Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jack: "....... But I Do Know How To Fix It"

It takes me by surprise........ these mood swings of mine. I stew about something and just find myself ranting and, yes, even swearing about things that change, plans that do not work out, decisions made that I do not agree with. Stack these things up, and I do not do well. They seem to come at me all at once.

It happened just the other day. Plans were changed and I was feeling disappointed.  I raised my voice to state my opinion. I did that a few too many times and laced it all with a few well chosen profane words. Raising my voice and adding some words not acceptable are surefire ways for Jack to step in big time.

Jack asked if I just thought that ttwd were just random letters in the alphabet or did they have any meaning to me. Was I thinking about the things I was doing or saying. I shrugged and walked away from him. I was upset and just wanted some distance.

He continued to watch and keep his eyes on me. He gave me several warnings and I became silent....... too silent. Some more time passed and things were at a stalemate. Jack wasn't happy and neither was I.

Finally, he said, " I do not know what is wrong, but I do know how to fix it. Let's go."

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jacks Wants The Jumbo Size

All my life, I have had a hard time with patience. If the truth be told, I do not have much if any patience. I find waiting very hard. Christmas, birthdays, upcoming events, vacations, anticipated gifts both to be received and given........... and the list goes on. As I have gotten older, I have become a bit better. Although Jack doesn't see it that way.

Waiting for a big talk with Jack when he is upset with me.......... that is hard too because I do not like wondering the final outcome! I want to get it over with now. When I was a kid, and my sister and I  went to the dentist together, I always wanted to be the first one to go in to get it over with.

I just plain do not like waiting. Traffic drives me nuts, Long grocery store lines too. Nine months of pregnancy was hard, but harder still was waiting for Jack's return from deployments. When the safety of loved ones is in question, patience goes right out the window in my book.

The good part about waiting is good anticipation. That is something I can do much easier now, but it is still waiting and patience is required.

I have had plenty of practice waiting. No matter how much practice time I get, I still am awful at the waiting. Enter ttwd. One of the reasons Jack takes to ttwd so well is that he finds he has a handle of helping me with patience. He thinks I need to develop more.

A very close vanilla friend practices mindfulness. The art of being in the moment and only the moment has helped her sleep and repair her broken spirit. Blogging, emailing and texting cause lots of distractions for me. The adult attention span was nine seconds long, but has been revised to seven seconds. How do I fit patience into those numbers?

Where can I get the help I need? Maybe from my readers............. You often have the best ideas.
My readers offer real help.. How do you practice patience, the waiting? I feel like I am sharing a big topic here and want some discussion with you on the ways you practice patience. Please share.

Thanks, L.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Honoring Those Who Paid The Ultimate Price When Serving Our Country

 A fellow blogger posted this photo and I really liked it. We need to teach our children and grandchildren the significance, importance and difference between these two nationally observed days of remembrance and thankfulness. 

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast in 2003, the Old Guard from Fort Meyer in Arlington, Virginia on duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery were told their guard duty could be relaxed during the hurricane storm. These young soldiers refused to scale down their honor guard and continued to perform their duty throughout the pounding storm.  These young soldiers guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 24/7, 365 days a year. Their love of country and sense of duty, honor, country are most evident. Their ceremony is most impressive and patriotic indeed. I always watch with my hand over my heart.

A day of remembrance of our brave men and women who served our nation is important! Teach your children and grandchildren about these two important days.

God bless America! 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

So Sweet ~~~~ Katie and Meredith Meet!

I was so very excited. I could hardly sleep the night before. Katie of This Whole Thing and I were going to meet. We were bringing our husbands. We were spending the night in a fancy hotel. We have become such good friends through the wonders of email, texting and phone calls. Now we were meeting for the first time. We were two women who had discussed just about everything concerning ttwd. There was no nervousness, just pure excitement.

Jack walked me to her hotel after we checked into our own. There she was .......... waiting in the lobby! We embraced right in the middle of all the commotion........... doormen, people, kids, and all. They all swirled around us hugging. Then the talking began and it never stopped. We walked to an outdoor restaurant and Katie's Rob joined us. After lunch, we returned to our hotel to change into some evening clothes. We met Katie and Rob for Happy Hour. Now that was fun! Then on to dinner at a place on the water. You name it and we talked about it: kids, marriage, vacations, and, yes, ttwd.

We decided on the plan for the next day. Katie and I wanted time together without our sweet men. I walked to her hotel and she met me in the lobby. We walked and talked enjoying the beautiful morning. We went for coffee and then prowled around a few stores close to the hotel. Jack picked us up and we toured the city while Rob was in meetings. After a brief walking after lunch, we returned to Katie's hotel. We have one last glass of wine in the hotel bar and Rob joined us. Jack told me it was time to go. It took us a long time to say good bye. Eventually we hugged and hugged again and then we were off heading for home.

What can I say? Katie is wonderful, fun and just the way you have her pictured in your mind. We gave one another small gifts. I gave her my favorite flossing tool as I know she and her teeth meet up with Rob frequently. What did she give me?  Not one but two spanking implements!!!! A wooden spoon made from hard olive wood and a spatula just like the one in her kitchen. Can you believe it! Jack loved it and still cannot believe her generosity.

The best part of the visit is that we acted like long time friends and we could be completely honest with one another. We could talk about everything and I do mean everything. The time went so fast. We enjoyed the time both alone and with our husbands. The four of us seemed to hit it off real well.

Meeting someone I have met on line is one thing, but meeting someone I have shared so much with was most wonderful. Katie and I will be friends for life. She need not give me anymore gifts though.


Monday, May 18, 2015

It's Just A Little Too Close In The Car Sometimes............

I know I have written many posts about the intimate discussions Jack and I have had in the car. Eyes forward, his hand on my knee, good talk! Scratch all that on this week-end morning. I found myself sitting a little too close! Let me explain. 

We are heading out of town on a overnight adventure. I am so excited and we are now discussing the details about leaving home. Jack informed me that before we leave, he has an appointment that needs his attention. I first went quiet. Then I sulked. Then I began to argue my points about moving the appointment to another day. Things were getting tense and my voice was getting shrill. In the blink of an eye, he spanked my bare legs and I quickly pulled my legs away. He told me to put my legs right back where they were. I was wearing my skort as we were on our way to do an easy morning hike. Bare legs spanked and more promised if I did not settle down. 

Jack drove on and talked about why his decision was final. If I could have rolled my eyes and gotten away with it, that is just what I would have done. No such luck! I listened, but was quiet. He asked if I would prefer to return home to continue this conversation over the bed. No, I said. I told him I accepted his decision, but I did not agree with the way things would go. Jack told me that was fine..... just so my attitude was positive and there was a smile on my face. 

Sometimes this ttwd is so hard. We have not had many disagreements like this one............ small decision, but important to both of us for different reasons. Fuming and distancing would not go well for me. I accepted Jack's decision although I did not like it. We went on our hike. I changed my attitude to be more positive, but deep inside, I did not like it. Ttwd means kisses and sweetness and good girl spankings. Sometimes it means doing things his way when I do not like it one little bit and having to keep my thoughts to myself. 

He thinks an RA would help keep things even keeled the morning we leave. I am not altogether sure what will happen. I do know that I am leaning in to what he wants and am still not very happy about it. 

Thanks, L.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Only Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep

Did you like the funny title? Doesn't have much to do with Ttwd. I have been thinking about slogans and words we use. When I go to the dentist and am having my teeth cleaned, I stare up at a poster that looks like this one. Good advice! So I began thinking about other slogans and catch phrases that are found to be useful around here and I relied on my blogger friends and they did not disappoint. 

The Catch Phrases And Slogans of TTWD At Our House

Only Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep (my dentist)

Always be kind  ABK (Katie)

Lean in or lean over (Jack)

The Hoh has the final say (Every Hoh)

Move on, America (Katie)

One life, one wife (Jack)

Leap and the net will appear (Meredith)

Socks off before a spanking (Jack)

Be still (Jack)

Do we have peace in our home? (Jack)

Boy Howdy (Stormy)

Dang (Stormy)

This whole thing (Katie)

MFLF = mighty fine loving fun (Katie)

Okie Dokie (Cali)

Freshly spanked (my Jack)

The icing on the cake (Ami Starsong)

Spanking for England (Ami Starsong)

The Little Nipper (Ami (Starsong)

The cheeseboard (Katie)

Cheeseboard Central (Katie)

Good gravy, woman (Cat)

Mithering (Jan)

I got it (a faithful reader)

Hot minute (Meredith)

Chin Wag (Ami Starsong)

To hell in a handcart (Ami Starsong)

Spatulated (Katie)

The score card (Jack)

The List (Katie)

Pushing buttons (Hayley)

Peace in the valley or a piece of your @SS (Jack )

Please add to my list!

This will be fun.

Please make a catch phrase or slogan contribution in the comment section.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kiss Me Once, And Kiss Me Twice, And Kiss Me Once Again!

Oh, to be that young again! Here's the thing.......... each year does get better. It really does. I would not want to go back to those years. Really! The best is still to come. Honest! When we were living in those young years, life was wonderful and we worked together to make it all work. We had little money and had not seen the world yet. We only saw each other and rolled up our sleeves to make our dreams come true.

Isn't it always ....... a kiss is where it all begins! Jack first kissed me on his front porch. I remember everything about it. I remember that it wasn't dark yet and I had on my new navy pea coat. He touched my face with his hand as he came in for the kiss. He tasted good and I told him so. He actually said, "Good and, now hush" and kissed me again. Was that a telling moment or what!

Kissing in a long marriage  ~~~~~

Learning what "making out" means and fogging up the windows on the car in high school
The kiss after graduation from college
The wedding kiss had the guests laughing
The kiss as we made up after a first argument
The kiss when we signed the papers for our first home
The kiss when I tell Jack I am pregnant
The kiss on my forehead when I give birth to our baby
The kiss of proud parents watching a little one grow and flourish
The kiss after tough medical news, but know we will be okay

The poignant kisses at airports when deployments were at hand, teary and scared, when my heart is in my throat and breathing is difficult
Welcoming kisses when airport reunions happened

The kiss he gives me as he puts me over his knee........... whether good girl, RA or discipline, he always kisses my forehead, loving me and spanking me

Kisses are the glue of a marriage. 

Tell us about your first kiss or the best kiss. 

Jack found this photo and I knew I had to write a kissing post just for him.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Are You Showing Me Your Submission?

This ttwd is sometimes hard and sometimes easy. For us, we have really changed the way we live. We put each other first. We are generous with one another. Jack is patient, kind and easy going. He does want my submission. He wants my words kind and my attitude in keeping with his expectations. 

Things go along smooth and easy. Then my attitude sours and my mood becomes sullen. Jack isn't happy and he gives me a warning to get back on track. I struggle sometimes because I want to please him and be submissive. At those times, he asks me, "Are you showing me your submission?".

I search for the day to day ways I can be submissive. When Jack leaves and when he comes home, I meet him as he comes in the door. Rather than just calling out a good-bye or hello, I go to him. He has noticed this and has complimented me. We act with more politeness. We genuinely like one another much more as we make our way down this ttwd path. Approaching a second anniversary, he opens the doors and holds chairs. He makes me laugh. 

Yes, I have developed one not so good habit .......... mumbling under my breath when something is not to my liking. He does not hear me and I fuss when he asks me to repeat my words. This habit is quickly becoming a spankable one. I am trying to catch myself before we get that far. I will keep you posted. 

My passenger seat driving advice is still a point of annoyance to Jack. I always want to leave for where we are going far too early to counter the horrible traffic we will encounter. Easy going Jack does not like that at all. I am working on it, but feel still that my two cents are worth something. Jack usually counters with the knowledge that my advice is worth a sore bottom. 

The ways to be submissive are right there in my day. Sometimes I do these things automatically and sometimes, I miss them completely. I am learning. 

The big one, the stumbling block, to my submission is still my interrupting. It is very hard not to do and I always stumble. I know it does reflect disrespect and shows the listener that my voice is more important. Couple that voice with some sass and some yelling and a spanking is almost a guarantee. I have learned that I do interrupt and I am trying to do less of it. Am I making progress? I really am afraid to even ask Jack his opinion on that subject. 

My phone, like yours, is a most useful and fun tool. However my phone has caused me to be spanked! Jack is fine with texting and checking phone messages, but not when he is talking to me. Lesson learned, bottom sore. Phones are trouble sometimes. We have all been there. 

I wear the lacy lingerie Jack loves even though it ends up on the floor. I wear the colors he likes and dress the way he says makes me look good. He is my best fashion consultant. He is generous with my shopping adventures and I try to please him.

I would like to collect your ideas on the way you show your submission. Yes, we submit to spankings and submit to loving making at the times when we could let it go. I know those things and do them with grace. I want to hear from you on how you show submission. Comment away! 


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jack's Question ~~~ Do We Have Peace In Our Home?

You already know Jack likes me freshly spanked. You know he likes preventative spankings so we do not head for the big disciplinary ones. When he asks "Do we have peace in our home?",  I do know we are headed for some tough talk. Jack calls it straight talk about a tender subject........... my bottom! We talk and then he decides what he needs to do. By the time he asks that question, I know where we are headed.

What I like best about the blog is the friends I have made. I recently met another reader. She and her husband practice ttwd is almost the very same way Jack and I do. We compare notes and simply have a hard time believing we are so much alike. Of course, we live no where near one another. Isn't that the way!

When I started blogging almost two years ago, two bloggers gave great advice. Cali told me that this blog was mine and only mine. Then Cat told me the very same thing when I had a slight skirmish with someone making an unkind comment. So today when Jack emailed me an amazing photo of the Golden Gate, I thought just a minute about what to do with this photo. Putting it on my ttwd blog seemed just right. Hope you liked it. Hope you shared your Golden Gate experiences.

Oh, the things you do not know!

Jack will not spank me when I have socks on............. bare is bare!

Those socks are off in a hot minute.

Talking about what will happen to my bottom gets the same results as an actual spanking!

Jack uses the analogy of a golf score card way too often.

He tells me we will be doing ttwd forever, old and cute and still in love after all these years.

Thanks, L.