Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shine On Blue Harvest Moon

My sweet mother was a songster. She taught me the words to all those old songs. We then would sing them in the car or around the beach camp fire. So when a situation calls for a song, I always have one. From church hymns to kindergarten songs, I am your go-to person. 

We have each spent the day doing something fun and apart. Jack was in a golf tournament. Even when this weather of ours sizzles, he is on the course. He knows that the rains will come. I was off on an adventure explored a beloved place. We each came home tired, but happy. Then we showered and were off again. 

This time we went to a place close to our home situated high on a hill with an unobstructed view of the eastern horizon. The sky was still pink and blue as the sun had just barely set. Jack turned of the motor and we began the wait. We were waiting for the blue moon everyone was anticipating. Two full moons in the month of July! The horizon outlined the mountains all purple. We waited. Jack was keeping me laughing. He said that we are to wait for the moon; the moon does not wait for us. We waited. The evening was setting in and the air was balmy after such a hot day. Not a cloud in the sky and we waited. Jack said good things happen to those who wait and he put his hand on my knee and winked. We waited. 

A small bright orange sliver could be seen between the mountains and the show began...... slowly, gracefully and just for us. The moon continued to rise and in the clear sky, against the blue and pink and purple, its bright orange color was amazing. I read in a book the description that so fit what we saw: the moon looked pasted in the sky. I love the metaphor. It so fit the moon last evening. We waited and watched as it rose keeping that orange color. So beautiful! 

So Jack and I did the cornball thing.......... we sang my mother's song, the one she taught me when I was small: Shine on Harvest Moon. We sang it quietly and only to one another. It was fun.

Did you see it? 


  1. Mere,,,I did not see it ,,but I bet it was lovely,,so sweet that you two do things like this together.,,you little love birds. : - )


  2. Some of the best memories don't cost a thing. There's no place like home. I love the metaphor you shared! I will think of it often now.

    There is another moon metaphor I always think of when there is just a slice of moon showing. It is from The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. "A silver slipper of a moon."


  3. Yep, saw it, but had no idea it was coming. The only reason I saw it is that I wanted to honor my youngest daughter's excited invitation to go see the moon she had just discovered. I live pretty close to you, so our views were probably pretty similar.

  4. Meredith... I did not see it, but I sure enjoy your wonderful description of how the scene unfolded. Those precious quiet moments that you and Jack could share having fun and being silly about the whole thing are some of the best memories we can build on. Thanks for sharing your special moment.

  5. Hi Meredith, I didn't see it, but the time you and Jack had together waiting, watching and singing sounds like so much fun. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



  6. I did see it Mere but your description is much better than mine. Love the picture you painted of you and Jack waiting for the moon and singing to one another. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  7. This made me smile Meredith, how wonderful and romantic. Those moments like that together are priceless aren't they :) I didn't see it unfortunately.


  8. We had, and are still having, our harvest moon here, too. It is so beautiful when it climbs above the trees. I like to think about Tudor times when they were all out with their sythes cutting the corn and stooking it. It gives me the shivers remembering.

    I had never thought about 'other people' seeing our moon in its full harvest glory. But of course, silly me, it is exactly the same moon!

    I wish I had a camera lens that would take a picture as it's just like that picture you posted. Just wonderful.


  9. Sounds wonderful and romantic! I love that song as well as the image you painted with words!

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely romantic night waiting for the moon. I didn't see it here as it was too cloudy. Love your description though.
    Lindy X

  11. Oh my goodness, every time you write you fill my heart. This is lovely.