Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top Ten Posts Of 2015

I read blogs that interest me on the "other side" of things. I read interior design blogs. I read book review blogs and the list goes on. Many of the blogs I read focus on the top ten most popular posts for the whole year. So I thought I would give this a try. I carefully analyzed the view counts on each post and now I will share with you the top ten in reader viewership from # ten to the most popular post in 2015.

The 10th most popular post  for 2015 was from March titled Live On Less Than What You Make.... These Is A Good Reason

The 9th most popular post for 2015 was from March titled The Perfect Place To Practice Submission

The 8th most popular post for 2015 was from March titled What Is The Opposite Of Love?

The 7th most popular post for 2015 was from April titled What Is Your Most Memorable Spanking?

The 6th most popular post for 2015 was from June titled Jack's Upset And Meredith Is Spanked

The 5th most popular post for 2015 was from February titled Suddenly Silenced, Soundly Spanked And Sweetly Soothed..... All Before Dinner On The Town

The 4th most popular post for 2015 was from January titled The Candle And The Paddle

The 3rd most popular post for 2015 was from February titled Jack Says Yes!

The 2nd most popular post from 2015 was from January titled Ttwd Works Wonders..... And The Differences Between Men and Women

And the number one most popular post from 2015 is  from January titled .........................................Every Wife Needs To Read This Post

So there is the blog in a nutshell............ the ten most read posts. Did you have a favorite?
I will tell you my favorite post after you share yours.

Thanks, L.


  1. Mere,,I liked the 4th one the best,,if all else failes,,than the paddle. : - ),,this is a good post,,,


  2. Hard to choose...so many good ones. I think the 2nd one was my favorite as it resonated with our relationship perfectly. Thank you for reminding us of all these good posts!

  3. Hi Meredith, these are all wonderful posts, I think No.2 was my favourite also.


  4. I like no. 2. We are still very new to this (so new we haven't figured out what our "this" is) but the idea of men and women's brains being different? Oh yes. This was a perfect example.

  5. A thoughtful way to sum up the year, Meredith. The 4th most popular is my favorite. Everyone has some sort of wolf at the door. This post shows Jack at his most loving.


  6. I would find it hard to choose one. I enjoy all for various reasons! I can never pick one absolute of most things.

  7. Meredith - #4 was my favorite from this list...it was the one I can most relate to. Dealing with "the wolf," the frustration and tensions involved, making a mistake like that - I totally get it. Needing that early morning time, also - I'm the same! ~Jennifer

  8. I enjoyed all of your posts for different reasons Mere...don't think I could pick just one favorite. You know me...I'm all over the place. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat