Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keeping The Romance Alive

Do your eyes light up when he walks in the room?

I can honestly say that my eyes do light up when Jack walks in the room. We met a long time ago when we just 17. So how do we keep the love alive? How do we rekindle the flame? Yes, sometimes a paddle is involved, but mostly we have always found that love is in the doing. Jack has gifted me with lovely jewelry, but that is not what keeps things aflame. I am a firm believer in showing love by doing. It is in the doing for one another that shows our love.

So I have made a little list of the things I do for Jack:

  • always take his hand
  • fold his laundry
  • change the bed linens often because we love the feel of clean sheets
  • spray the sheets with linen spray........ oh, the fragrant scent! 
  • say yes when he invites me to play golf even though I am terrible
  • text him sexy, sassy notes 
  • learned all the rules of football 
  • set the DVR for all his favorite shows
  • he usually cooks dinner, but I am right there prepping 
  • put my hand on his leg when we are riding in the car
  • actively listen to what he is saying
  • try very hard not to interrupt (this is a hard one for me)
  • put him first in my thoughts and actions
  • iron his golf shirts and shorts
  • wear his favorite scent
  • my eyes do light up when I see him enter a room even after all these years

So here are some of the things Jack does for me:

  • brings me frothy coffee each morning
  • puts gas in my car
  • gives me roadside spankings along a country road in wine country 
  • packs a little ice chest with cold drinks when we go on a road trip
  • always takes me to my favorite restaurants when we are traveling
  • admires my lingerie even if he is undressing me before spanking
  • insists on opening my car door 
  • brings me flowers for no reason at all
  • he knows when I am on the edge of not feeling myself and he knows that it is time to spank.......... to bring me back to him! 
  • his eyes do light up when he sees me enter a room after all these years

Our lists could go on and on. What are the things you do to keep the flame alive in your marriage?

We actively choose to engage with one another. We have a  glass of wine before dinner. We talk about our day when the day is over. We tell one another the things we are worried about. We constantly touch one another. 

We flirt with one another, teasing and touching. We make one another laugh and laughing is the best thing to do to keep the flame kindled.

The thing is since starting ttwd, our love life and life in general are so much better than before. We rediscovered ourselves in one another at a time when many marriages begin to break apart. Ttwd entered our lives at just the right time in every way. We work hard to please one another and it works! 

Your turn to share! 

Thank you for the great topic idea, Portia
Thank you, L.



  1. What a beautiful post Mere. For TTWD to be successful, the must be tons of very open and detailed communication which forces you to actively listen to what your partner is saying. It also requires that you really focus on your partners actions to know what it is they require. You two definitely put in the work that is required for a successful marriage...even if TTWD was not involved. Congratulations...job well far. ;) Don't get lazy! LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. So lovely Meredithm Meredith, this made me smile :) It's about making time for each other, listening to each other and understanding what things are important to your partner.


  3. What a lovely post Meredith. You can see by this how much you both love and care for each other, wonderful. We do little things for each other to show we care. Bear opens doors me, holds my hand when we walk. We also have our date night (at home) on Saturdays where we devote the whole night to each other without interruptions from phones and internet. Always nice to reconnect that t if too busy during the week. TTWD sure brings you closer in many ways.
    Hugs Lindy

  4. Love your explanation of rediscovering each other! That is the best part of ttwd.

    We have favorite times that mean the world to us now. When I get home from work we share at least an hour just talking and touching. I love to sit and laugh and then have Sam pull me up on his lap. He loves to tell me that I am beautiful, and I love to hear that he thinks so.

    Later it is spooning that makes me fall asleep with a big smile on my face. Sometimes I think that ttwd is really magic. How can this be me who is so happy I could just burst?

    Great post, Meredith. Thank you. Ella

  5. Hi Meredith, this is such a lovely post. I enjoyed the lists you had in it, because I found so many things we also do here. The one about not interrupting made me giggle, because this is sooo difficult at times. I agree so much with what you wrote about ttwd, it is something that has such a positive influence on us too. I love how your love for Jack shines through in this entry. Thank you for sharing.



  6. Such a lovely post, Mere. Since starting ttwd I think we have both made more of an effort to be kind to each other, engage each other, and just enjoy ourselves and laugh. It's such an amazing thing that we do...and we can't believe it's something we got away from. Our newlywed selves probably thought we would be like that forever! I'm so glad we found ttwd - it's brought us back to who we truly are as a couple.

  7. Hi Meredith, lovely post, we do pretty much most of those things, except the golf!
    love Jan,xx

  8. Great topic, Meredith! (and Portia!) Lots of listening and staying emotionally connected over here - being flexible to help fill in gaps when needs arise - making special foods for one another - coming up with ideas for spontaneous fun. The ttwd keeps the connection so much stronger, and leads to having more and more desire to show our it. ~Jennifer

  9. I love this post and all the wonderful ways you show each other everyday how important you are to one another. It both warms and fills my heart to know others are so happy embracing ttwd. It's a magical secret few of us share. This makes me smile.

  10. You are SUCH a pair of romantics! How lovely!