. He loved it. Tousling my hair, noticing my lipstick, he came in to play and play we did.

He has said this morning that the slate was clean; the score card erased as he had spanked me for being a little too bossy. I loved it. To have a warm bottom to start the day is a ttwd wife's secret. I had a great day working through errands.

I thanked him for taking such good care of me........... and he thanked me for greeting him this afternoon in a loving way.

So this blogger is a learner taking to heart what her guest blogger had to say to her readers. Rosie, I am following your lead. I am greeting Jack each and every time he comes home.

Let's make it a blogland challenge that we each greet our men when they return home with kisses and, of course, lipstick!

Let's report back to see how things are going at that entry point in our homes. Okay?

Thanks, L.



  1. Mere,,sounds like Jack is going to love this,,, : - )


  2. Hi Meredith, nice post, nice idea!
    love Jan,xx

  3. It's a great idea and something I do just not consistently, and not always with lipstick on! Now there is a challenge!

  4. Such a nice thought. He gets home before me so I'd need to figure out how to do this. Maybe I'll commit to being more pleasant when I come home and staying off my phone until I've asked him about his day (GASP)! I will remind myself - it's the little things. We are moving along and I need to show him I appreciate him.

  5. Love this Meredith :)


  6. Keep having fun it's good for you both. Xxx Anna

  7. Guilty as charged, while I know this is a great idea and I really have wanted to do this for awhile life often gets I the way. I am too tired, frustrated ect. No more excuses. Nothing is more important than my man. I accept this challenge and will let everyone know how it goes.

  8. Such a lovely idea. Often we are greeting each other when my husband picks me up from work. I try to look pretty, but sometimes I'm really stressed. What has helped me get in the right frame of mind ahead of time is when he has texted me that he's leaving work. And since I know about how long it takes him to get from his workplace to mine, that gives me a bit of a chance to decompress as I pack my things together to return to husband, family, and home.
    On a related note, your post made me think of how the other day, my day started with a promised spanking, and I insisted on brushing my hair he's even noticing. Ha! No matter. It made me feel better. And no, I didn't put lipstick on. Haha!

  9. Keep up the good work, Mere. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  10. It's amazing what we do learn from each other on these posts. Lovely idea Meredith. I do that except not with lipstick, maybe I need to start using it. Will be interesting to see how many take up the challenge.
    Hugs Lindy

  11. Such a simple thing but so rewarding. Harry and I have been doing 'the greeting' for over two years without it getting stale. I'll have to up my game now and keep the lipstick handy!

  12. Sam is always home first, and he usually greets me at the door. What I like to do is drop my purse on the floor and kiss him before the coat even comes off. I will have to remember the lipstick before I leave work!


  13. Watched Dr.Phil recently, call it what you want but spanking or paddling a wife by her husband or boyfriend is nothing more than abuse. But if all you on this blog think you like it, need instead of being treated like a loving husband should treat his partner /wife you need to look see inside of yourself and ask, why?