Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sharing A Reader's Victory

I have been encouraging readers to write to me since the very beginning. Jennifer began writing well over a year ago. She and her husband are getting started in ttwd and are finding success. Family and a big one at that,  always keeps this reader and her husband busy.

We have been writing one another for quite awhile. Ttwd has evolved in her marriage so that she could actually see and observe the changes. She wrote to me this week about the victory, (her word), that she and her husband felt when a situation was handled with a spanking,

It seems she became irritated with a clutter problem that surrounds a big family sometimes. We have all been there. She raised her voice, and of course, things did escalate. She pointed out in her email that her husband is not the cause of the clutter problem, but she was directing her raised voice squarely at him. She pointed out that the day had gone well, and then out of nowhere came her loud irritation about the persistent clutter. Haven't we all been there?

As her voice continued to rise, her husband told her twice to stop talking to him like that. However, Jennifer said she was on a roll and did not stop her rant. She told me she was so frustrated and that this frustration was completely out of the blue.

This next part of her email shared the victory. She told me that she and her husband spent some time apart each doing things. Jennifer wrote that she knew her husband was really ticked off with her for all of it. After a few moments off by herself, she found him and apologized for being so upset and for the way she had spoken to him. She then told him she was ready to meet him in their bedroom. She was ready to submit and knew already that a spanking would get them right back on track.

So, in 15 minutes later, her backside was red and the situation was resolved in the way so many of us know. Later the evening, she and her husband felt the way many of us do. They marvel at the way nothing lingers, all issues are behind them (pun intended! ), apology is accepted, forgiveness is granted and full reconciliation is felt. I have so been there and so have many readers.

I asked if I might share her victory with all of you. She loved that idea. She told me that to experience the upset, but then the apology, forgiveness and complete reconciliation was simply amazing. They are calling their marriage "marriage 2.0" because of the victory of ttwd.

Congratulations, Jennifer. It works. It really, really works.



  1. Wow. This just makes me smile. Hoping we get there at some point. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mere I'm glad you are ready and willing to help all those that want it,,,good for her and good for you for helping her.

  3. Congratulations Jennifer! It is amazing how all is forgiven and things get back on track isn't it. Very proud of you Mere for all your encouragement and mentoring to Jennifer.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Jennifer, congratulations on your victory! I know how you feel. I don't think that it's simply the spanking, but it's also the love, trust, respect, and honesty that set the stage for a spanking to do its magic. Thank you for letting Meredith share your story. Meredith has been a great encourager to my hubby and myself, and we got to meet her in person just last month. I'm glad that both of you connected as well.

  5. Wonderful Jennifer, I'm so glad to hear you and your husband are enjoying the benefits of ttwd :)

    Meredith, so lovely of you to provide encouragement and advice to others :)


  6. It's definitely life altering when we begin to see the positive changes that come along with ttwd. There truly is nothing like it and it will continue to work wonders if you want it to. Good luck Jennifer.
    A really nice post Meredith! Thank you.

  7. congratulations Jennifer on your victory. so good to hear TTWD is working with you and your family.
    Excellent job Meredith encouraging others in the life style.
    Hugs Lindy

  8. Awesome! And I'm sure many of us can relate. ;)

  9. Thanks so much, everyone! I appreciate the encouragement and like many of you said, the mentoring and listening ear of Meredith! It means a lot - thank you. ~ Jennifer