Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Strength of His Hands

When Jack and I were first dating way back in high school, I loved to just watch his hands. He has big ones and they carried my books, held a tennis racket and drove a stick shift. I loved the way he held my face in his hands when he kissed me. I love that now too. I love when he puts his hand at the back of my head and pulls me close.

When we are having a rough time, he takes my hand and will not let me pull away. He knows that there is power in taking my hand. He believes that peace is found in connecting....... his hand in mine or his hand elsewhere. 

I can remember the very first time he took my hand in his. We were at the mall. I have no idea what we were doing.We were just 17.  Even way back then, the mall was a place to go to be away from family and learn about one another. We had just started dating. Everything was new and I felt myself falling in love. He would not let go of my hand. We walked from store to store. We had only eyes for one another. His hand held mine and I loved it. 

So tell us about the first time you held hands with your sweetie. Could you feel the electricity between the two of you from the very start?

Thanks,  L.



  1. Too long ago to remember. I still like it though when he takes my hand.

  2. I have a funny story in response to your question Mere...we met online first, and had our first date at a huge Christkindlmarkt where me lived that was under heated tents and very enchanting and cozy. We were watching a jazz band play on stage (at this time the ongoing joke between us is that it went differently according to him) but I went to reach back into my purse hanging on the chair to get my lip gloss, and he instantly grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go, and instantly I felt a connection to him, a warmth through my whole body, that told me he would take care of me. He insists to this day, that I was the one who was reaching back for his hand, but either way, we were one heart from then on!:) to this day 12 years later, he always holds my hand when we are out and at home. And since we started our ttwd journey, he always holds both my hands during discipline bc he wants me to know that no matter what he will never let me go through the good and the bad.

  3. Oh, Mere. This is such a lovely post. Like a little Christmas present of the heart.

    Sam and I were both sophomores when he first took my hand so many years ago. We couldn't even drive yet. I think it was a Friday night at a chaperoned youth hall that played music for the high school kids that attended. I was already in love, and when he touched me I thought I would burst with happiness.

    Ella Remembering With a Smile

  4. Hi Meredith, we first held hands on our first date ( to the cinema) and have been holding hands ever since
    love Jan,xx

  5. The first time we held hands, we were at a youth skate, and I asked him to skate with me. I was head-over-heels about him and intertwined my fingers in his. It seemed so natural. Although his hands aren't particularly large, they are strong, and I've always been enamored with them and the many ways he uses them. Every night we go to sleep holding hands.
    Love this post.

  6. Such a lovely post Meredith :) I can't remember the first time now, but I love it when Rick takes my hand.


  7. Long time ago to remember the first time. Bear always holds my hand though. Love it!
    Hugs Lindy

  8. Love this post Mere...such a sweet memory. Matthew always held my hand...sometimes, he would hold my hand with my arm looped through his.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  9. It was many hears ago when he first took my hand and when he did the sparks flew. I just knew this guy was for me. I'm happy to report that sparks are still flying today. Thanks Meredith for a lovely memory.

  10. This is so beautiful. I love that you don't take all of this for granted.
    I can't remember exactly the first time. I just know that in his hands is where I feel the most loved and the safest

  11. Hi Meredith, I love what you write about holding hands. I also need this, either by holding hands or by getting hugged, or being held in hubby's arms, it is what makes me feel safe and loved. I do remember the first real holding hands with hubby, and that was wonderful, I can still feel the warmth of that moment when I think back to it. :)



  12. I was 17 and I can no l no longer remember the first time but if we are out he will hold my hand many times and if we have to cross a road he always takes it. I can manage on my own honest. Anna

  13. I wish I could remember the first time I held his hand. I do remember our first kiss! And I love when he holds my hand now, or puts it on my lower back when we are walking.

  14. We were headed out on our first date to the drive in movie theatre. We stopped in at a corner store to pick up some drinks and snacks. As we headed across the parking lot back to the car he took my hand in his .... and my heart ❤️