Saturday, May 16, 2015

Only Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep

Did you like the funny title? Doesn't have much to do with Ttwd. I have been thinking about slogans and words we use. When I go to the dentist and am having my teeth cleaned, I stare up at a poster that looks like this one. Good advice! So I began thinking about other slogans and catch phrases that are found to be useful around here and I relied on my blogger friends and they did not disappoint. 

The Catch Phrases And Slogans of TTWD At Our House

Only Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep (my dentist)

Always be kind  ABK (Katie)

Lean in or lean over (Jack)

The Hoh has the final say (Every Hoh)

Move on, America (Katie)

One life, one wife (Jack)

Leap and the net will appear (Meredith)

Socks off before a spanking (Jack)

Be still (Jack)

Do we have peace in our home? (Jack)

Boy Howdy (Stormy)

Dang (Stormy)

This whole thing (Katie)

MFLF = mighty fine loving fun (Katie)

Okie Dokie (Cali)

Freshly spanked (my Jack)

The icing on the cake (Ami Starsong)

Spanking for England (Ami Starsong)

The Little Nipper (Ami (Starsong)

The cheeseboard (Katie)

Cheeseboard Central (Katie)

Good gravy, woman (Cat)

Mithering (Jan)

I got it (a faithful reader)

Hot minute (Meredith)

Chin Wag (Ami Starsong)

To hell in a handcart (Ami Starsong)

Spatulated (Katie)

The score card (Jack)

The List (Katie)

Pushing buttons (Hayley)

Peace in the valley or a piece of your @SS (Jack )

Please add to my list!

This will be fun.

Please make a catch phrase or slogan contribution in the comment section.



  1. Love them all forgot 'Barn Burner'. Oh and here are two of Matthew's favorites: "Do you think this is in your best interest?" and "It’s very clear to me what you need." ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. "The stupid, stingy wooden spoon" is at the top of our list and "Come on let's you and I talk," which never means any conversation at all.


  3. LoL, great list Meredith. From hubby's side I can add 'Attitude!', which usually means things are almost too late because I have already been too uppish.



  4. Does "ouch!" count as a catch phrase?? (Every ttwd wife)

  5. How about "It's meant to hurt" - all HoHs and
    "Is your mascara running yet?" - my husband's playful test of how a spanking is going.


  6. I am with Megan, Come on, we need to talk. or have a talk. Lol

  7. Fun list! I hear "settle down now or settle up later- your choice."

  8. Sam says, "Do we need to talk to Mr. Paddle?" This particular paddle is the one he made himself. It is our only implement that has its own name. Believe me, you do not want to talk to Mr. Paddle.

  9. "3 strikes and you're out of luck"

  10. 2 more I don't like hearing...
    "That's a warning!" (no strikes allowed in this case...and you're about to hear the next saying if you don't shape up very quickly)
    "Let's talk upstairs" (and we all know how that turns out)

  11. Lolol. Love this! And I'm with Cat...I hear "Do you think that's in your best interest?" I also get the "you're better than that" when I get crazy worked up about someone and just want to be mean to them and give them a snarky reply. I hate that! But, he keeps me grounded and working towards a better me!

  12. Meredith.

    Fun list.

    Come upstairs, I know what you need.

    You can't spank me with that, it's not the right wood.


  13. Ours used to be "It's time to ride the Knee train"

  14. Love this Meredith, great list! Of course Rick's word to describe me is Scrappy lol


  15. Ok if this what you want......err no. Well you talk yourself in to this.....