Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Rosy Pink Glow

We live in a part of the world known for long summer twilights producing beautiful skies in the evening.  The twilights are so long and lovely that fireworks on the Fourth of July do not begin until close to 11pm. Darkness just doesn't happen until much later. I love those summer skies. The rosy, pink glow casts a light which is so lovely.

Earlier in the evening, Jack and I were busy working together to get dishes done quickly so we could continue our new habit of doing some twilight golf. Jack was putting dishes in the dishwasher and I was doing any number of things to get us out the door. Jack had filled a tumbler with ice and poured the remnants of a glass of wine over the ice. With soapy hands, I picked up the glass and commented on the rosy pink glow of the liquid. Then the glass slipped from my hands and fell on the granite counter top, but did not break. The wine was all over the counter and the ice was everywhere......... on the counter and the floor. Oh, my! Jack calmly stated that it was just not the wine that would have a rosy pink glow. We were laughing and cleaning up a big mess......... ice, water and wine everywhere.

Out the door to the golf course and Jack continually commented on the danger in having his drinks anywhere near me. I pleaded that my hands must have had soap of them from the cleaning up. He kept up the rosy pink glow dialogue and I knew I would be paying up once we were home.

Home now, and Jack wanted to watch the remainder of the baseball game. I went up to bed to read. I love this time of summery nightfall .......... after 9pm now and the sky is a glowing rosy pink. I open the shutters and the windows and enjoy the sky as things darken very slowly. Getting sleepy, I called Jack to tuck me in. When he walked in the bedroom, I pointed out the rosy pink glow in the sky and that was all my Jack needed to be reminded of the rosy pink drink spilled earlier. Jack helped me out of bed, told me to be still, put me over the bed and spanked me soundly. He hugged me and thanked me for the reminder of the rosy pink glow from earlier in the evening. Good grief........... how did I forget that?

I did sleep the sound sleep of a loved, spanked wife. Up close to Jack when he came to bed just awhile later, all was at peace in my world.

I am keeping hands off all glassware this summer. Just so you know!

Thank you, L.



  1. Longest day of the year - now they start getting shorter.
    Beautiful sky

  2. Mere,,this posting was so cute and sweet,,,your Jack is so funny. : - )


  3. Mere, this gives all new meaning to FEELING a color!
    I think you'll be careful from now on about verbal references to any shade of pink or red. Lol!

  4. A wonderful way to celebrate the longest day of the year! Be careful of that toast, "Bottoms up!" Your Midsummer's Night's Dream was pink and loving. Is the sky photo your own?

    We just finished a very rosy spanking here, too. Maybe not quite as happy, though. I really need to concentrate on maintaining my outlook and attitude with Sam's sisters. Very hard for me. Will be asking for prayers from everyone over the July 4th weekend.


  5. Love your banter!
    I could see that kind of conversation happening here quite easily!

  6. Such a cute post Mere...just make sure your hands are nice and dry before you handle any of Jack's drinks...unless you want a rosy glow. ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  7. nice post Meredith and a lovely sky
    love Jan,xx

  8. I love this Meredith, very cute :)


  9. Hi Meredith, you must have had such a lovely evening. I love such a wonderfully coloured sky, that's so beautiful. I am happy for you having Jack who cares so much for you, that is absolutely awesome.



  10. I love a rosy pink glow. Here's to a good nights sleep!

  11. Love the picture of the girl with her hands clutching her bottom! I know that 'rosy pink glow' all too well - and love it as much as you do!

    I am very glad you didn't cut yourself as I once attempted to catch a glass with soapy fingers in a similar situation, and ended up with a nasty cut, and soap suds tinged with blood are not nice.

    Twilight is a wonderful time. We've had cloudy skies the past few days and I miss the pink glow in the western sky as I go to bed. One of our windows faces west like yours does and at the moment there is a very bright star hanging amidst the deep violet as the light goes.


  12. I love the long days this time of year! A rosy glow in the sky is perfect, but it can stay up there if you ask me. You really do have bad luck with drink glasses, don't you? Sounds like a good reason to get out of doing dishes to me.