Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Is Your Most Memorable Spanking?

A index finger with a red ribbon tied on it above the knuckle! Does that remind you of your most memorable spanking? I did't think so, but I could not find a photo of a bare bottom tied with a ribbon. I just could not ask my loyal assistant to search for something that silly!

The symbol above is to help you all remember your most memorable spanking. When we began our journey, I called what we did DD. The punishment angle was not to our liking. I am not a child and we believe punishments are for naughty children and criminals. We eased our way right into the world of ttwd. No more DD! We found intimacy, trust, leading and submission. We found good girl spankings and role affirmation spankings. Yes, we found discipline spankings too, but they became less frequent and that was a good thing. Jack calls discipline spankings his backup plan. Our ttwd has changed evolving into real harmony. I love watching the change in Jack. He is so confident and assured. He really always was, but I did not give him opportunity when I fought for control. Things are smooth, but we know the bumps do come. Ttwd is such an important part of who we are now. Ttwd has rekindled an intimacy we thought was gone, but it is alive in us. That really is the best part!

So I challenge all of you to share a memorable spanking. How did things go for the two of you?

I have three memorable spankings to share.

Spanking #1: The very first spanking was awkward. Everybody says that about their first. Jack knew what he was doing. His wife was nervous and unsure if doing this would help our marriage. As he began, I did wonder what in the world I have gotten myself into. He used the wooden spoon he had purchased and the spanking was short and to the point. The twilight summer evening brought us outside afterwards and I cried then in his arms. I was so emotional and just melted. I have posted about it very early in my blog here .

Spanking #2: Jack knew I dreamed about being spanked outdoors, but I wanted assurances that we would have privacy. I put my faith in my man to find just the right place and time and he did just that. On a windy road in California wine country, he pulled the car over in a big turnout area. How did he know about this secluded place? He made short order of coming around the car, opening my passenger door, pulling me to my feet, turning me around, bending me over, baring my tush and spanking. I was so hot and bothered. My bottom was on fire, but all I wanted was him. After the spanking, we continued into Napa Valley lunching at a vineyard restaurant. I think about that spanking all the time. You can read about it here.

Spanking #3:  Within our definition of ttwd, there are those times when discipline spankings happen. These are not frequent, but if I am honest, Jack is quick to step up and do what needs doing to get us on track. He never hesitates or second guesses. He spanks. I am working seriously on one area in particular. Jack will not tolerate my pulling away. Call it giving him the cold shoulder, the silent treatment, or my one word answers. If I try any of that, I am over the bed in a heartbeat. I am trying to learn to not distance myself because I know he will not hesitate. That kind of behavior is just plain not allowed and it is a most spankable offense. In a hot minute, he spanks this behavior away and we start again. Here is one post about distancing here .

So now you have the floor. In the comment section, please share about a spanking that is always right there in your memory. Good girl, erotic, role affirmation, lesson learned, discipline.......... you decide.
I look forward to reading your memories.



  1. We're a married couple in a mutual DD relationship, and our most memorable experience occurred at the beginning of last year, when we resolved to commit to two-way DD properly, rather than having half-hearted attempts that faded away after a few weeks.

    We decided that lapsing was far worse than merely breaking a rule, and that if we were going to take things seriously, we needed to start our resolution with a severe punishment. So we gave each other four punishment spankings in one day. That was quite a day. However it worked. Nearly a year and half later we're still going strong, and we're very happy with the results.

    Sophie and Steve

  2. Before we were married, and I had no clue what DD or TTWD was, I was spanked. I was being a huge pest. I can't even begin to tell you how bratty I was. Now my Scotsman had already threatened me a few times , this time he pulled me over his knee and spanked. It was gentle, a bit embarrassing and full of sexual tension!
    We have had more, such as the time he spanked 4 times in one weekend! Lol each memorable for many reasons.... Whether erotic or stress relief.... I remember them clearly!

  3. I have so many 'memorable' spankings...each is memorable for a different reason. Of course, I didn't know what DD or TTWD was during any of those spankings...those were just traditional relationships. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

  4. Hi Meredith, as Cat said, a few memorable spankings. We had spanked as part of play prior to DD, but our first spanking since DD was memorable. Even though used to spanking we were both nervous.

    I have a vanilla collar ( necklace ) and the nigh Rick put it on me we had a kinda ceremony and I was spanked as part of it. That would have to be the most memorable.


  5. Hi Meredith, I don't think there is one particular spanking that is memorable, he manages to make them all ones to remember,lol
    love Jan,xx

  6. Meredith,
    Since I'm not that far along yet, I don't have to go back too far to tell you my most memorable. I would have to say the one I recently wrote about where I was spanked after having a small fit after Gabe was already in bed. He didn't stay in bed very long before I was over his knee.


  7. Mhh, interesting question you ask here. I think I may have to ponder this on my blog in the coming days. :D

  8. In this household, these days, each spanking is so different from the one that went before, that I tend to lose track. The last 'several' have been the sort that one would prefer not to repeat. I do so love the sexy noes the best!

    I think if I had to have a memorable spanking, apart from our very first, I would have to say the one I got on the St Petersburg cruise. It was memorable because it was a horrid discipline spanking, plus Dan used a brand new, hard, braided leather belt, plus I am sure we could be heard right along the corridor outside the door in both directions. I practically wore dark glasses to exit and enter the cabin from then on! LOL!

    I don't do much in the way of distancing, but I can be sharp tongued and bratty, which earn me more spankings than any other thing. My tongue has a mind of its own! Our old gardener, long deceased, used to refer to me as a 'besom'. He could have been right.

    Many hugs

  9. The first one. It was 10 short swaps with barely a sting. Not even sure my bottom was pink but it just felt right.