Tuesday, July 28, 2015

His Hands

From the very beginning, his hands were what I noticed........ right after I noticed his bright blue eyes. His hands from the very beginning were strong and protective. Holding hands as we walked into the high school basketball game, I felt the strength and caring so many years ago. He was wearing his letterman jacket and I was in high school heaven. 

I rely on those hands in many ways. He is a chief dish washer when kitchen clean up is needed; he was a carpenter making the things Santa would deliver; he put in the skylights and roofed our home; he grills shrimp, steaks and hamburgers with those hands; and so many more things. He uses his hands to fold the laundry even though that is my territory! 

When he returned from deployments to dangerous places, he took my hand and would not let go. In the crowded airport gatherings and on the tarmac of military airports, he held my hand as if to assure me he was really there. The connection was important and we both knew it.

Those hands soothed babies and helped family when illness came. He changed diapers and held children too tired to mind. Those hands did the hard things that military service required. His hands do the gardening and the driving on long road trips. These are the hands used in playing golf and water skiing, and hiking.

The best thing those hands do is loving me. He holds me tight and kisses me as he puts his hand on the back of my head to pull me close. I can count on his right hand finding its way to my bottom when we start our sleep at night to signal our day is over and he has his beloved peace.

These are the hands that spank me in wonderful good girl times when a spanking is needed to calm, set things right and show his wife who is in charge. His hands undress and caress me. These are the hands that love me and continue to love me after many years of marriage. I adore these hands.......... his hands!

Do you notice the hands of the man you love? Tell us what you see? Do you watch his hands at work?

Thank you, L.



  1. Mere,,,,Wonderful posting,,,,you two are great lovers,,, : - )


  2. Strong gentle hands are so important, sometimes they need to be firm but loving.

  3. Hi Meredith, this is such a lovely post. I see a lot of what you describe in hubby's hands too and I love what hubby does with his hands. Thank you for sharing.



  4. Oh Meredith. Such a wonderful post. I,too, feel the same connection and understanding about Hubby's hands. He has never been one to shy away from hard work. I first noticed his hands when we met in high school. Through the years many of the same qualities and circumstances you described I was also blessed with. When we had our major falling out shortly after starting DD 2 years ago, it became abundantly clear that those same hands that find their way into mine as we fall asleep each night, are the hands that have provided for me through the years, brought so much pleasure, and yes provided the needed correction to set me back on track when I stumble. If his hands could talk... what a wonderful journey they would tell. I am loved, protected and blessed by this man of mind.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful.
    I understand every word of this and am fortunate to know and feel strong hands in many ways from my own beloved.

  6. Awww Mere...what a beautiful and loving tribute to Jack. I was fortunately to know those kind of hands for a while...truly something to cherish.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  7. Ah....you struck a chord with me. The very first time I met Master, as we were walking to our table...He put his hand on the small of my back to direct me. All these years later, I cannot remember all the details of that night, but I do remember His hands. They are a part of Him that I love dearly, for so many reasons....
    hugs abby

  8. Great thoughts! My guys hands are very important in so many ways. I often look at his hands.

  9. What a lovely post Meredith. It never ceases to amaze me how gentle and loving or firm my guy's hands can be.


  10. This could be one of my top 10 favorites of all your posts, Meredith. Very special. Thank you.
    The last thing we do each night is spoon. Sam has one hand on my bottom, and I love to kiss the other hand when his arm wraps around me.


  11. I, too, always look at a man's hands. It's strange. I always loved my father's hands, and I suppose I looked for those same hands in the men in my life. Dan's hands are so similar, even down to the sprinkling of dark hairs on the backs of his fingers. Strong, artistic hands. Well shaped, with long fingers.

    Like you, Dan's hands find my bottom every night at bedtime. Sometimes I am asleep and I ask him if he's remembered. He always says he does. But we are not great hand-holders in public - I always hold his arm at such times.

    A beautiful and poignant post, Meredith. Thank you for sharing.


  12. This was very sweet. :) I definitely have an appreciation for my husband's hands as well.

  13. Love this post!!! Made me tear up, because I adore H's hands! From our first date to lay night when they spanked me. I love how they make me feel, as well as provide for our little family.


  14. Hands are touchy at our house. He had a terrible tractor accident when he was 18 months old that left his right hand disfigured. He had a skin graft and there is an extremely soft patch on his palm. I love to hold his hand and rub it but it tickles him so bad he can't even speak. We hold hands when he drives so it's a battle to not rub that spot, lol.