Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meredith Does A Blog Analysis

Yes, that is a baby elephant.  What is this darling little guy doing on my ttwd blog? I have had this photo for a long time. How was I ever going to explain an baby elephant on a ttwd blog? So I did a blog analysis of my very own blog.

Here is what I found:

1.  About half of my posts are not about spanking. 

2.  I write about the importance of communicating in ttwd.

3.  About half of my posts are about the many ways our marriage is working so well. 

4. I wish the usual Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Fourth of July, Happy Halloween, Love Our Lurker Day, Happy Valentine's Day to my readers.

5.  I honor those who have served our country including my own special veteran, Jack. 

6.  I ask for prayers on Memorial Day to remember those who served and are gone. 

7.  I announce new bloggers who have become friends. 

8.  I review books written by blogger friends. 

9.  I review television shows that make my heart beat faster.

10. I post regularly photos and sayings sent to me by my good friend and assistant, L. 

11.  I post why we do ttwd and not dd.

12.  I post the changes in our marriage and how leaning in is always a good idea. 

13.  I write about moon watching with my favorite guy.

14.  I post about my love of organizing, reading and travel and walking for exercize. 

15. I post about golf and those teachable moments on the golf course.

16.  I post posts written by guest bloggers who make us laugh and think. 

17.  I post about the friendships I have made and most importantly, the way ttwd wives need to stay in communication with one another. 

18. I devoted several posts to encouraging women to write and many have. Some come and go and some come to stay. We share about life as ttwd wives and it is all good. 

Okay, I do post about those spankings. However, more than two years in, the spankings are more of the wonderful kind and less the ouchy kind. 

I just thought a blog analysis a good way to show the balance here and Jack and I feel that balance in our marriage. Yes, there are rough times, but the smooth, sweet times dominate. We are more loving and giving, respectful and peaceful. Isn't that the whole idea of ttwd? I follow, Jack leads and there is peace.

My analysis of the blog made me stop and think what is best about it. The friends I have made......... that is what is best! 
Thank you, dear friends.

So enjoy the baby elephant. I told Jack I would find a way to share this cute little one on my blog. The blog is not all about spankings. Right?



  1. Cute picture! And it this whole thing is so much more than spanking... so very much more!

  2. I think the baby elephant is adorable. And it's your whatever you want. ;)

  3. So right, Meredith. To me, the blog is about the friendship and the support of women who felt alone with their needs for so many years. The blog is the gift of communication. The blog is a celebration of the men we love. The blog is a creative answer to the questions we held inside and were afraid to voice. The blog is a reason to say thank goodness that we have found each other.


  4. Adorable pic Mere. This is your whatever you want, whenever you want...don't have to justify or analyze. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. I think your blog is a great ratio of ttwd-relevant posts and not-relevant posts. When we first started "our little arrangement", I was under the impression spanking would take a much bigger part. But it really doesn't. I mean, it definitely has it's place, but in the meantime regular life just becomes so much more beautiful and enjoyable. Your blog is pretty representative of that, I would say.

  6. I love your blog!! Great job


  7. The baby elephant is so cute Meredith. I love reading your blog and it doesn't always have to be about spanking, I agree. It is a journey learning from others lifestyles.
    Lindy x

  8. I agree with everyone else. The blog is yours and we enjoy reading whatever you have to say!

  9. Love this post Meredith, the baby elephant is so cute :) You are right, it's about so much more than spanking.


  10. Mere,,,I like number 10,,by the way cute photo,,,heh heh


  11. Cute pix - it's your blog after all and you can do anything you want.

  12. Hi Meredith, I love this post. It shows that there are so many different topics you have in your blog, and I enjoy reading here. Cute little baby elephant, and I agree with everyone else, this is yours, so you write what you like.



  13. M,
    Guess what? I just did an analysis of your most popular posts (according to the column on the right), and guess what topic was common to the majority of them? LOL!
    You and Jack have reached a great balance. I'm so happy for you two that there is more loving and less "ouching."
    And, finally...thank you for being there for those of us who have reached out to you. Great friendships have been made!

  14. An excellent idea, Mere. Truly that is what it is all about - learning how to lean in. The more we lean the more peaceful life becomes.

    I agree about the friendships - I cannot imagine not knowing the people here who have become such valued friends.

    Many hugs

  15. Hi there Meredith, :) I know... you all are probably fainting that this Katie T is finally making a little commenting comeback! LOL! I'm so happy to be doing that! ;)

    I LOVED the pic of the baby elephant. Rob and I were just viewing a show last night about elephants. That fella is awfully cute!

    I agree with everyone- you can do whatever you want on your blog- it is yours. I love what you write about here. What an amazing difference TTWD can make in a marriage. It adds a whole other dimension to loving and how we love. The results are incredible!

    Thank you for continuing to share your journey in all of the ways that you have described above. I loved reading your blog analysis. I always enjoy coming here to read. Even more than that, I enjoy our friendship! Friendships made here in the land are indeed, a most special thing, and a treasure for sure! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  16. I too enjoy everything you write, spanking or not, it doesn't matter because all of it is interesting, informative, funny, and inspiring and often leads me to delicious woolgathering! Thank you. XO