Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Week Away ........... Then Boy Howdy

There is real magic in ttwd. Like waving a magic wand, peace and calmness are restored. 

We have been away at a friend's beach house. Six of us gathered at this beautiful place and a week of sun, laughing and card playing was enjoyed. Good friends, good food, good conversations filled the week. Jack and I slept in a beautiful bedroom and fell asleep each night to the lullaby of the lapping waves of the sea just below our window. The week was without incident. Your Meredith was a "good girl angel" every single minute. Calm and harmonious, every day passed as  sweet as honey. We took our turn preparing and serving dinner one night and received rave reviews from our friends. Jack and I worked well together and loved it. We loved the games we all played at night and we were always on opposing teams. Charades, Capture the Flag, our own version of Survivor water sports, and cards, cards and cards. Smooth and easy, from one day to the next until the days tumbled to the last one.

Evenings were spent watching movies, playing cards and just catching up with everyone. The nights were very romantic, but our little room had a squeaky bed and every time we got frisky, the squeaking began and we would start laughing. The next morning everyone would always want to know what was so funny in our little room at the end of the hall. We just smiled and Jack would wink! 

When the week was over, we all said our thank yous to our hosts and took the ferry home. Just like clock work, I could feel my mood changing and my attitude souring. Reality was kicking in and Jack began talking about what was up next on the calendar. I asked him to stop and leave it until later, much later. His hand was on my knee. In his gentle and firm way, with his soft spoken voice, he told me to check my attitude. A week at the beach and a spankable attitude was festering while we were on the ferry with the beach house fading in the distance. 

Once home, it was late and we both just tumbled into bed. To be in our own bed was heaven. We slept and I could not believe the clock when I woke. I never sleep in, but the clock didn't lie. Now almost nine and I had places to go and things to do. Jack wanted to talk and told him I would be available later. Oh, boy! The attitude was right there...... sass, bossiness and independence! He called me to our bedroom, bared me and spanked. I haven't been spanked in about ten days. He decided he had better do a good job while he had my bottom so ready and available. He used his hand and the belt and I was amazed that the whole thing went on and on. I kept coming up and he said no so fast. He talked and I answered. Finally he brought me up and held me with one arm while the other arm still held the strap. He talked gently and softly. I was weepy and sore, mighty sore. He then said we would finish up and back over I went. He finished as he began using his hand. We went on to other things that a squeaky bed in a beach house doesn't make possible. 

Ttwd is one of the best things on God's green earth. Just ask Jack! 

Thank you. L.



  1. Glad that you had a wonderful time on your trip to the beach, Meredith! I loved your description of the squeaky bed, the laughs and the wink by Jack! LOL! And even though you had to find yourself experiencing a little re-entry spanking (OUCH), it all ended well, with some MFL with you perhaps doing the squeaking (happily) in the end!

    Yep, you are SO right! I get the magic that you speak of! Rob would agree with Jack as well! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    PS. Good girl angel cracked me up! LOL!

  2. Mere,,our good girl angel,,,that really was funny,,good posting : - )


  3. It's always hard coming back from a holiday, that spank-free time has a way of catching up with you. Isn't it funny how our HOH's don't miss a beat and are quick to restore their beloved peace. Glad your holiday was wonderful and all at home is great once more. XO

  4. Sounds like a lovely fun filled time was enjoyed by all. Coming back to a routine can be difficult at best and our attitude can easily resurface itself. By now, Jack knows just how to put things back in quick order and restore the peace and harmony you both so enjoy even if your rear end pays the price.

  5. Hi Meredith, your holiday week by the sea sounds awesome. This attitude change after such a wonderful time is something that I can relate to so well. Usually I find myself in a similar mood when we return home from my parents in law. Returning home after such a fantastic time has something of a cold shower. But I am glad that Jack was there and could restore peace and harmony. I can only agree with what you say about ttwd, it is such a positive thing to do.



  6. There's no place like home! Squeaky beds make me giggle almost as loud as the squeak. I remember a fishing trip where the bed was too close to the wall.
    Cards, too! I love "nickel, dime, quarter" poker with friends.
    Home again. Lots of laundry and Jack is in charge. Deal with it, Good Girl Angel.


  7. Hi Meredith, glad you and Jack had a lovely relaxing holiday at the beach. Squeaky beds, always a dead give away. I can relate to attitude change on returning home. TTWD does the trick though all the time.
    Lindy x

  8. Hi Meredith, I'm glad you and Jack had a great week at the beach with friends, squeaky bed and all lol. It sounds wonderful.

    I can definitely relate to the attitude change coming home and back to reality and to do lists after such a wonderful time. Glad Jack was able to quickly restore harmony and that you made up for the squeaky bed at the beach :)


  9. Hi Meredith, I am glad you had a lovely holiday. For me it would have been the other way round. My attitude would have improved when home came into sight.I am far more likely to be in trouble away from home!!
    love Jan,xx

  10. I'm glad you both had such a great time away. Sounds like a doozy of a spanking. Maybe prevention is better than cure. Not that I'm anyone to turn to for advice on the subject. LOL!

  11. Oh what a lovely time Mere...loving man, friends, water, food and wonderful. Sorry you had to have an attitude readjustment so soon after you returned home. Hope everything is much better now.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  12. The time away sounds just perfect! It's interesting how spanking can ground us and settle a snarky attitude...
    Sorry that it was a doozy, but the loving balanced it perfectly!

  13. Your time away together sounds lovely! It's so settling knowing they'll spank and get things settled down!

  14. That man is one heck of a peace-keeper! Again, it's a beautiful and harmonious dance.
    Love to you both,