Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Let's Send Our Love To Katie

Dear Blog Friends,

We all love reading the blog This Whole Thing. Katie has a way of describing her love of Rob and the way things work at her house in an easy, funny way that we all enjoy and appreciate.

Our sweet Katie is in the hospital and she needs some cheering up and she needs it now! Think lots of ongoing tests, horrible hospital gowns, warm blankets and clear liquid diets! No fun at all!

She really needs some sunshine from us. I thought we could all send her encouragement in the way of jokes, photos, uplifting stories and get well messages. She is not able to answer emails right now. She did tell me that she will let you all know how she is doing once she feels a little better.

I know she would like to hear from you. Send her something to make her smile. Send her something to make her laugh. Let's keep her spirits high.

Her email is robskatie@gmail.com

Thanks, L


  1. Mere,,that is so very sweet of you,,I could send her some photos.


  2. Poor Katie, I hope she will be well soon. I'll send a message as soon as I can. Mere, thank you for telling us.



  3. Tried some.... But I'm thinking more!

  4. Thanks for posting Mere...will send her some giggles.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Hi Meredith, thank you for posting this, very sweet of you. My thoughts are with Katie and I hope she is feeling better and back home soon. I will send her something.


  6. Poor Katie, will definitely send her something. Thanks Meredith for letting us all know.
    Hugs Lindy

  7. I back you up completely with this lovely thought, Mere. I spoke with her the other day, and she SOOOOO needs some cheering up from all of us. I'm on to it too.


  8. Thank you Meredith! THis was such a sweet post!!! Everyone's notes, and pics and all of it, helped more than words can say. I am grateful! Lots of love to all,

    <3 Katie