Monday, April 27, 2015

When Jack Has Already Made Up His Mind

Sometimes it seems you just can't win. That was the case here recently. Jack has made up his mind and although he gave me time to voice my opinion, he had already made up his mind....... to spank!

Getting back into the routine after being away is not always easy. After almost three weeks away, routine is really no routine. We had social things to do; errands to catch up on and the like. I wanted to do things my way and Jack had his way. We just kept clashing verbally until Jack made up his mind. He had been out on errands and had called. He said I was snippy and sharp. He came home and I could see those eyebrows up and at attention.

He called me to our bedroom. I went, but took my time. He was standing next to the bed holding the new/old leather strap he had made, but hadn't really used in a discipline spanking. I gulped.

M: Wait......... I want to talk about this.

J: Take off your jeans now.

M: What about talking things over?

J: Not much to talk about!

M: You have already made up your mind to spank when I haven't been heard.

J: Oh, I will hear you loud and clear.

M: I want to talk about this.

J: Start talking because talking time is just about over.

M: No, wait!

J: We have a lovely afternoon drifting away because of your ornery attitude.

M: You have already made up your mind.

J: I am salvaging our afternoon.

M: I can do this on my own.

J: Let's get your panties off.

M: You've already made up your mind to spank.

J: You were rude on the phone and I do not let things like that go.

M: I am sorry.

J: (nodding ) Come here, Meredith

M: It is not fair.

J: This is not a democracy.

M: Is this a discipline spanking?

J: Mere, what do you think? I am not happy with you.

M: Oh!

J: Let's do this.

M: I don't want this.

J: Be still now and hush.

All at once the whole world seems to stop............. Yes, I was ornery and the afternoon was drifting away. He had already made up his mind. He was spanking his wife. I love him for stopping my bad mood and for loving me after first spanking me.

When it was all over, my bottom was on fire and my orneriness was gone.  We enjoyed the garden and got ready for a family dinner at my sister's. I have stopped questioning why this whole thing works so well for us. It does and I need no more explanation. 

Thanks, L


  1. Oh Meredith... what can be said here. I just had to laugh when Jack said this is not a democracy.
    Hubby says that same line quite frequently. When their mind is made to just go with it. I have been quite irritable lately and have my own share of finding myself over his lap. Oh I can talk all I want but he just moves ahead with his agenda. Slowly but surely I come around which is better for us both. A girl's gotta at least give it her best shot right? Most often then not.. our men are right. Just don't let them know it LOL...Hang in there, your routine will return in no time.

  2. I loved this so much that I handed my laptop over to my hubby - he enjoyed it too. :) We both chuckled through the conversation between you and Jack that you shared. I love how decisive Jack is - how the mood is gone and reconnection is established - and how you always end up with sweet loving afterwards.

  3. Sorry Mere but I'm sitting here laughing over this conversation. "That's not fair!" Really? *snicker* And the rest of the conversation...reminded me of conversations Matthew and I had. ;) Happy Jack was able to rescue the day for you.

    Hugs and blessings...

  4. "This is not a democracy." Love that! Lol. So glad he can get you out of your funk...even if it's "not fair!"

  5. Sorry Meredith had to smile some days you just can't win its just one of those days.

  6. Hi Meredith, Oh so funny, there is not much of a democracy in this house either at spanking times!!
    love Jan,xx

  7. Meredith your conversation was something like the ones my wife hears just before my bottom is bared and I'm in position and the spanking begins. Yes I do try and talk my way out of spankings but it does not work. And after the spanking the air is clear and I know who is in charge and I love her all the more for it.

  8. Mere,,,Oh your poor bottom,,glad you have Jack to make things right,, : - )


  9. Sounds very familiar! So glad that we have men that care enough. :)


  10. Meredith,
    I had to laugh at all your arguing, not that it did any good.

  11. What a contrast between before and after! TTWD works wonders. I'm sorry you had to go through discipline, but knowing you two, it probably won't happen again for a long time.

  12. Yikes Meredith!!! :) And I have to admit- made me LOL too! It is so much like some of the exchanges that Rob and I have around outrplace. Though he has not used the "democracy" phrase to date! I'm pretty sure that if I showed this post to him, he would have something to chime in with about agreement on these kinds of things! HA!

    I agree completely- this whole thing is really GREAT stuff! It works! No doubt in my mind. The part that I always question is the why do I need it all...? That is another story with me... Lol!

    I am glad that Jacks ministrations helped you to enjoy that afternoon together. Yep! Gotta love it all! But OUCH! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  13. Oh I felt every moment of your exchange! I did smile. He wouldn't change his mind- which is good considering the outcome!
    Glad it was such a fantastic finish!

  14. Laughing at this exchange, quite familiar! Love how you ended this-it just works.

  15. Meredith,

    That sounds very much like it does at my house. Sorry for your burning bottom, but I am glad you felt more calm afterwards.


  16. Hi Meredith, oh my, somehow this sounds familiar, I guess now and then most of us are in this situation. I can only agree with you, ttwd work for us, no more explanation needed.



  17. Mere,
    I've definitely had similar conversations! I love that you were able to have fun gardening and continue to have a great night. Jack got the day back on track, and BOTH of you were able to enjoy it!


  18. Whoa- my guy uses the "not a democracy" line a lot! That and he claims to have "executive veto power." Hmph!

  19. Meredith - Sometimes I think if I spent one half the time I spend defending myself after a misstep and put that time into thinking about what words come out of my mouth, that I could be so much closer to becoming the submissive wife I want to be.