Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Baby, The Bath Water And Other Random TTWD Thoughts

Have you ever used that old saying........... Don't throw the baby out with the baby water! I suppose these things do happen in blog land............ baby and bath water tossed right out! I just did not think it would happen to me. I know this sounds cryptic, but it feels wonderful to just write that much. Throwing out everything, rather than keeping what is important is hurtful and great loss is felt. I have learned to move on and am so happy with that decision. Enough! I have moved on.

I love one blogger's idea to write a note to her grown children. This note tells them that all the implements found when she and her husband are gone were used in fun. It does explain things sweetly even though we all know that sometimes sweetness was far from our hohs' minds.

We are now two and a half years in doing ttwd. With the passage of time, ttwd is how we live. Jack is leading and I am following, stumbling once in a while, but keeping in mind that he wants a peaceful home and the peace begins really with me.

I have had the good fortune of making some awesome friends and we exchange emails frequently. I love them and appreciate their friendships.

There are fewer bloggers writing and the ones who used to be here are gone. I do think that is the fate of all blogs eventually even this one!

I never read my old posts and think it's funny when someone new tells me that they have started at the beginning reading each and every post.  I thank them and think that is a lot of reading!

Jack and I sure have fun with ttwd now that we are really working together to achieve his blessed peace. Yes, I stumble, but I am quick to lean in again.

The intimacy Jack and I experience is the very best thing about our marriage and the rekindling of us by ttwd is wonderful............... most of the time!

We have been married longer than most here. Since beginning ttwd, I love leaning into Jack as he makes decisions for us. Really, I do. Giving up the weight of making the big decisions is great. Now we talk things over. Of course! The weight lifted from me is so freeing. It did take a while to give up control and those first few months, years could be rough............ 

I email Stormy occasionally. She has the ability to make me laugh out loud over things that are not funny at all. 

I enjoyed LOL 10 because many readers emailed and we are having interesting conversation. 

Jack and I call one another Jack and Mere all the live long day. We do this when we are alone, but when we are with others, we call one another our real names. We never switch them up. So funny!

Do you know this tumblr site? Great photos and more! This is fun!



  1. Mere one thing,,if I had to remember 2 names I would be in trouble,,heh heh,, : - )


  2. Many good things that have come from living ttwd you have listed in this post. In a way you've summed things up quite nicely. I hope you continue to enjoy that wonderful peace that you and Jack share, it truly is a treasure. And thank you for that delicious tumblr site!

  3. Lol! It never occurred to me that these weren't your names. Newbie that I am. In any case, I appreciate your offer to email you and I'm glad I did even if I did panic about it after I sent it. You are very kind and open and your blog is very helpful. Honestly it is!

  4. Hi Meredith,
    TTWD can be a wonderful , life changing decision. Like you it has brought great harmony to our household and ultimately our lives. Aren't nicknames great...we are always Grumpski and Mumski

  5. Lovely post Mere...if a bit cryptic. My youngest son and I have a deal...he will delete all the files in a particular folder on my computer and trash everything in a particular questions asked and I will delete everything in a particular folder on his computer also. His wife thinks we're nuts but we understand each other. ;) Take care of each other.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  6. Lovely post Mere and so glad TTWD has rekindled your intimacy. it is certainly good for that. Nice to hear other bloggers use nicknames also, makes me feel like a fraud hiding behind a pseudonym.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lindy

  7. I enjoy how you two approach this thing we do. It's funny but my Scotsman never refers to me by my blog name. However he loves that I call him my Scotsman... It's a very real name for him!

  8. Hi Mere, writing a note to the grown up kids is a great idea. TTWD has been a wonderful experience for us as well; this much intimacy and the trust between us is something that I do not believe we would have without TTWD. It brings lovers closer together than anything else I know, because they really talk and get a deeper understanding of each other('s needs), I think. Somehow, the need-thingy is maybe one big reason why we end up with a red bum at times. :)
    I am happy that you have this awesome love for each other and such a lovely way of being together. Loved your random thoughts!



  9. After all the excitement of LOL days, I really enjoyed this quiet, thoughtful post. And yes, I was one of those that read every last one of your posts before I ever made a peep. They filled me up and inspired me.

    All of us can remember at least one teacher from our youth that really made a difference to us. As far as ttwd, that teacher would be you. It makes me smile to hear you talk about how happy you and Jack are. I get the same feeling when Minelle talks about her Scotsman or Ami talks about her Dan and on and on.

    Ni Na's words above are just beautiful. The intimacy that ttwd brings to Sam and I is a constant wonder to me.


  10. Nice post Meredith, it is lovely how ttwd has enhanced all our lives.
    love Jan,xx

  11. Meredith, I'm so glad you're still blogging. Though if/when you stop, we will always be friends. Oh yes, ttwd has a way of rekindling those passions. I do hope that Stormy and Ogre are doing well.

  12. Mere, as always I love your post. TTWD has made life so much better all the way around, even when we are struggling with it. Thank you for remaining in blog land. And I hope that we are always friends!