Monday, December 28, 2015

Only Good For So Long

I don't know about you, but I can only be "good" for so long. Jack has often said that mischief is my middle name. Meredith Mischief Malloy.......... three M's................. How good do I have to be? Isn't a little bit naughty sweet? Jack says that a little bit naughty might result in a little spanking and I like those sweet gg ones.  Jack says he will be happy to tell me when the mischief crosses the kindness line and then he will be happy to show me. "Come here, Meredith" are words that have definite meaning here. 

Teasing, pestering and other annoying pastimes can and do backfire, but just sometimes. Sometimes these turn into fun, loving times. We wives must have built-in sensors to know when to stop. What is  fun now is texting which he claims  is included in the mischief. 

So how about you............. do you enjoy a little mischief and do you know just when to stop so that things do not get too serious?

Thanks, L.



  1. Before ttwd, teasing was not nearly as much fun. Now it is what we do all the time that we are connected. Teasing gives Sam itchy palms, I think. Teasing gives me "Just Because" spankings, which are lovely. Teasing gives us both lots of laughter and joy.

    When the connection is broken, teasing is not funny at all. Then Sam is spanking to "Reset."

    Good question, Mere.

  2. Mere,,I can see you being a little nice and a little naughty,,,heh heh


  3. Oh Nice pics! I am very very good at being mischievous, I think it is my greatest talent, lol
    love Jan,xx

  4. Love this Meredith, teasing does lead to all sorts of fun, we both love to tease. I agree with you on the built in sensor, mine seems to work 'most' of the time lol


  5. I am a huge mischief maker.... And I don't always know the line, or I step across it on purpose! ;)

  6. Mischievous Meredith Makes Merry Mischief!
    I'm shy of crossing that line myself. But sometimes, I can't help myself...

  7. I like to push the boundaries sometimes. That is why Ty calls me Stinkerbell. Lately, as we have been playing, he says I am more of a brat then a sub sometimes. I like having fun......

  8. Sometimes I know when to stop and sometimes I just can't help myself. We tease, play and have fun but I sure know that tone that stops it all before it goes too far and someone like me ends up bottoms up!
    A great question Meredith!

  9. We both love to tease and the end result is so much fun. Until I poke a bit too much, then get more than I bargain for. Great question Meredith.
    Hugs Lindy

  10. Knowing where the line is took a bit of learning. I am more aware now but when having fun can still push it.

  11. Very good post MMM. Life would be boring without mischief. I defy any dominant to describe how they don't enjoy a playful, mischievous submissive.

  12. I love these pictures! Lol. Ah, mischief...I believe you and I share a middle name! I just can't seem to help myself. He says he can tell I'm up to something by looking in my eyes. Apparently my smile gives me away too!!

  13. Love the quotes Mere! I've always been more on the naughty/mischievous much more fun! ;) Just remember, those two hands can be used for playing bongos on your bum if you get too mischievous. LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat