Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jack's Question ~~~ Do We Have Peace In Our Home?

You already know Jack likes me freshly spanked. You know he likes preventative spankings so we do not head for the big disciplinary ones. When he asks "Do we have peace in our home?",  I do know we are headed for some tough talk. Jack calls it straight talk about a tender subject........... my bottom! We talk and then he decides what he needs to do. By the time he asks that question, I know where we are headed.

What I like best about the blog is the friends I have made. I recently met another reader. She and her husband practice ttwd is almost the very same way Jack and I do. We compare notes and simply have a hard time believing we are so much alike. Of course, we live no where near one another. Isn't that the way!

When I started blogging almost two years ago, two bloggers gave great advice. Cali told me that this blog was mine and only mine. Then Cat told me the very same thing when I had a slight skirmish with someone making an unkind comment. So today when Jack emailed me an amazing photo of the Golden Gate, I thought just a minute about what to do with this photo. Putting it on my ttwd blog seemed just right. Hope you liked it. Hope you shared your Golden Gate experiences.

Oh, the things you do not know!

Jack will not spank me when I have socks on............. bare is bare!

Those socks are off in a hot minute.

Talking about what will happen to my bottom gets the same results as an actual spanking!

Jack uses the analogy of a golf score card way too often.

He tells me we will be doing ttwd forever, old and cute and still in love after all these years.

Thanks, L.



  1. I had to laugh at the sock part.....i always try to keep my socks on...naked all the way, but please let me keep my socks..occasionally i to get to keep them all. I do believe you will be doing this when you are both 'maturer' only get better.
    hugs abby

  2. When I'm about to be spanked, I'm usually so upset I don't even notice if I'm wearing socks or not!

  3. Mere,,,love the socks part,,so cute,, : - )


  4. When I was still teaching, I had a little girl named Marie in my class who would always wear two different socks. If you asked her why, she would tell you, "Because I am the boss of my socks!"
    Meredith, you are not the boss of your socks.

  5. No socks? Seriously? You two crack me up. Matthew didn't care if the rest of me was bare as long as my tushie was. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

  6. This is great! Just some of the many benefits of ttwd.

  7. Love this Meredith, the socks part made me giggle. Hmm, how to avoid a spanking ... keep the socks on. No? On second thought, not sure that would fly.


  8. Hi Meredith, I don't think my beloved is worried about my feet being bare just my behind!!
    love Jan,xx

  9. Love the socks off! Lol. Let me guess, he figures if your behind is warm then your toes must be

  10. Hi Meredith, lol, we have this no socks policy here too, yep, bare is bare. But if I feel cold, he uses a blanket for my back, as long as the bottom is free, but socks? No way. :) I love Jack's plan to do ttwd forever, this sounds like a promise. Wishing you a wondrful Sunday.



  11. Love that picture of the bra - I've got some like it! Sure you haven't been in my underwear drawer?!

    Very glad Dan doesn't play golf!!!

    Many hugs

  12. When I think of some of the horrendous and disheartening news stories this past week, Meredith and Jack remind me that real peace begins very close to us, with those in our own family. Thank you for sharing. I think Jack's preventive medicine is very wise. And my beloved doesn't care either whether my toes are covered. He will say he wants me comfortable when I'm over his knee...but then how quickly his concern for my "total" comfort seems to vanish. All good though. We love the benefits of ttwd.

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