Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Did Ramona Grow Up To Be A Ttwd Wife?


Could Ramona ever grown up to be a submissive ttwd wife ?

A childhood without great books is a childhood to do over. Ramona was an important protagonist when I was growing up. As I look back,  I am thankful for this little girl with so much spunk! She represented everygirl. She wanted to be heard and she wanted a voice in the things that were important to her.

As a young reader, I wrote to Ms. Cleary several times. She always answered my letters. I read all the Ramona books, but especially enjoyed reading about Ramona and her kindergarten experience. When I wrote Ms. Cleary, I asked her to keep writing about my favorite literary character. I treasure her letters. When I googled Ms. Cleary, I found that she is still very much alive. She is 99 years old.

I would love to ask her opinion as to whether she thinks Ramona would be a ttwd wife. This young fictitious girl was full of spunk and vinegar. She stood up to all who crossed her path. From Howie to Henry Huggins to big sister Beezus, she stood her ground. There would be little peace in her home today. She would never realize Jack's peace.

Here are a few of things I think you need to know about her:

* Ramona drops out of kindergarten.

* She does not get along with Howie at all.

*  She never gets to be the wake-up fairy and voices her displeasure.

*  She adores Henry Huggins who finds her annoying.

*  She pulls Susan's hair repeatedly even when told not to.

*  She named her doll Chevrolet.

There is lots of good things about Ramona as well. Plus she is always redeeming.

*  She loves her teacher, Ms. Binney.

* Her "engagement ring" is a pink worm from the playground .

* She informs Henry that she will marry him.

*  She does return to complete kindergarten.

Now if you do not know Ms. Cleary's Ramona The Pest, I give you leave to read it. The library has copies and the cost of a paperback is small for such an entertaining book. Let me know if you are game.

Then we could have a discussion about whether Ramona would grow up to be a ttwd wife. So who wants to join me in a digital round table discussion about the incredible Ms. Quimby.  All this provides great food for thought. Let me know in the comments if you are willing to do a discussion. 



  1. I was a voracious reader as a child but I don't think Ramona crossed the pond. She sounds a real character. We had Milly Molly Mandy and The Famous Five. Enjoy your debate - not the average book club discussion!


  2. Oh, I LOVED Ramona!!! I can't believe Beverly Cleary is 99 - that is incredible. I read so many of her books. Other than Ramona, my favorites were Superfudge and Henry and Ribsy. I fully feel she inspired the Junie B Jones series that my daughter read.
    As to a ttwd wife? I don't know if she would become one, but I think her husband would agree with the lifestyle! Lol. It's a good possibility she would end up asking for it later in life. I feel she would have had to been the one to ask...she never would have taken to it if she was told that's how it would be. What do you think?

  3. Hi Meredith, I don't know the books (yet), but would love to read them, because Ramona sounds like a fun character. Besides, I am looking for strong girl characters for my little one, so that she can learn a little more when she is old enough for these stories.



  4. I haven't thought about these books in years...and it is hard to believe Ms. Cleary is 99. Wow! Maggie is onto something with Ramona having to ask for TTWD, LOL! However, behind that big personality was a big heart, and maybe one a little bit submissive.


  5. I loved Ramona and read the books to my younger daughter. I'm in on a discussion :)

  6. LOL Mere...Ramona was never really one of my favorite characters so really can't see her as a ttwd wife. I don't enjoy book clubs so won't be participating but looking forward to what the rest of you decide. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  7. I think it's possible that Ramona could have mellowed over the years and especially if she found the right guy. He would have to be some HOH to handle her. Sometimes the more independent and strong willed you are in public means the desire to be cared for at home is equally as strong. I say it's possible.

  8. Haven't heard of Ramona over here. So I won't be able to comment but will be interested to read everyone else's.
    Hugs Lindy

  9. When I was still teaching, Ramona the Pest was a favorite when we got to novel studies. I would choose the novels and form the groups according to reading level and interest. One of my favorite students was a little girl named Mary who ever after called herself Ramona. She always wore 2 different socks. She was as lovable and quirky as the character in the book.


  10. I'm in! Loved the Ramona books and always loved that Beverly Cleary is an Oregonian. :-) ~Jennifer

  11. I loved the Ramona books. Also Amelia Bedelia was an all time favorite. Shel Silverstein's Light in the Attic is still on my book shelf. I love that you remember her.

  12. Oh I just had to stop by to comment. I too loved all of the Ramona books, I've got them in hardbacks! I am so impressed that you wrote to Beverly and she responded! That is amazing!! The drawings you posted are also some of my favorite. I do not care for the newer versions.
    I also had the Henry Huggins books and loved the one about Ellen Tebbits!

  13. I forgot to say I'd love a discussion!