Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jack: "....... But I Do Know How To Fix It"

It takes me by surprise........ these mood swings of mine. I stew about something and just find myself ranting and, yes, even swearing about things that change, plans that do not work out, decisions made that I do not agree with. Stack these things up, and I do not do well. They seem to come at me all at once.

It happened just the other day. Plans were changed and I was feeling disappointed.  I raised my voice to state my opinion. I did that a few too many times and laced it all with a few well chosen profane words. Raising my voice and adding some words not acceptable are surefire ways for Jack to step in big time.

Jack asked if I just thought that ttwd were just random letters in the alphabet or did they have any meaning to me. Was I thinking about the things I was doing or saying. I shrugged and walked away from him. I was upset and just wanted some distance.

He continued to watch and keep his eyes on me. He gave me several warnings and I became silent....... too silent. Some more time passed and things were at a stalemate. Jack wasn't happy and neither was I.

Finally, he said, " I do not know what is wrong, but I do know how to fix it. Let's go."


  1. Mere,,,I really understand,,but you have to answer to Jack and do what he says. He loves you so much,,, : - )


  2. The words that mean "enough". Jack stepped in and I hope peace retuned to your home. We are so much alike. When I get that way, I don't even know how to fix it. Glad we have men that do.


  3. Meredith,

    It is hard to give up control, whether it is the way our careful plans go awry or with the men we love. It is a really tough part of ttwd.


  4. If you hand over the leadership you have to accept it when they lead. Having said that your a strong woman so when you disagree you will voice it sometimes, the odd profanity will slip out and usually there will only be one result. We have all been there and there will always be these occasions no matter how long you live this lifestyle. It is hard to always follow someone else's lead, accept that none of us are perfect and we will rebel sometimes.

  5. Meredith,
    I can so relate. Gabe knows just how to fix things at our house too!

  6. Meredith, this sounds like you have been unbalanced, just like you described in your post about impatience. Jack has got one way of dealing with these moments, and I hope that this situation was cleared up in a good way and you two had the chance to reconnect. Wishing you a lovely weekend.



  7. SMH Happy Jack knows how to fix things but seriously Mere...what's going on? Are you feeling okay? Do you need to go get a physical? Sending lots of positive energy your way.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  8. Hi Meredith, :) I'm thinking that you are on the upside of all of this stuff by now. I think that it is a mighty fine thing that your fella knows just what to do to help you get moving in the right direction. It all really helps, doesn't it?

    You know, us humans- we have this uncanny ability to be imperfect at times. The thing is, we can be because we know that our guys (glad for some) love us just as we are. Stuff is going to happen and the very wonderful thing is that there is a solution when times are tough. One that we very lovingly gift to our spanky men (women for some) who love us with all of their heart, and paddles at times. ;) I hope that you are feeling better, my friend! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. that is supposed to be 'gals for some' and not glad...

  9. Meredith - neither of our husbands appreciate the distancing thing. Especially when it's in the middle of irritation and expressing (venting?) frustrations. I get it. I really, really do - as you know!! Did your time with Jack help? I hope so. Thanks for sharing, again. ~ Jennifer

  10. Oh my! Been there, done that and it ended in the exact same way. It's not always easy but it does work...peace restored!

  11. Oh, ouch...dang! Jack is sure a fix-it kind of guy. Not fun! But you remind us so many times that it's worth it. And I would agree. Thank you so much, Meredith.

  12. I hate when plans change unexpectedly. Sometimes I roll with it. Sometimes I become a raving...well, you know. Those swear words seem to intersperse my language when that happens. Not a good thing. I have faith that Jack fixed it!