Saturday, November 21, 2015

Two Sides But Only One Up

For those of you that remember sweet Stormy and her Ogre, sometimes she would post a He Said/She Said post and boy howdy, were those posts funny. Jack and I often have those kinds of conversations, but you must be ready to write them down or they are forgotten. After yesterday's series of such conversations, I managed to write just a few of them down. Thank you, Stormy, for this post idea. 

Me: I have two sides, you know. 

Jack: The good girl side and the ....................

Me: The naughty side!

Jack: Oh, that is the side that is up when you are over the bed, bare and ready!

Jack: Mere, there is a fine line between being saucy and being sassy. One of those is spankable.

Me: A fine line? How will I know when the line is crossed?

Jack: Oh, Mere, you will know without a doubt.

Jack: I think you need some attention to your backside.

Me: Wait, I want to be heard.

Jack: Oh, we will hear you. Don't worry!

Jack: (standing just outside the closet, grinning at me)

Me: I want to go in the closet and I don't want to be spanked in there.

Jack: I don't think you have a say in what happens in the closet.

Me: I just want to go in quickly.

Jack: You will come out quickly on the other side. A spanking doesn't take long.

Me: I am cold.

Jack: Come here and I will warm the part of you that needs it most.

Me: (laughing) No!

Jack: Yes, come here, Mere.

Tell me that you remember sweet Ramona Quimby. Those Beverly Cleary books are truly classics. I read them and know them well. In  the books documenting Ramona's growing up, she is never spanked, but she comes close. Her father says in regard to one of her episodes that the first time something happens it is funny and the second time it happens, it's a spanking. In regard to teasing around here, that is Jack's rule. My teasing him is funny the first time. The second time things get serious and the eyebrows go up. If there is a third time, ................... well, enough about all this joking and kidding and teasing. I still love Ramona. A hardback copy of  Ramona The Pest sits on my shelf of favorite books.

Do you know Ramona?

What about teasing at your house?



  1. Mere,,love this post,,,cute, : - )


  2. The teasing is the best part. I love how hard we get laughing from those times. I can laugh until there are tears in my eyes, and Sam will try to remain stoic but usually can't. You are right, though, about there being a "fine line" that is better not to cross.

    The spankings that happen with teasing are my favorites. I am laughing so much that it is hard to say, "Yessir!" which is what Sam always wants to hear. Maybe we need to think of a new name for that kind of spanking. Remember the "Push Me Pull You" in Dr. Doolittle, something like that. Teasing is really just a game we love to play. Teasing often leads to bedroom games, too.

    Ella Smiling

  3. Cute He Said/She Said and Jack crack me up. I teased with my ex and with Matthew but learned very quickly where that line was...sometimes danced on the line but tried very hard not to go over as that resulted in a painful tushie. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. I love Ramona Quimby! Thank you for that little reminder!

    And I love to tease The Big Guy! This can get me in trouble occasionally. But, it's just too fun to not do it!

  5. Loved hearing all about the teasing. That is the fun side of this thing we do. Knowing though where that line is can be dicey sometimes and then things look oh so different that's for sure.

  6. We play a lot here, it's fun to do and I think there should be a little bit of it in every relationship, but if the teasing becomes too much he is very quick to set us straight again.
    I love Ramona Quimby and another favourite is Junie B. Jones. Both of these girls have had me in stitches over the years. It's so fun to remember them. Thanks Meredith.

  7. Loved reading your He says/ She says Meredith. It is always fun to tease but yes you do have to know where the line is and sometimes I get carried away and push just that little bit too much.
    Hugs Lindy

  8. Hi Meredith, cute post! We have a lot of those he said, she said chats too. Never heard of that book though
    love Jan,xx

  9. Hi Meredith, cute he said/she said. Some of this sounds so familiar, it could have been said between hubby and me. :) I haven't read the Ramona books (yet), but looked them up and they sound great. Learned something.



  10. It would seem it happens in all households, play is good usually. Teasing conversations loads, always loose the one about who is following who up the stairs, does improve speed and agility. Like Jan not heard of the book. Anna x

  11. Hi Meredith, :)

    I LOVED all of the Beverly Clearly books growing up. Ramona The Pest was a classic and a favourite of mine. At one point I remember that they made a tv show series that was fun to watch.

    I LOVED your little interchanges here. We have lots of these as well, and you are right- you have to scribble them down or they are easily forgotten. I use my phone notes app a LOT around here! My mind is like a sieve these days...!

    You two are very cute with your spanky ways! LOVED reading these. The one where you tell Jack that you just want to go into the closet quickly had me LOLing! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie