Friday, December 4, 2015

It's The Little Things

I remember the first time I saw this photo and poem. It so spoke to me. Jack and I were so young when we met. He wore his letterman's jacket and I wore my beautiful wool Bermuda shorts with knee socks and loafers. That was the style back then and we fit right in. He held my hand and off we went. I had myself my very first boy friend. I knew immediately that he would be my only boy friend. We fell in love and never looked back!

So here we are many years from the letterman jacket and those wool Bermudas and knee socks. Where are we? I can tell you where we are! We are in the land of small, little things. Jack says it is the little things that smooth things out. He says it is the little things that matter most. He says it is the little things that cause the problems and result in spankings. I am not kidding here. He has a way of making me see the importance of the "little things", both the good and bad.

The little things .......... good things:

my smile and his wink from across a crowded room of people
his hand on the back of my head as he brings me in for a kiss
taking my hand even when he knows I am not happy with him
snuggling under the covers before sleep
his happy eyes lighting up when he see me
giving thanks for the smooth day
enjoying wine before dinner
enjoying coffee together in the morning
sunshine which means Jack is happy on the golf course

The little things that lead to trouble:

giving driving directions as if he doesn't know how to get to the places we go to all the time
the sharpness in my voice
the grumpy look on my face
water left around my bathroom sink by me that annoys my husband
putting clothes, my clothes to be exact, on the sitting stool in our closet
accidentally throwing out any and all portions of Jack's drink left on the kitchen counter
pulling away from his touch
making huffy noises after he has made a decision that I do not like
Not cleaning up as I cook (but I do that)
always keeping an active score card
too long in blogland
rolling my eyes when I am trying not to
checking phone while in the car with Jack
putting away laundry in a timely fashion

So in keeping with the little things, tell us what are the little things that give happiness or trouble in your marriage.

Thanks, L.



  1. Mere,,you indeed are on a roll, : - )


  2. You're right. It really is the little things ... the wonderful little things and the troublesome ones. It's all those little things we'll miss when one of us is gone, the little things that we take for granted, the little things that annoy us or make us smile. (sorry, don't mean to seem morose or morbid) Love the pic, the poem and your lists.

  3. Beautifully stated, as always. G

  4. You are right is the little things that will make or break most relationships. I'm sure your good things list is longer and growing longer every day. Love the picture and the poem...thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. loved both the picture and poem. It is the little things we do for each other every day that adds up to being happy. Some people tend to look for the BIG things to make them happy and overlook the little things along the way. thanks Meredith.
    Hugs Lindy

  6. So true about the little things, the important ways we show respect and consideration in our marriage each day.
    A good little thing here: the greeting after being away from each other all day. It's just that little acknowledgement that we are so happy to see one another.
    A not so good little thing: me mumbling under my breath after we've finished discussing something.
    Another great post Meredith, I love the picture and poem.

  7. I say yes to that, too. It is the coming home and being so glad to see each other. Sam will stop me before I ever get my coat off to kiss me and tell me how nice it is to look forward to that all day.

    It is him coming into the room and pushing me up against the wall for long slow kisses.

    I love what you have written here, Meredith. I think you may have inspired my next post, my friend.


  8. This certainly gives reason to stop and think about those little things. I love that hubby is always bright and cheerful. See's the best in all situations. Always on the lookout for me and handles the hard stuff. I love when I am emotional and he feels my pain and yet can calm the storms of life. The way he tells me I am beautiful even though we have both aged much.
    The not so good signs... the look, being told to stop bring bossy, do not move his things, not listening, being sassy, not backing down, pitching a fit when I feel like I am not being heard. Walking away in a discussion. There are sadly many more that now... he has a most definate solution for which in all cases is not pleasant for me but corrects and solves the problems.

  9. Ah, the little things. They truly are so important. I love that when I come home there is always a kiss for me. I love how he smells...isn't that odd? He always just smelled...right. And sexy. Lol. And yes, it's the little things - like the messy state of my closet or not putting clothes away - that get me in trouble!