Monday, November 16, 2015

From Airport To Over Jack's Knee

I have been away for a few days seeing friends and enjoying some of my favorite places and people. I do love being independent and carefree from all responsibilities. I did miss Jack very much, but I was coming home before the weekend. The plane ride was a long one so I thought I would make some lists of things that needed doing as the calendar approaches the holidays. Soon we were landing and I was in his arms with lots of kisses. Then things got dicey in a heartbeat. 

We drove through heavy traffic, but with ease. I began sharing my "to do " list with Jack enumerating all the things there were to do. At one point, he held up his hand and told me to stop. I did not take the hint and kept going telling him things he needed to do too. Not good! 

He told me twice that he wanted his sweet, calm Meredith, but I was on a roll. He told me I was barking and he told me I was bossy and sassy. I kept going ignoring his request to quiet down. We were getting close to home and all of a sudden, Jack spanked my thigh and told me not to say another word. I know that look and I know that spank. It has been a long time since a spanking and I tried to quiet down, but no such luck. We had been headed for trouble ever since that first hug at curbside at the airport. 

Jack pulled the car into the garage and told me to go upstairs. I gave him a big sigh and knew I was in trouble. I told him I wanted to talk. He said that I had done enough talking. He pointed upstairs and I knew I was in for it. 

When he walked into the bedroom, I still had on my jacket. He told me to take off my pants and no stalling. This was happening. He got the paddle out of his drawer and turned to face me. My pants were on the floor and the paddle was in his hand. He stood close and put his hand on my head  pulling me close. He quietly said that we did not have time for getting back on track slowly. We would be getting back on track right now. He sat down and put me between his legs. I still had my jacket on, but he did not notice. I knew better than to try to ask him not to spank. He put me over his knee and pulled down my panties and got to work on my bottom. I could not hold still and he held me tight. Finally he brought me up and told me that he needed me calm. Did I understand? I was very teary eyed and I kept nodding my head, not wanting any more of that paddle. We talked about how things had gone wrong and what I needed to do to make things right. If I couldn't make things right, we would be right back here. Back over I went for Jack's famous "finishing up".

He helped me off with my jacket and I headed for the shower checking my bottom in the mirror. Really, it has been a while since that kind of a spanking and I do not want a repeat any time soon. 

Let me tell you something. When it is time for a spanking, your whole world shrinks to your bottom, his paddle and the desire to just get through this. Hindsight, I had acted horribly. I did not listen to what Jack wanted. I wanted control and in my heart of hearts, I do know that he has the control. It is very hard for me to make transitions after being away, but I know Jack will be there whether I like it or not. In the car ride home, I knew to get quiet. I just could not seem to do it. I had an agenda and I completely ignored what Jack wanted from me. It has been a while since that kind of spanking. I really did not want to share it, but you do need to know. I do not like putting it out there. Sometimes there is no other way to get peace back into our home and sharing is the way to help get back on track. Right?

We spanked women talk about the afterglow from a spanking like this one. I feel loved and bright eyed when I look at Jack. However my bottom is on fire still. 

I do sometimes stumble and revert back to the old ways. I do not like the way things used to be with the continual struggle for control. It never felt good.

I thought about the way I came off that plane barking, sassy and ornery. Jack saw immediately what I needed and made it happen. We are back to calm and the peace has been restored. There is peace and calm in our home and a wife with a mighty sore bottom.

So how is the peace at your house?



  1. Oh Meredith, what a homecoming! I suppose it was inevitable, all the time away often gives us that feeling of independence and then it is hard to revert back straightaway to the sweet submissive wife. Hope you are feeling okay now
    love Jan,xx

  2. Hi Mere, I am sorry that you had this as a start for your time together, and I do get you on the part that you don't want a repeat anytime soon. However, I love what you wrote about the change, how it helped so much to restore peace and calm, and I am with you on how being in control can feel wrong; after all this is about how two lovers come closest. I am glad that Jack saw what was going on immediately, and this situation sounded pretty familiar to what I once had with hubby after he returned from a trip. The result on my bum was probably similar to what yours got. :) And this memory is something that makes me smile now, because this restored peace rather quickly and it just made me feel so much better because I felt cared for. So, even though this sort of spanking is not awesome when it happens, it is something I am glad we have in these moments, and in addition to all else we are so much closer again afterwards. :)



  3. Poor Mere,,,hope your botom is feeling better.


  4. Well, happy homecoming! Wow - that happened mighty quickly, didn't it? It's funny how being away can make a person a tad sassy upon return. So sorry your bum paid for it...but then again it does make you feel centered again.

  5. And this is why we do ttwd. The benefits always outweigh the sore bottom. It's so tricky coming home after being away but thank goodness that man of yours knows how to make that transition seamless. Although not easy, there is a lot to be grateful for here.

  6. Sounds like your man is right on top of things. I'm happy for both of you.

  7. Oh good gravy Mere! I would ask what you were thinking but it's obvious that you weren't. ;) Happy that Jack got you back in line quickly...if a tad bit painfully. Hope you don't receive any more of those any time soon.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  8. That's why this works so well for us too. He always has your back. :)

  9. That was a mighty instant re-entry, Meredith. I'm not sure whether to be sorry or to be glad, so I'll be both. Peace in our house is dicey with busy schedules and busy kids. Today, K said, "It will be this way." And even though I disagreed, I'm glad I ended up going along with it. This lifestyle has changed us both. A sore bottom is better than those sad and disgruntled feelings we've all experienced after a huge fight.
    I'm so glad that peace is restored at Jack and Meredith's.

  10. What a home coming. Your Jack knows how to take care of you and make things calm again. Hope you can sit easier soon.
    Hugs Lindy

  11. Hi Meredith, ugh, the transition after being away is hard. I'm sorry this happened, ouch! but glad peace has been restored.


  12. I have done this same thing even when we are both away and returning home. We need to do this and we need to do that.......... Vacation is over, so let's get busy!
    Perhaps there should be a new type of spanking named just for coming back home. Before we even empty the truck or unpack a suitcase, let's press that reset button and pull out the paddle. I did appreciate your "whole world shrinks to your bottom and the paddle."


  13. I don't care to admit to the fact, but Dan rarely lets me go away alone. Sigh. It is a thing of long standing. He is very protective. I quite understand how easy it is to get "above" yourself. It happens in the best of households. Don't ask me why.

    I do agree about only being able to focus on your bottom when a spanking of that calibre is taking place. It's hideous! I also get the very same hard, sudden spank to the thigh! Funny, but it seems to hurt for far longer than when my bottom is spanked.

    Hope stuff is now back to normal?


  14. Thanks for sharing. It's so hard to explain that after glow, but it is so true.

  15. Being apart totally changes the dynamic and then it's hard to settle back into the "side-kick" role! I have a terrible time when my husband is gone for 6 weeks and then comes back!!

  16. Ouch, sore bottom. Lesson learned, maybe?

  17. No matter how difficult, I so appreciate your honesty here. I am not sure what it is. Kind of like a tea kettle just waiting to blow steam. When I get on a roll even though I know better and am quite familiar with the consequences, sometimes I just can't stop myself from pushing through my own agenda. There is a heavy and sore price to pay for that behavior. Jack has this and he has you. He is not one to shy away from what needs to be done to restore the balance for you two. You are blessed and loved by a wonderful man. As you sit on your sore bottom, reflect on that and all will be right once again.

  18. I recognize youths mode you were in. My ex called it my steam roller mode. I'd mow over his thoughts needs and feelings because I'd get it into my head what had to be done when and how. I had my list in my head. Too bad Manny never understood what that hairbrush I gave him was for. Our fight for control sadly led us to the divorce courts after 32 years of marriage.