Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cool Your Jets, Mere

The great thing about the internet is that now you can be anywhere in the world and only those you tell will know you are away! 

We are away right now in a warm, sunny place escaping the dreary weather back home. I could post palm trees, sailboats and fancy umbrella drinks, but this photo really sums up a little of our time here in paradise. Jack has said three times during our stay that I need cool my jets. 

Take me out of our home, and I step right out of my pre-ttwd role. At dinner last night, I took charge of telling the waiter things regarding our dinner. Jack stared at me as I took charge. Then I realized what I had done. I sat back, looked at him and apologized. He smiled and shook his head. He said I was way too bossy and he wanted his Meredith back right now. I was to cool my jets. 

We ended up laughing over it all, but things have a way of festering when not taken care of immediately. Jack said that the only thing keeping me from a spanking was that we were not home. 

As we ate dinner, I thought about how far I have come in my ttwd role and how quickly I slip back into my former role when we are away from home. I was really shook that I did what I did. Jack's comment on the way back from dinner is that he needed to do a big RA, but it would need to wait until we were home.

So I need some advice here. What are the things you tell yourself that keeps you focused on your role at a submissive wife who pleases her Hoh when you are away. Tell me what you are thinking when the two of you are out in the big world.


  1. That is a good question, Mere. It is much harder when we are not at home or with lots of company visiting. For me, what helps is that I recognize so much more quickly how I sound. I will usually squeeze Sam's hand or reach across the table for him to touch my hand. I smile and lower my eyes. If it is possible, I will also whisper to him that what I just said sounded "bossy." He will nod or somehow acknowledge that my words were not submissive.

    Sometimes that is all it will take for me to get back on track. Other times, there will be a reminder later that involves a paddle.


  2. Hi Meredith, I haven't got any advice for you, just a bit of sympathy. I am not a great holiday maker, would rather be at home. I asked hubby and he said I wasn't any different, just a bit more clingy cos I am usually wanting too get home again! Hope you have a lovely time and the RA is not too bad
    love Jan,xx

  3. Haven't a clue! I'll come back later to pick up some tips.


  4. Too new for any advice since we are still pretty clueless but want you to know I am here and learning from you both. I can say that it's obvious you love each other and respect one another. It's a beautiful thing to see in the world today.

  5. Clueless, find it easier when we are away. Except if I'm navigating then I forget. Anna x

  6. Hi Meredith, I think it is pretty easy to be carried away outside the everyday routine, but have no advice to offer (sorry). Maybe holidays are just too different and it takes a while to get used to the new situation? Wishing you a wonderful time away from home.



  7. I struggle with this as well when we are away. Apart from the warnings he's so very good at giving and the follow up he's equally good at giving should I not listen the first time, I really just take his hand and try to remember to follow because I love him so deeply. Keeping that in mind helps. It doesn't always work but I make the effort. Good Luck Meredith and enjoy your time away.

  8. Hey Mere...I was never with anyone who had an issue with spanking away from home so this wasn't too much of a problem for me. ;) I will say...when you feel yourself beginning to behave pre-ttwd, stop...and ask yourself if this is really what you want. Bottom line...if you choose to misbehave, no amount of spanking will actually change your behavior. You can do it...have faith in you!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  9. Sorry Meredith I don't have any advice. When I'm amongst certain company my mouth gets the better of me. Bear tries to warn me but sometimes I don't notice his signals.
    If you find the answer let us all know.
    Hugs Lindy

  10. Oh I wish I could help! I find that I get a little bossy (or a lot) when we are on a trip. I'm not sure why...perhaps because I'm used to getting my kids to mind me when we are out and I somehow add him into that bunch? Never a good thing to do!!

    I am with Ella though. I usually hear myself and lower my eyes to apologize for how snarky I've sounded. Then I try to be really good after that. lol

  11. I think of how much prouder and taller he stands when he knows that I support his leadership. Hope that helps. SSB