Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kiss Me Once, And Kiss Me Twice, And Kiss Me Once Again!

Oh, to be that young again! Here's the thing.......... each year does get better. It really does. I would not want to go back to those years. Really! The best is still to come. Honest! When we were living in those young years, life was wonderful and we worked together to make it all work. We had little money and had not seen the world yet. We only saw each other and rolled up our sleeves to make our dreams come true.

Isn't it always ....... a kiss is where it all begins! Jack first kissed me on his front porch. I remember everything about it. I remember that it wasn't dark yet and I had on my new navy pea coat. He touched my face with his hand as he came in for the kiss. He tasted good and I told him so. He actually said, "Good and, now hush" and kissed me again. Was that a telling moment or what!

Kissing in a long marriage  ~~~~~

Learning what "making out" means and fogging up the windows on the car in high school
The kiss after graduation from college
The wedding kiss had the guests laughing
The kiss as we made up after a first argument
The kiss when we signed the papers for our first home
The kiss when I tell Jack I am pregnant
The kiss on my forehead when I give birth to our baby
The kiss of proud parents watching a little one grow and flourish
The kiss after tough medical news, but know we will be okay

The poignant kisses at airports when deployments were at hand, teary and scared, when my heart is in my throat and breathing is difficult
Welcoming kisses when airport reunions happened

The kiss he gives me as he puts me over his knee........... whether good girl, RA or discipline, he always kisses my forehead, loving me and spanking me

Kisses are the glue of a marriage. 

Tell us about your first kiss or the best kiss. 

Jack found this photo and I knew I had to write a kissing post just for him.



  1. What a sweet post Mere and brought back some lovely memories. I also remember my mom singing this song as we worked around the house. Happy memories.

    Hugs and blessings...

  2. I LOVED this post, Meredith! :) It made me think back to all of those events that you listed, and then some- a ride down memory lane. Very sweet! :) I loved that you shared your sweet first kiss, pea coat and all.

    I remember Rob's and my very first kiss. It makes me blush every time I think of it. After reading this I asked Rob if he remembered it all. He sure did. He said he went to kiss me and I... umm... appeared to have had a bit of "french kissing" on my mind. LOLOL!!! In all reality I was very inexperienced really, and didn't know what to do. No worries. It seemed to work as some 30 years later, here we are! Loving spanky central!! Haha!!!!

    Great post! Love the pic too! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  3. This is beautiful! I know all about those airport kisses.. The kisses goodbye, and the kisses hello. I guess my most memorable one was our first kiss. I wasn't prepared, and he just went for it.. I got so nervous my nose bled lol. We still laugh about that :)


  4. very sweet post Meredith. Brings back some fond memories :)


  5. I remember our first kiss I was standing on a stool in my living to kiss Gabe. He is so tall I wanted to be the same height so I wouldn't strain my neck! I also remember sweet kisses at the beach as the sun was setting. My favorite now are when he arrives home from work each day!

    Great post!

  6. This was such a beautiful post! Our first kiss was outside my house under the kitchen window. I was up against the brick wall, and I learned that Sam was a wonderful kisser. I had to be in by ten, since we were only 15. No car that first year. We walked miles to see each other.

  7. Hi Meredith, I loved this post. My first real kiss with hubby was awesome. The anticipation had grown throughout the day, because we had a date, restaurant, cinema and then we went to my place. The first kiss was on my old sofa and he turned out to be a wonderful kisser. I still say he was teasing me and he insists I was demanding in the way I kissed him. Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories!



  8. Ah the first kiss...he stole that one. I remember looking at him in shock and saying, "what did you do that for?" His answer..."To see if I could," with that cute little smile of his. Ah, he's still got me with that smile. And his kisses.

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  10. My favorite kiss is the forehead kiss after I've delivered our kids. The most proud look on his face!

  11. On the whole we are not a 'kissy' couple, but I do understand where you are coming from. I love that old fashioned picture. It looks like something out of the Waltons.

    My snag is a having a man who keeps his emotions firmly on the inside. Luckily I know they are simply just beneath the surface. But I always get a kiss when he is going off anywhere, and lots of kisses in private, thank goodness.

    Many hugs

  12. Our first kiss was after our first-ish date. We were standing in the kitchen of the people I lived with. We were talking and I'm not even sure how kissing came up, but I told him, "No commitment, no kiss" and he leaned in and blew me away with an amazing kiss. Then he left and I wondered what we were or where our relationship was going.

    I didn't have to wonder long. We kept dating and soon we were engaged and then married. And here we are. :)

  13. Our first was after a movie on out first date. Hand to the face, dreamy eyes, lean in. One of those toe tingly, soft, nibble on the lips kiss. H is the best kisser ever.