Saturday, August 29, 2015

Two Hundred Posts!

It really is hard to believe. Two hundred posts right here on my ttwd blog! Jack and I believe in celebrating this ttwd life of ours. We are the happiest we have ever been. Life just keeps getting better. We are not this young and I would love a gown like that, but I am way too short. Jack has gifted me with a Tiffany box with its white ribbon like that one. This photo was too wonderful not to share. 

There is symbolism in this photo. The couple is sitting at the end of the dock. To reach the end, they had to walk on those planks......... uneven, rickety, splinter-infested, unstable, weathered. The unsteady dock becomes a symbol of marriage......... or am I reaching too far here? This couple has worked their way to the end of the dock, secure in their love. Now they enjoy what is ahead of them knowing what they have endured while getting to that destination. They made their way together relying on their love for one another. They supported one another to get to the end of the dock to enjoy what is up ahead. 

I love a great analogy.

Thank you, readers! If you did not comment or email, I would have stopped blogging long ago. If you keep commenting and emailing, I will keep writing. I sincerely thank you!

Thank you, L.



  1. Mere and Jack Congratulations on your 200th posting,,this is so classy,,just like you. : - )


  2. Wow, 200! Awesome! Thanks for sharing your journey, Meredith. ~Jennifer

  3. Congratulations! I love the analogy too and the lovely pictures!

  4. Oh, Mere. Your posts just get more beautiful every time. You could to wear that dress, if it only went to your knees. It would be beautiful on you. Jack would think so, we know.

    Happy Day to You

  5. So beautiful, love that analogy! Congrats on 200!!

  6. Congratulations on your 200! beautiful analogy.

  7. Congratulations! Very nice post and pictures
    love Jan,xx

  8. Hi Meredith, congratulations on 200 posts, that's awesome! This is a lovely post and I think the analogy is a good one, after all it is not always smooth and stable in a marriage. Loved the pictures.



  9. Meredith,
    My wife and I are looking forward to 200 more!

  10. Congratulations on two hundred posts Mere! Looking forward to many more. Love the pics and the analogy.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  11. Congratulations to you, Meredith, and congratulations to you and Jack in this part of your marriage.

  12. Congratulations on 200 posts Meredith. I always enjoy visiting :)

    Beautiful post and love the pics and analogy.


  13. Wow 200 posts! Congratulations! That is quite a feat.
    I for one am grateful you have continued writing, I love reading your posts and look forward to them each and every time. Thank you.

  14. Congratulations. :Looking forward to 200 more

  15. That is an awful lot of writing my friend.
    Thank you for being here for so many of us. You have inspired, guided and comforted so many of us with your pen. Thank you for giving so much to so many.
    While I hope you keep blogging, I pray you do what is in your heart.
    With much love, hugs and prayers

  16. Congratulations Meredith and Jack on reaching 200 blogs. Hope to be reading another 200+. You inspire us all and love the analogies in this blog.
    Lindy x

  17. We are an "older" couple just starting out and your blog is very very helpful. We are still finding out way. Thank you for all 200 posts! Looking forward to many more!

  18. So glad you've continued to write! I love that dress as well and am also far too short for such styles. Would love to wear it gracefully with Rob in a tux by my side. One can dream, right?

  19. Your analogy is absolutely brilliant. I love your blog. It inspires me and also makes me sad sometimes. Anyway, if you haven't ever been a writing teacher, you missed your calling. :) Lily

  20. Hi Meredith!! :) MANY CONGRATS on your 200th post! I have loved reading all about you and Jack and TTYD- spanky fun, sometimes not so spanky fun, MFL (mighty fine loving). Mostly it is about two people who have grown together in new ways, deepening the love that has been there since you both were kids really. Truly special stuff!

    This is a very beautiful post, as are the pics. What is even more beautiful is the relationship you have worked hard at through thick and thin, good times and bad. You have found something special that works for both of you, that not only brings you together, but keeps you there. I am happy for you both!

    It is a joy to read your posts. A joy to know you as well! Thanks for writing and sharing. Looking forward to reading more as it moves you. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie